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4chan guide to getting with attention whores

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  1. How to get a chick who just wants orbiters like >>39025425 :
  2. Step 1: confirm it really is a chick.
  4. Step 2: Accept the strong possibility that she will lie to you, at least at first. Women don't hand random worthless orbiters they keys to their heart. She'll treat you like a cow to milk for attention, and it is your job to make her see you're no simple cow.
  6. Step 3: Act like you don't value her very much but appreciate her company anyways. This is a balancing act. You have to act blazé without coming off as rude or boring. Do not negg, negging makes your lack of confidence obvious. As a matter of fact do the opposite. Compliment her.
  8. Step 4: Convince her you're the only one who can truly understand her. Use cold reading to locate her weak points. Tell her that you can sense her vulnerability. Everyone's weak and squishy inside, after all.
  10. Step 5: Act like a reliable daddy figure. Women like that one tend to have daddy issues up the wazoo and will respond well to being kindly given orders. Of course you gotta test the waters first, don't just start giving orders without analyzing her first.
  12. Step 6: Once she's starting to fall for you, gradually pull away. She will wonder why she's not good enough to keep your attention and she'll keep thinking about you. After a short while, return to her. Rinse and repeat the cycle a few times if need be.
  14. You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd, make her believe you're an important resource that she cannot lose. She will become obsessed.
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