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Hackers in NIGERIA

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Dec 27th, 2014
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  1. Hackers in NIGERIA!
  3. i Can very much say that "Nigeria cyber Hacktivist" started the game in "2010-2012". They were organised and had strategies in gaining the attention of the media/press concerning thier hacks. According to research done by myself, no sophisticated method was used by them..they generally used SQLi and DDOS to take down thier targets(i.e nigeria government sites).
  4. This Group had Aim and Purpose...i guess it would have been fun for them that period. They hacked the Nigeria Army portal and took down NDLEA website also.
  6. ====But this is NIGERIA, no government Gives a fuck about Online Protest=======
  8. In early, two groups known as Nigeria Cyber Army and Nigeria Cyber Hunters came up also...the Nigeria Cyber Army, at first were also doing the online protest movement as well....they made an OP, (black Xmas) and Took Down the Offical Neco Website...then d group crashed as it was discovered to b created by Some Bangladesh Hackers and Nigeria Hackers. Then it went down the drain also...
  9. As for Nigeria Cyber Hunters, dey dumped few government site user, pass details and put on pastebin..but after then, they hacked random sites and the group went offline for a while.
  11. ====But this is NIGERIA, no government Gives a fuck about Online Protest=======
  13. Then Early this Year It All Began (i'm gonna be brief)
  14. Nigeria Cyber Hunter (reloaded with new members): a group of script kiddies that knows Only Basics of Sqli and SymLinking. Thier Leader doesnt even know how to make a basic html script.
  15. P.S not all of them re nOobs, but when u roll with NoObs, u head becomes dead!
  17. Nigeria Cyber Army (reloaded with new members): they have atleast 70% members that can actually do the Hacks...Some are NOobs also but are covered by the Ones with the knowledge. According to observation and research..they keep all stuffs private from the noobs among them..mayb for the Noobs to learn the hard way or just wickedness. They still represent the best team in Nigeria "So Far", But they have a very poor interaction with thier fellow nigerians... Targets was government sites..when thier mission was completed...they just lost focus and now doing things recklessly the way they want.
  19. ====But this is NIGERIA, no government Gives a fuck about Online Protest=======
  21. Other teams came up too, MMC(also random defacing team), NCL (noob team) etc.
  24. There is no Love in Nigeria cyber Space for Hackers...Yet they still all have alot to gain from eachother.
  26. No fight Has been Made, the truth has been told.
  28. regards- everyone.
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