grey grey mauve collapse

Apr 13th, 2013
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  1. my finger nails are very filthy... I swear its from changing a tire! drive away into the turning into monochrome sunset end credits be my bride at the end credits pouring across curtained sky. please dont ignore all that yes do the songs play at any speaker far or right against my ears. please dont forget that it was everyone and everything that was here and doing things being things. I saw you smile. I saw grey grey mauve collapse into itself always on every day always at the same time and everytime.
  3. ahaha type a full LOL at this at you at them. grazed cuteness full moon dark again hold is my stone. soft beat flung us against all that. there are photos and text evidences. sharp beauty inhaled with your lips and I touched them with mine and failure to communicate the dead spires that were in my heart, brain and arteries. death she knows was under all but thats something we can step on. fear the last diamond to be lanced into us and tied without consent fall apart darling love can scrape my self from these beams and cannisters of low poly lives.
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