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  1. 3/14/2013 – 22:55
  2. Today I arrived at Lakeworth. It was afternoon and I decided to buy enough groceries to last me the weekend. After that I went straight for Road 116 where Dan told me the little summer house his parents owned was. He said it was the last house down the road, somewhat into the forest , allowing myself to isolate from society and gain inspiration from nature, perfect for my needs.
  3. I drove down 116 and passed a few houses, until there was a big gap of just trees and forest vegetation. I passed a big wooden fence, where the paved road transformed into a dirt road that went through a big semi-opened metal gate. I got out the car and pushed the gate open. Then, I kept driving for a few more minutes. Finally, a two-story wooden house appeared. Dan told me it would be the last house down the road and indeed the road ended just there, leaving just a narrow path into the forest that no car could enter. The house was surrounded by a wooden fence and a big red gate. The gate was not locked so I opened it and parked my car in the front yard of the house. There was a trail of a recently dried-out creek that seemed to have flowed right under the gate and into the forest. Perhaps it formed when the ground was flooded in the rainy season. Since Dan’s parents didn’t know I was about to borrow their summer house for a month, he didn’t give me a key. But he told me they hid a key under the porch, in a small gap between the deck boards. Well, I didn’t find the key, there were LOTS of gaps in the deck and I tried the look in the obvious ones, but it wasn’t there. Then I tried just opening the door, and it was unlocked. I did find a spare key above the door frame inside the house, so yay! The house was very nice and cozy, although a bit dusty. I unpacked everything and settled in. Since at this point it was already getting pretty dark, I decided to just chill in front of the fireplace and relax with a book.
  6. 3/15/2013 – 21:48
  7. This place is great. It already pretty much has everything a person needs to live in seclusion. Luckily, I found an – old but in working order – record player and a bunch of records. There’s an old TV here that has the old RCA connection, so I can’t use it with my HDMI laptop output. The bed is comfy, and I’m loving the relaxing/peaceful sounds of the fireplace.
  8. I took an hour long walk today in the forest and decided that I would go camping sometime next week. I was supposed to go back to the town today but when I came back from my little forest hike, I felt a huge burst of inspiration. I had tons of canvases and oil paints stashed away in the car, so I put them to good use and spent the rest of the day painting.
  9. Even better, there is no cell reception here. In fact, I was even thinking of leaving my cell phone somewhere to get disconnected, but there’s no need for that now. I would just have to do it the old-fashioned way: buy DVDs or download movies I want onto my laptop whenever I’m connected to the network in town, so that I can watch them offline later when I’m home. There is a landline phone that I can use, in case of emergency, and that will be enough for me.
  12. 4/16/2013 – 01:55
  13. In the morning I went to town to get some supplies I was missing. I also picked up an HDMI to RCA connector for the TV. It worked pretty well until I got a weak signal from some satellite TV channel that overlapped with my laptop’s input. Anyway, I was only able to notice it when everything was completely quiet. I’ve spent the rest of the day painting and in the evening, I went to a local bar to have a beer, eat something and try to mingle a bit with the locals. On my first day in town I saw a few cute girls walking around and assumed to see them again later while out.
  14. At that bar, “The Claw”, I met a nice local guy named Denise. We shared our life stories over a couple beers and Denise told me about the town. I Learned that he runs the grocery store where I previously bought food for the weekend. Apparently, he inherited the business from his father who passed away around six months ago. I was sorry to hear that since he seemed like a really nice guy. Later I caught a glance from a cute blonde girl, she looked at me for a second and then, turned away timidly. She acted a bit weird after that. A parking car’s headlights shone through the big window behind her, and she looked a couple of feet to the left of me and seemed somewhat confused. All of a sudden, one of her friends shouted something and everyone around began to laugh. The girl, then, joined them and seemed to have forgotten about me.
  15. Anyway, Denise and I exchanged numbers and decided to meet again soon.
  18. 3/17/2013 – 11:22
  19. Today I started planning out my upcoming camping trip; I didn’t bring any camping supplies like a tent or a sleeping bag, so I had to buy or borrow them from someone. Hence, I called Denise to check out with him. He got worried for a moment and told me not to go too deep into the woods. He told me that there’s a “really bad” place in the forest that everyone in town keeps away from. I’m not sure if he’s trying to prank me or something. When I tried to question him further he seemed extremely reluctant to talk about it. Eventually he just made me promise I won’t go camping until we meet in a couple of days when he’d tell me all about it.
  22. 3/19/2013 – 22:14
  23. I’m not sure how seriously I should take what Denise told me today, but I decided not to go on with my camping plan anyway. We ate and chatted for a while, and then Denise told me about his father. He told me that his father didn’t really die in natural circumstances. I wasn’t sure at first if it was some weird sense of humor he had but when he kept talking, I figured that he really believed what he was saying. He told me that his father was haunted, or more exactly, stalked by a strange being. Him, and his father’s friend didn’t know what it was, and tried helping him to get rid of the thing, with the help of exorcists and what not, but nothing helped. His father then left to live in an old hunting shack that their family owned, deep inside the forest, where he lived his remaining years, until he died, which was not long ago. Denise told me that after he had died, they left the place and put up a huge warning sign that nobody could miss in case they stumbled upon this place.
  24. I told him that I couldn’t be a skeptic about this story, that I’m an atheist and do not believe in ghosts or supernatural beings. Denise accepted that but asked me (actually he almost begged me) not to enter or even go near this place, in case I do go on a hike in the forest. I asked him what would happen to me, but he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. He just told me to stay away from this place, and to not even get close to the cabin itself. “Whatever you do, don’t let the shadow of the building touch you” he said.
  25. I’m confused. I don’t believe stuff like that, but I’m convinced Denise was serious about everything he said. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll take a short hike into the forest and look for this place. Denise did spook me a bit so if I find it, I’ll stay away. I’ll also take a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at this place.
  28. 3/20/2013 – 13:31
  29. I’m a bit creeped out right now.
  30. After I ate breakfast, I proceeded with my planned hike into the forest. Since yesterday, I became really curious about what supposedly lurked in those woods. Just as I left the house, I noticed there was a nail in the gate, but nothing was attached to it, so I figured there once was a house number that was lost to the weather. I walked along the dirt road into the woods, noticing the trail of the dried-out creek I saw when I first arrived here a week ago. I wondered how far this stream of water went, so I stepped off the pathway and followed the trail of dried water. After not more than a hundred yards, hidden in the bushes I saw something that sent shivers up my spine. It was a large sign that had probably fallen from the gate of my house and flowed down the stream. The sign read:
  32. For a moment I was genuinely frightened. I wasn’t sure what to do. But then I calmed myself down and realized that nothing had happened to me since I arrived here, so all of this was probably just a story after all. I walked around the house to see if there was something scary about it that I should have noticed, but there was nothing. It was the same cozy little place I grew to like in the past few days.
  33. Since my mood was still a bit spooked out, I gave up my little hike for a while. Also, I don’t really want to talk to Denise cause he’ll probably get all crazy and stuff.
  36. 3/22/2013 – 12:50
  41. 3/22/2013 – 15:16
  43. After what happened this morning, I ran away from that damned house as fast as I could. I couldn’t think straight for the past few hours. I’m not even sure if I’m awake or dreaming. I just talked to Denise again. I can’t believe he was right all along.
  44. FUCK ME
  45. OK, I have to get my thoughts straight. What I saw today, I don’t want to think about it, but I have to give an account of everything that took place. Jesus, I’m feeling my eyes tearing up just thinking about this.
  46. When I woke up this morning, I stared at the wall in front of my bed. My room, I mean, the bedroom in that damned house, is actually the whole second floor of the place. There was a desk across the room with a rotating office chair. When I woke up, I lay in bed for a few moments. The sun was still low enough to shine through the window and illuminate the wall on the other side of the room. And then, I saw it.
  47. It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. On the illuminated part of the wall, I saw the shadow of a person, sitting on the office chair, facing my way, staring at me.
  48. I’m not sure if I screamed or not, but in the next moment, I was up on my legs out of bed. But then, I looked at the chair, and there was nothing. The chair was facing me because that’s how I left it after I finished sitting on it last night. For a moment I thought I just imagined everything, but then I looked at the shadow again. It was still there, a shadow of a person just sitting on the chair and facing me.
  49. I don’t remember much of what happened after. I was so terrified I couldn’t think much. I think that for a moment I wanted to jump out the window, but I didn’t. Or at least, I think I didn’t. In a few moments I was in the car driving like crazy. Somehow, I got to the town.
  50. First thing I did was finding a phone booth and calling Denise. He flipped when I told him that not only did I “touch” the shadow of the house, but actually lived in it for a week. And of course, just as I needed him most, he was out of town. He told me to get a motel room, preferably a small one, and to buy a flashlight with enough batteries to change multiple times, and a laser pointer.
  51. I stopped at a nearby shop and bought like a dozen flashlights and laser pointers, and I don’t know how many packs of batteries.
  52. I think I now understand why I need them. I need something that could produce enough light for something to cast a shadow…for that…thing…to cast a shadow.
  53. But I’m too damn afraid. I don’t want to see it again. Calmly staring at me again.
  54. I can’t stay in this motel room right now. I have to go outside. But I don’t know where.
  55. FUCK
  58. 3/22/2013 – 23:47
  59. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. That thing is stalking me constantly. I tried experimenting with it today. First of all, I noticed that the shadow is of a person that is always at the same distance from me. Whenever I move, that thing disappears, and when I look for it again with the laser pointer or flashlight, it stands in a different direction so that there are no obstacles that would prevent it from being at its usual distance, of about 25-30 feet. When I’m in a small room which doesn’t contain such lengths, it waits outside, still at the same distance. Of course, I tried throwing shit at it, but things just went right through like there was nothing there at all. I’m starting to wonder whether I could get used to it and just live the rest of my life with a silent companion.
  60. I can’t believe I got myself into this shit.
  61. Fucking Dan! Couldn’t you give me normal directions to a normal house?
  64. 3/23/2013 – 8:01
  65. This was one of the worst nights of my life.
  66. I couldn’t bring myself to turn off the lights. I kept imagining the worst possible scenarios that could happen, and possible explanations for this nightmare. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep. I frantically searched the web for any information I could find about this thing but came up with nothing. I wonder if I’m just hallucinating everything…
  69. 3/23/2013 – 8:25
  70. I just pointed the laser out of my motel room window for like 5 minutes and tried to find the thing but couldn’t see anything. Nothing blocked the little red dot. I hoped this thing just decided to go haunt someone else but didn’t really believe so. So…I exited the room and pointed it down the exterior corridor of the motel…and there it was. Some distance away the laser pointer was blocked. I’m not sure if it was my imagination but it seemed a bit closer than yesterday. I pointed it at the floor in order to see exactly where it disappeared. I moved it a bit right. The dot appeared again and when I kept moving, it was blocked again. Two legs. It was standing right at that spot. I took a breath and moved two steps towards it. The thing disappeared. I counted my steps and estimated the stalking distance of the thing to be about 26 feet from me now. It was even closer than I thought. Then it struck me:
  71. The thing is getting closer to me by the minute, ever since I arrived at that damned house. And I was just naively painting and wasting precious time.
  75. 3/23/2013 – 11:12
  76. I bought a long measuring tape from the hardware store and decided to confirm my suspicion. I located the spot where the “feet” of the shadow began and remembered the spot and then measured the distance between where I was standing at the time to the spot. It turned out to be 26 feet 2inch. I am going to check that again this evening and calculate the speed at which it was getting closer.
  79. 3/23/2013 – 23:30
  80. I am fucked.
  81. I checked the distance again. It got closer by approximately 1.5 inch. If the thing creeps towards me at a constant rate, it means it gains about 3 inches a day. FUCK
  82. Tomorrow I’m gonna meet with Denise and get some damn answers.
  83. At least I hope so.
  86. 3/24/2013 – 16:01
  87. I met with Denise. The first thing he did was take the laser pointer I had and located the stalker within no time. He told me it was the same thing that haunted his father. He said that his father never found a way to get rid of his stalker, although he did find a way to make life more manageable. He also told me that this thing closes down on me at the rate of about 1 inch a day. At this point I had already established that it was going at me 3 inches a day and I was not happy to break the news to him. I asked him what this thing was and where it came from, but he didn’t know. He was really sorry and told me he tried to warn me. Needless to say, I questioned him a lot, but he didn’t know much. Or at least he answered very vaguely.
  88. He told me that he could not tell exactly how his father stopped the thing, but he knew that there is someone who could help me.
  89. We sat down in a diner. We ordered food, but I couldn’t touch it. I couldn’t see the shadow at that time, but I knew it was out there. He asked me what I think this thing could be. I had no idea, but I started speculating. I told him that I didn’t think it was a ghost. First of all, I don’t believe in the supernatural. Secondly, he sees it too, and from what he’s told me, anyone else could see the stalking shadow too if they were looking. I entertained the idea that it was a person in some top-secret invisibility suit, but it didn’t make any sense and besides, I already tried throwing stuff at it. Maybe it was an alien, I suggested. Denise didn’t answer but he then told me more about this friend of his father’s. His name is Brian and even though he didn’t tell Denise much, he seemed to know a bit more about the thing. He said that he will contact Brian and believes that he will try to help me as much as he can.
  90. I am back at the motel room. I’ve already drank pretty much every tiny booze bottle I could find in the little fridge. I’m not even sure this will help me sleep. I don’t have enough courage to look out the window with a flashlight.
  93. 3/30/2013 – 18:45
  94. The last week was the worst week of my life…If you can call what has now become of it “life”. My existence has become pure torment. I couldn’t shut an eye for the first two nights but then tiredness, with enough alcohol, got the best of me and I slept a bit the other nights. My dreams were filled with nightmares. I constantly drifted in and out of sleep and dreamt the shadow was getting closer and closer to me. Sometimes I would wake up and could swear I saw the thing sitting and staring at me, but later realize it was either my imagination or a dream. I became obsessed with checking the thing’s location every day. Last night I finally gained enough courage to look for the thing with a flashlight at nighttime. While the laser pointer was just a red dot that was blocked when I pointed it at the stalker, the flashlight showed a whole shadow. The moment I saw it I wanted to scream. I was completely traumatized from that morning I woke up in the forest house, and instead of the trauma healing, things only got worse and worse. I could feel the thing was creeping closer all the time.
  95. When I walked around town, to meet with Denise or just to get food, I constantly checked my surrounding with the laser pointer. I was obsessed. I am now in constant fear of this thing moving faster and jumping at me. Every single time I search for it with the laser pointer I am expecting it to be right behind me, I can sometimes even feel the hairs on the back of my neck stiffen, but when I look for the thing with my laser pointer – and by now I got really good at locating it within seconds – It’s still pretty far away from me, about the same distance it was before, but just a tiny bit closer.
  96. I began feeling like my time is getting shorter and shorter. What was coming for me seemed to be worse than death. I cannot imagine what will happen when this thing comes for me, and I can’t say the thought of putting an end to this pathetic excuse for a life hasn’t crossed my mind.
  97. And so far, no silver lining has shined. Although I’m meeting with Denise every day, he can’t really help me other than by offering me his mental support. but He did not agree to come sleep with me even once. He’s too terrified of that thing, and I can’t blame him. And Brian, that damn bastard did not contact me, neither did Denise since he first called him. Denise told me that Brian had to check some things before he could help and has not heard from him since.
  100. 4/04/2013 – 17:16
  101. 23 feet.
  102. A bit less even. At this point, I always carry a bag with batteries, a measuring tape and of course, my flashlight and laser pointer.
  103. But today, finally something less bad has happened. Brian contacted me. Actually, he knocked on my door. He arrived in town without warning. Denise had told me to stay put, and so I waited and waited until that day came.
  104. And he explained to me everything he knew.
  105. He told me that Denise’s father, Steven was his name, and him, served together at area 51.
  106. Back in 1974 the military had brought in something unidentified. They were positive it was not man made. Brian told me that military analyzed the materials the object was made from and it did not match to any material found on earth. In fact, they could not even find any resemblance to any known material. Steven was an officer that served there. He was leading a team that was ordered to slice the object open. Him and five more soldiers worked on hit. When the object finally broke, something had happened to them. All of them were “cursed”. Each of the five soldiers, acquired a stalker of his own. Each moving in his own pace and going after them.
  107. One of the less fortunate soldiers had an especially quick stalker. The poor man could not handle it, and he eventually blew his own head out. But, that’s how they found out about “them”. No one could guess what those things were, but they found out that they could only get closer when the men were in places that were not blocked from electromagnetic waves. Quickly the army supplied Steven with a house that was built from walls containing a metal net that didn’t allow the thing to track him. The stalker still waited outside of Steven’s house and whenever he left the house it kept getting closer to him. But anytime Steven was home, he was safe.
  108. This thing seemed to be some kind of alien, closing in on its target from another, maybe fourth or fifth dimension. That at least, was Brian’s own speculation.
  109. Since then he lived in the house on road 116, the same cursed house I lived in for a few days. He told me that Steven had died of a heart attack. The long years living with the stalker, even though he was partially neutralized, had taken their toll on him.
  110. The thing is, that once Steven died, the thing stayed attached to the house, and would keep stalking the next person it encounters from the same distance it left Steven. Brian told me that they were lucky Steven had managed to crawl out of the house before he died. Otherwise they would never have been able to get his body out without entering the house.
  111. Apparently, they knew all this from an investigation of the 5 soldiers that participated in the area 51 incident. However, he did not know what happened with the other 3 soldiers, nor could he get any information from the army.
  112. I talked about trying to contact the military, but he said it would be a bad idea. He put it this way: their only attempt to neutralize that thing was with supplying Steven with his first safehouse. And since it didn’t work, they might have tried more extreme methods, and since none of the other soldiers were ever heard from since the event. It wouldn’t be wise of me to contact them.
  113. I asked why the army let Steven just live in a normal town and didn’t implement any actions in order to quarantine the house. He said that Steven was a special case; he had connections to some high ranked officers and pulled some strings.
  114. I still don’t know what to make of Brian’s story. It didn’t totally add up, but it was the best explanation I had. So, what I have to do now is find myself a house that I can make into my own shelter. Then I would have to work day and night to fortify it with the metal net that would work as a Faraday cage and block the thing from closing in on me.
  117. 4/10/2013 – 21:44
  118. 21 feet.
  119. I bought a small house in Lakeworth today. I got it because it was far away from the rest of town, I didn’t want other people to have the accident I had. It is located in the woods to the east of town, on 9 Twin Lakes Road.
  120. I just bought it without even looking inside. I couldn’t of course. Brian told me that everything I was about to do would only work if the stalker never entered my future safehouse. Once it set foot there – it was compromised forever.
  121. I already purchased tons of fine aluminum nets. Tomorrow, Brian, Denise and I will start working on the house. We will have to cover the thing completely for it to be safe.
  124. 5/05/2013 – 6:27
  125. 16 feet
  126. A month has passed since I had met Brian. A terrible sleepless month. The stalker was now close enough to see its shadow in almost any closed place. In fact, if I stood at the corner of my motel room and pointed my flashlight at the farthest corner, I would see the shadow calmly standing there. I moved the bed as close to the center of the room as I could, so that the maximum distance between me and any wall would not be more than 10 feet apart.
  127. You do not get used to it. By this time, I could only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills. I am always tired, I am always paranoid and searching for shadows.
  128. But perhaps today it will all be over. Brian, Denise and I worked constantly on the house. Applying multiple layers of aluminum nets over the walls, roof, windows, chimney, and any small gap we could find. We made it as durable as we could to minimize the chances of even the slightest radiation leak.
  129. Brian and Denise constantly checked the house from the inside with an electromagnetic spectrum analyzer and a few days ago it finely showed 0 EM transmissions. But to be sure we kept working on it.
  130. This evening I will test the house. I will enter it for the first time and will check around with my flashlight to see if the thing is there.
  133. 5/05/2013 – 23:31
  134. HELL YEAH!!
  135. I’m in…and it…is OUT!
  136. It worked! The plan worked! Finally, I’m safe. I’m in house arrest, yes, but at least I have something closer to a normal life now. The stalker is still out there, I already tried illuminating the surroundings of the house with a flashlight, and it was there, just outside the window, standing there, casting a huge shadow on the woods across the road. Fucking bastard. But I closed the curtain on it. I closed all the curtains and I was safe. Since by now the stalker has gotten pretty close to me, once I opened the door to the house, he could have been in the living room instantly because its radius was bigger than the distance of the stalker. So, we also installed a double door system, much like a spaceship airlock, in order to create a tiny space where I could enter, close both insulated doors and then open the inner house door.
  137. And that’s how my life is going to be from now on.
  138. At least I have some friends that could visit me. Dan came a few times since. He was horrified the first time he saw the shadow, yet he still kept coming. Brian and Denise also seemed to get accustomed to the presence of the stalker, as much as one can. But that was pretty much everyone.
  139. Still it’s better than nothing.
  140. Happy life for me!
  143. 7/12/2013 – 20:18
  144. I’ve been living in my little jail house for two months now. I am still haunted by nightmares, and I can still see the damn thing through the window every time I use my flashlight or laser pointer, at the closest distance possible to me from the outer side of the house. But it’s much better than before.
  145. However, a few unanswered questions still bother me though. How exactly did that thing get into Steven’s house when he died? If it is an alien why does it cast a person’s shadow? And where is the military now? Don’t they have some follow up on this whole story? Why does the stalker crawl faster to me than it did to Steven? Why did the army just leave Steven’s house to be and didn’t try to quarantine it?
  146. Every time I try to question Brian about those things he answers vaguely or says that the most important thing is that I am safe now. However, he brought me a gun. He said that he hopes it doesn’t come to this, but just in case I ever need a fast way out. And in that case, he asked me to inform them of my decision and to execute it on the porch of the house.
  147. I don’t like it.
  150. 11/12/2013 – 15:15
  151. By now I got used to ordering all necessities from stores with deliveries and used the double door system to receive the goods.
  152. Lately my relationship with Brian has deteriorated. He was reluctant to answer my questions, and I found the holes in his explanations more and more unsatisfying.
  153. I thought a lot about all the unanswered questions I had when I suddenly realized something very disturbing. The house on road 116 didn’t have any mobile reception, which worked great with Brian’s explanations, but suddenly I remembered that the old TV set was able to catch satellite TV which I could barely hear over the movies I watched via the RCA connector.
  154. Steven’s old house could not be blocking all EM transitions. So how could it serve as a safehouse? But then, my safehouse still works. Something is off.
  155. Next time we meet I am going to confront Brian about that.
  158. 12/13/2013 – 23:45
  159. Today…Everything changed.
  160. Last week I invited Brian, Dan and Denise to celebrate an early Christmas with me (since none of them wanted to celebrate the real Christmas with a – supposedly – alien haunted Faraday cage).
  161. After all of us drank a little, I began questioning Brian once again. As usual he answered the minimum and avoided the maximum possible. But then I dropped the Satellite TV theory on him and he went silent.
  162. He told me that it is now too late for him to hold back the truth anymore. Before, he had to lie to keep me safe but now there’s no choice for him but to tell me the truth because I was exposing too many holes in his story, and that was even more dangerous. Unfortunately, I now know why.
  163. Brian’s explanations, apparently, were lies. All of them. In fact, Denise had told him everything he knew about me and together they tailored a story that I had the biggest chance in believing. And…they did all of that to protect me.
  164. The first thing Brian told me was to remember that this is my safehouse and that it is already proven that the stalker could not enter it. He told me to be very aware of it, and to be sure that it could never change.
  165. And then…the really disturbing part came. They had no idea what that stalker was. All they knew is that it couldn’t enter a place…if the person that was being stalked, truly believed it.
  166. And I did, until now. But, the moment they told me that, I felt my whole world was on the brink of shattering.
  167. Steven acquired the stalker only a few years ago when he traveled to Ireland and accidentally entered a wrong hotel room, where he found a dead body hanging. The police arrived and it turned out to be suicide, thus attaching the stalker to Steven. There was never an area 51 event. Steven was not even in the army. No 5 soldiers. No UFO. Nothing. Brian accidentally found that this creature, or whatever it was, responded to belief. He used it to protect Steven without telling him. But Steven found out about it two years later. He did not make it long after. 3 months later, Steven went onto the porch of the house on 116 and shot himself in the head.
  170. 2/15/2016 – 20:20
  171. I’ve been living in this madness for two years now.
  172. I am not writing much anymore. Mostly because I’m too concentrated on not vocalizing or giving hold to my fears. I’m doing daily mental exercises to fortify my belief that this thing cannot enter my house.
  173. In fact, I know it can’t enter my house.
  174. It’s just that things can change much more easily than I thought before. If my trust breaks, even for once, even for one moment, that thing will be inside. And then, never again will I be able to build a new safehouse.
  175. I feel like my fears have been accumulating this whole time, and that the bubble will sometime burst.
  176. Ironically, painting terrifying paintings helps. It’s like I’m setting my fears free and letting them go. I have been practicing my mental exercises relentlessly and daily. I’m managing not to think anything that could make me less sure of the safety of my house, but sometimes, like once or twice a week I feel like I have to let the steam out. So, I paint.
  177. I usually paint shadows, in horrifying shapes and angles. And every time I finish a painting I throw it in the fireplace and watch it burn. It gives me a weird and warm fuzzy sensation.
  178. I asked Denise to put warning signs around the house. Just in case I end up like his old man.
  180. 3/02/2018 – 21:23
  181. I FUCKED UP BIG!!!~
  182. OMG I CANT BELIEVE what happened today!!!! God help me!!
  183. MY damn painting! How could I not burn it as usual??!
  184. I ordered food, and the delivery arrived. Denise usually helps me, but he couldn’t this time, so I used the grocery store’s delivery service. A young guy came with my food bags. The delivery car stood behind him with its headlights facing my way. I let him open the outer door and I noticed in the last second that the inner door wasn’t completely closed. I think I managed to close it a split second before he opened the outer one, but I wasn’t sure, and this made me a bit unsure of my safehouse. I immediately started my mental exercise. And precisely at that moment the delivery guy said, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING BEHIND YOU?”
  185. In that moment I knew: I was doomed.
  186. I felt my eyes open wide and grabbed my flashlight. I turned around…just to discover the guy looking at a huge horrible painting of a shadowy figure. It was the last painting I made and didn’t burn yet…he was talking about the damn painting
  187. But my belief was broken. As I continued to turn my flashlight around, next to the painting I saw it. A huge shadow. As if a person was standing just an arm’s length away from me. And it was inside the house.
  188. Closer to me than ever
  189. All of this was a few minutes ago
  190. Or maybe a few hours ago
  191. That thing is standing right behind me. I can feel it. I no longer need to look at it. I can feel it getting closer to me by the second.
  192. I can’t take it anymore. My spirit is broken. My soul is broken.
  193. I can’t take it anymore
  194. There is only one more thing I have to do. Just endure this for a few more minutes. I’m putting a link to my journal entries on the warning sign so that anyone who arrives here can find my story on the internet
  195. If anyone finds this, please
  196. I do not want you to endure what I have endured!!
  197. please
  198. PLEASE
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