Sep 26th, 2014
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  2. >You are Shimmer Light.
  3. >Today, you're meeting with Hexferry at the café.
  4. >This week has actually been fairly enjoyable; you met with Meisa, you learned about plants from Pepper Dust, had a sleepover with Hexferry and listened to Orange Pop talk about school.
  5. >She wants to introduce you to her sister... Cinnamon?
  6. >You're pretty sure that's the name she said.
  7. >Either way, you'll likely be introduced to her soon.
  8. >... You finally get to the café.
  9. >You walk in and quickly look for Hexferry.
  10. >She's sitting at a table... oh no...
  11. >The peach one is next to her.
  12. >Hexferry is blushing badly, like she does when she talks about Caramel...
  13. >... So it is the same moth.
  14. >This is going to be terrible.
  15. >Hexferry looks over to you and her eyes widen.
  16. >Caramel follows her gaze right to you.
  17. >She smirks and turns back to Hexferry.
  18. >"She really does bundle up from head to hoof."
  19. >Only when it's cold, which it is.
  20. >You reluctantly walk to the table and take a seat.
  21. >Hexferry looks as miserable as you should feel, like this wasn't part of her plan for the day.
  22. >"Caramel, this is Shimmer. Shimmer, Caramel..."
  23. >Caramel rests her head on her hooves.
  24. >"It's nice to finally meet you; Hexferry speaks of you so much."
  25. >A light blush appears on Hexferry's face, but she doesn't say anything.
  26. >... She's conflicted.
  27. >She acts very differently around the two of you, and she doesn't know what to do.
  28. >"Hexxy here really likes you. Do you like her too?"
  29. >... There's something wrong about that question...
  30. >The way she said it was just... off.
  31. "Yes. She's... nice."
  32. >You have to try your hardest to not give her what she wants while not being mean to either of them.
  35. >If she keeps asking questions like that, you'll have a very difficult time.
  36. >Her smirk changes to a regular smile.
  37. >You... probably succeeded with that one.
  38. >"Oh she's... nice alright."
  39. >With that, her smirk has returned in full force.
  40. >Hexferry's blush gets a little worse.
  41. >"C-Caramel, shut up..."
  42. >The peach one wraps her forelegs around Hexferry, who gives a very surprised squeak.
  43. >"Aw, but I'm just saying how much I like you~"
  44. >"S-stop it, y-you... Ah!"
  45. >Caramel hugs her tighter.
  46. >You just stay stone-faced.
  47. "How did you two meet?"
  48. >The abruptness of the question causes Caramel to cease her assault on Hexferry.
  49. >"How we met... Hexxy?"
  50. >Hexferry looks away.
  51. >"W-we've known each other since we were fillies. We met at a party our parents all went to; we met Amata there too. We've been friends since then, I guess."
  52. >Caramel nods in agreement and continues to hug Hexferry.
  53. >"We've been together for so long~"
  54. >Hexferry lets out another squeak; her face now has a dark crimson tint to it.
  55. >... You were expecting a deeper story than that.
  56. >... Actually, that was a very ambiguous story. It completely lacked detail.
  57. >Caramel stopped when the topic came up, so Hexferry should have said as much as she could to hold her off...
  58. >Unless she was hiding something.
  59. >"Well, what do we have here?"
  60. >A stallions voice comes from your side.
  61. >The white one you usually see with the bee moth leans on the table. He's standing between you and Caramel.
  62. >"Virgo! You're just in time, I was just telling Shimmer here how great of a friend Hexxy is."
  63. >Hexferry is trying very hard to stay strong for you, but she's not going to last much longer.
  64. >He looks at you now.
  67. >"Shimmer, huh? It's nice to meet you; we could swing by my place and... get to know each other better."
  68. >... He's a male Caramel.
  69. >They both use that same weird inflection you can't understand.
  70. >You don't trust him in the slightest.
  71. "No... thank you."
  72. >Well, your ability to be polite is reaching its end.
  73. >You... should probably leave before you do something bad.
  74. >But you can't just leave Hexferry to fend for herself.
  75. >Not with... these two.
  76. >"Oh come on, Pepper can't give you what you need because of his Actias, but I..."
  77. >He leans in closer to you.
  78. "I'm free to-"
  79. >The door of the café opens, and Virgo looks to it.
  80. >His smirk grows, then he becomes distraught.
  81. >He backs away from you.
  82. >Caramel stops hugging Hexferry and sits normally.
  83. >All three of them are looking at the door, which you have your back to.
  84. >"Hey, everyone."
  85. >That... voice. You recognize it but you don't remember who it belongs to.
  86. >They're definitely a mare, you know that much.
  87. >Caramel smiles softly.
  88. >She seems a little sad she isn't still hugging Hexferry.
  89. >... Apparently, whoever entered has a lot of power.
  90. >"Hi!"
  91. >... Okay, there are two mares who just entered.
  92. >Hexferry waves; she looks relieved.
  93. >"Hey Goldie, Sepia."
  94. >The yellow one stands next to you, opposite of "Virgo", and the dull brown one sits in the chair next to her, closer to Hexferry.
  95. >The yellow one sighs.
  96. >"Hey, guys. I just thought I'd bring Sepia to get something to eat and talk, but getting to hang out with more is even better. Just talking?"
  97. >She's right next to you, but you can only barely hear her say:
  98. >"Not doing anything I'll regret bringing her to, I hope."
  99. >The dull brown one is... "Sepia", you suppose.
  100. >Meaning she's "Goldie".
  103. >"W-well, I was just introducing Caramel to Shimmer. Then Virgo came along..."
  104. >Goldie looks confused, then looks straight at you, as though she hadn't seen you before.
  105. >"Oh, hello. My name's Golden Corral, this is Sepia."
  106. >"Hi!"
  107. "... I'm Shimmer."
  108. >... Hexferry's told you about these two, but you can't remember what she's said at the moment...
  109. >Sepia definitely seems more... innocent.
  110. >Golden looks like she's holding back, and watching to make sure the others do too.
  111. >"It's nice to meet you."
  112. >"Well, it's been nice chatting, but the great Virgo has many things to do... you can be one of them."
  113. >With that, he does some weird eye... wiggle... thing and leaves the café.
  114. >Golden was glaring at him the entire time.
  115. >The rest of the time there was spent actually getting to know the other mares.
  116. >Through things they said and things you saw.
  117. >Caramel had a difficult time controlling herself, but she didn't do anything out of line.
  118. >Golden seemed generally nice; she's very protective of Sepia, that's for certain.
  119. >She also winked at you once.
  120. >That was weird.
  121. >Sepia was very friendly.
  122. >... Too friendly, in your eyes.
  123. >If Golden wasn't between you, Sepia probably would've gotten way too close to you.
  124. >And her mane looks self-cut.
  125. >... That's not relevant in any way, but it's just something you noticed.
  126. >You... enjoyed the time with them, but you'll definitely need a break before being around them again.
  127. >And you'll need Sepia. Not because you like her, but because she makes everyone bearable.
  128. >You might be able to like her, in time.
  129. >She's just a little too close for you right now.
  130. >Eventually, you had to leave. You gave your goodbyes and went back home.
  131. >It was an interesting day.
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