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  1.  Chrounum
  2. Chrounum
  3. 9 months ago
  4. I was not aware I was receiving replies. Anyway, how about I dissect every single one of your replies to me in order to you so you get the idea?
  6. "God is extremely active in these days. If you're not aware of this, why don't you sign up to serve Him and you'll find out exactly what He's doing?"
  8. How the actual hell is he "active?" by letting people suffer aimlessly, causing natural disasters? You don't elaborate at all on how he's "active."
  9. That isn't it either. Why isn't he open to other people who don't kiss his ass 24/7 in church so we don't have to go off blind faith? What if an adult was
  10. raised in a home that had no word of this god at all? Would he still go to hell for not knowing?
  12. "You have a lot of questions about God. Why don't you ask Him directly?"
  14. In case you've forgotten, god is omniscient. He is literally a mind reader. (Psalm 147:5) He knows all my questions I have about the universe. Why can't he just show me the answers so, once again, I wouldn't have to go off blind faith? Why don't you go ask god for me why he's comfortable kills millions of people and lets people suffer?
  16. "a wicked generation asks for a sign"
  17. How am I wicked? I'm 13 and I'm curious, is that so much of a problem? What the hell is wrong with asking for a sign? Shouldn't god be perfectly able to, but stands idly by when he could easily show himself and show he exists even to the non-believers?
  19. "These are usually people who have NO intention of honoring or serving God, they just continually ask for "proof, proof, proof", thinking that this will excuse them when Judgment Day comes. But it won't."
  21. I have a lot to say about this one so let's break it down shall we?
  23. "These are usually people who have NO intention of honoring or serving God"
  25. Why would I want to worship a god who lets children suffer of horrible diseases, sends his own creation to hell while perfectly knowing who will and will not go to hell due to his omniscient (Psalm 147:5), and so many more cruel things that could be easily prevented with no work on his part?
  27. That mindset is the same as every fucking death cult on the planet. "You don't want to serve my god. You just want proof and more proof of him when you could just believe. You'll regret it on judgement day", until they commit suicide to find that it was all just a fallacy to manipulate them, which most religions have shown signs of doing. Manipulating people, and Christianity and it's many denominations are no different.
  29. "they just continually ask for "proof, proof, proof", thinking that this will excuse them when Judgment Day comes. But it won't."
  31. If someone held you at gunpoint and told you that if you don't sincerely believe they did something, or else they would kill you, would you believe them at blind faith, or would you ask for some proof first?
  33. What you show you would do in this kind of situation is that you'd blindly accept something without evidence due to fear. This is EXACTLY how the god in the bible behaves, same with many religions such as Islam. What you are scared of in this case is the eternal damnation of hell.  The "What if I'm wrong and I don't believe him, what if he's not joking?"
  35. What kind of all loving god would threaten you with hell fire if you don't kiss his ass? Would you do the same to your children? I sincerely hope not. Would you respect someone who did that to their children? Once again, I hope not.
  37. And to finish it all off, That is a list of all human created gods. What makes your god so special other than all of these other human created gods?
  39. Maybe this will convince you of anything, maybe it won't. I have doubts it will make you question your faith even a little bit because you were most likely indoctrinated since birth to believe in this god, while I was left to my own devices to choose my belief.
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