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Nov 19th, 2016
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  1. Mr. Vigen Ere,
  3. Thank you :g your interest in our :hfdtf company. Your :vrfk comes at a good :time,
  4. as there is a space :in our dots and :dashes division. It is a :fun and exciting :place
  5. of work, and we feel :you will be quite :the asset to the team. :The szdx of :opportunity
  6. is open, and I think :from your friendly letter :that you will fit very :well in between
  7. our :existing zv projects. As luck :would have it, we :have one space in dots, :and two
  8. in dashes. :Do either of these wulxkxzurz :suit your needs? If :so, please write back
  9. as soon :as time allows :and let us know if :we'll have the pleasure of :working with
  10. you in the :future. I sincerely hope you :are able to make the :most of this :offer.
  12. Hoping you'll join our path,
  13. Jpvvvpvy :Traveler
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