MONEY TALKS af - @crybabyjoon

Apr 30th, 2017
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  1. [ LIQUOR TAB ]
  5. FACE CLAIM : jooheon (monsta x)
  6. BACKUP FACE CLAIM : mino (winner)
  8. [ HOOKED ]
  9. FULL NAME : Augustin Chae
  11. NICKNAMES : auggy, austin, chia
  13. BIRTHDAY : August 12, 1993
  14. AGE : 23
  16. ETHNICITY : Korean
  17. NATIONALITY : American
  19. BIRTHPLACE : los angeles, california
  20. HOMETOWN : los angeles, california
  22. [ MONEY BAGS ]
  23. OCCUPATION : drug trafficker
  25. ALIAS : Quinten : he had an old friend whose middle name was quinten. in honor of his disappearance, was kidnapped and killed, he gave himself this name
  29. HOW DID THEY GET THEIR JOB? : augustin requested for the kidnappers of the only person he truly cared about to be killed, having connections with a group of drug dealers from his father wasn't going to waste now that he needs them. he didn't have any money at the time, being a teen surely sucks, so the men made a deal. the deal was that if augustin safely dropped some secured drugs off somewhere, they would do the job for him. in the end, the men enjoyed the way he did his job as casually and easily, and after days of thinking it out, augustin agreed to becoming a drug dealer under THE 057.
  31. HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN EMPLOYED? : since the age of fifteen, for nine years now.
  33. [ ROOFIE ]
  35. -indie music
  36. -smoking marijuana
  37. -tattoos and piercings
  38. -given the time of day
  39. -the new generation, as in no "the good ol' days" bullshit
  40. -cookies n' cream ice cream
  41. -romantic novels / clips with a small twist
  42. -the feeling when a dog has affection towards you
  43. -the peach emoji
  44. -honest, real people
  46. DISLIKES :
  47. -pop music
  48. -goody-two shoes
  49. -discrimination / bullshit talk
  50. -given the stank eye
  51. -when elders start talking about what they think on a certain topic
  52. -strawberry flavor
  53. -cliche, cheesy & unrealistic romances novels / clips
  54. -when animals run away from him when all he wants to do is love them
  55. -the clown emoji, doesn't find it useful
  56. -ridiculous, quick to judge people
  58. HABITS :
  59. -biting the inside of his cheeks
  60. -pulling on the excess skin around his fingers
  61. -taking his shoes off unconsciously
  62. -the sudden urge to be touching some, at least it being shoulder to shoulder
  64. HOBBIES :
  65. -playing pokemon go & mystic messenger
  66. -gardening
  67. -visiting dog cafes
  70. -"if i don't pass this game i'm going to commit- well shit, see y'all in my next life."
  71. -"i'm not appreciated enough for the shit i do."
  72. -"fuck shit crap."
  73. -tends to say shit like "daddy" or "baby boy / girl" occasionally because it catches attention
  74. -curses a lot but only with himself & only acts oddly when with those that understand him / his ways
  76. FAMILY :
  77. -Chae Beom Seok / 54 / father / male / 10
  78. -Chae Da Eun / 53 / mother / female / 10
  79. -Chae Annalise / 17 / younger sister / female / 10
  81. BACKGROUND : despite the fact that augustin was born into a korean family, he din't grow up in korea like many were to think. he was born in los angeles california, and went to school from pre-k all the way to the twelfth grade. of course, he started to have some bumps at is second year of high school due to the fact of a loss of someone he cared about too deeply, everyone has trouble in their life at some point. though, augustin was always alone, he didn't want to be alone nor did he choose it that way, but something about him made others stay away from him. he never had someone other than his family, he didn't know the feeling of being invited to a friends house and doing whatever friends do. so, when he was actually given the time of day, it's like he visited heaven. but when the sudden lost, the emptiness came back, he was glad to know what that feeling was, and he spent everyday looking for it again. augustin's family is a very friendly and helpful type of family, something many questioned when they gave a look at the boy. he was born with caring parents and a sister that took the pain of sadness and loneliness away. and though he did have a family that would always be there for him, he still chose the path of things completely opposite of them, he left their kindness because he didn't want to scar the family name. he left his family for THE 057, in which he works for now. of course, he still has their love and forever will, but he doesn't want them to get hurt so he stays cautious from them. till this day, he's still lonely like he was back in school, when he would lay on his bed and do nothing but sleep, yet he feels as if he actually matters something the way he lives now.
  83. [ SWEPT ]
  84. OPINION ON THE 057 : augustin obviously likes the gang he works with, you can tell by the way he wakes up and actually gets dressed with slight enthusiasm and curiosity about what will happen later in the day. he enjoys working in THE 057 because he's not the only one that's the way he is, there's many like him and he LOVES that. he feel invited and like himself there.
  86. FREQUENCY OF ENCOUNTERS : he tends to ALWAYS be around the gang, he believes that if he doesn't do so, he'll be bored out of his mind by himself and wouldn't know what to do. at least, when he's around THE 057, he'll be entertained with every little thing that happens.
  88. DO THEY CARRY A WEAPON? : the idea of actually getting into a fight or a problem worries him, he doesn't carry any type of guns or such but he does keep a knife hidden around (in his clothes or wrapped around his ankle) just in case. he rather have rings decorating his fingers and carry on a fist fight instead of a gun show.
  90. FEARS :
  91. -spiders
  92. -tripping and breaking any bone
  93. -crowded places
  94. -somebody dying in his own hands / arms
  95. -a family members death
  97. DREAMS :
  98. -confronting his family again without being afraid of seeing them
  99. -making everyone he knows happy, not with his money but with his being of a person
  100. -having a group of puppies and having a small family
  102. [ DOWN&DIRTY ]
  105. WHY WOULD THEY MAKE A GOOD PAIR? : i think that because augustin is so caught up about wanting love, and he's interested in BUTCHER, augustin would do anything to help BUTCHER with his anger problems and probably even his mental illness. i feel as if they'd help each other out, it not being just about appeal but actually being their for each other. mentally and physically.
  108. -they have a lot of, not so noticeable, couple clothing or couple things (like their phone cases, rings, shoe laces, sweaters with stripes & so on)
  109. -their really touchy, as in they either have to either have to be sitting beside each other or cuddling, there's no in between
  110. -low key sex / inside jokes between them that not many understand
  111. -they tend to make each other food or beverages and give to them when they see one another
  112. -or they buy each other their favorite food / beverage and gift it to them on random days
  113. -really enjoy going to cafes for small dates
  114. -(i would state who is bottom and who is top but tbh i'm gonna leave that up to you, man)
  115. -really kinky shit like "daddy' or "baby boy" going between the two
  117. CURRENT RELATIONSHIP : not dating but on the verge of being like "i rlly like you, we should date"
  119. WHERE THEY MET : they met exactly where they work, seeing each other everyday, but because they have to work not because they decided on meeting. though they do acknowledge each other, and are glad they work under the same gang.
  122. when augustin first met BUTCHER, he thought he was and odd one due to the fact that he always had a mask on and never really did much for him to be known or remembered. but augustin thought that BUTCHER should be remembered because who knows? he doesn't want to be like those that never gave him any thought. when BUTCHER met augustin, the first thought that came to mind was that he was probably very precious, that letting him just pass by like he would to anyone else will be highly incorrect, so BUTCHER made sure not to do so to augustin.
  124. [ ACHING LEGS ]
  125. EXTRAS : n o n e
  127. NOTE TO AUTHOR : this will be the second time i apply for one of your apply fics? i dont clearly remember, but i really love the way you write and describe things!! i'm ur #1 fangirl : )) pls remember me,, jk jk but lots of thanks for letting me apply to another one of your apply fics!! i'm hoping you do really good with receiving forms and such, getting good feedback and just greatness overall!! hopefully you're having a great day when you read this, bye <3
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