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May 1st, 2017
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  1. Hey man
  2. Do you like lasers?
  4. Fuck yeah you do.
  6. - Holy shit all of those photons are moving in the same direction. It's like a motherfucking army of photons marching toward your retina goddamn!
  7. - This shit is used to read data off of reflective discs. WHAT THE FUCK how can lasers read shit off of thin shiny pieces of plastic I mean holy fucking crap it's gotta have a tiny wizard in there or some shit.
  8. - Are you gonna want to use a faggy flashlight or a stupid lighter? Fuck no, you want a laser shit yes!
  9. - I hear they figured out how far away the moon is using lasers or some shit. That doesn't make any fucking sense!
  10. - They come in any fucking colour you can think of. Even some colours that aren't even colours like infrared. WTF is infrared? Fuck you, I don't know.
  11. - Dear motherfucking shit they move at the speed of light and nothing is faster than the speed of light because Einstein said so goddamn
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