Mar 21st, 2015
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  1. 21/03/15: alpha 6
  2. New:
  3. - Flute (Craft at workbench. Play by holding down left mouse, Right mouse sustains, Scroll Wheel changes key-scale)
  4. - More graphics options for low end computers (Turn off God Rays, Can Reduce Terrain Shading)
  5. - Added auto-restart ability for dedicated servers. (Disabled by default for Community Servers. Configurable.)
  6. - Added a new '/report [name]' command to collectively point the finger at hackers / cheaters.
  8. Fixes & Changes:
  9. - Temporarily disabled explosive kegs while we diagnose exploits and work to fix them.
  10. - Temporarily disabled the ability to capture sleepers, as clients would freeze for 5-10 seconds when someone captured a sleeper in far the distance. Will work towards a proper fix for this next week. Capturing in-game players is functional and works as normal.
  11. - Players should no longer be able interact with objects through walls, be it by attacks, emotes, or other manners.
  12. - Players can no longer equip the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword when they are not king
  13. - Made it so you can no longer add invalid characters into your character names. This broke saving for anyone who had a name with certain characters in their player name.
  14. - Players can no longer double-click the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword into containers.
  15. - Lobby no longer 'freezes' while processing the received list.
  17. Optimizations:
  18. - Networking, Memory, and Performance Optimizations
  19. - Tree stability and memory optimizations
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