Litho bug explanation for refresh gesture and workarounds

Aug 8th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Swipe down gesture for refreshing home feed breaks randomly.
  3. It's a known issue as it's a litho bug explained below.
  4. >Litho has its own implementation of RecyclerView (it's used as a parent group for multiple listings inside it since it can recycle view layout and consume less memory) and Swipe-to-refresh layout. For whatever reason, when the height of the first item in RecyclerView is set to 0, Swipe-to-refresh breaks. This can be fixed if the first element is set to the height of 1 instead of 0. I've created a sample repo that contains everything needed to reproduce the bug:
  5. And
  6. here everything is commented out
  8. **Workarounds to fix it:**
  10. 1. If comments are disabled, enable them back again.
  11. 2. Tap on any suggestions/filters on top of the home tab and pull down to refresh will start to work
  12. 3. Try force stopping app and try again.
  13. 4. Disable General ad removal
  14. 5. Downgrade back to v15.40.
  16. Please wait patiently until it gets resolved by Google. Nothing can be done on vanced's end.
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