Stag-Girl TF

Apr 11th, 2020
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  1. (Content warning: Contains transformation, female to shemale, and some incest)
  3. >be a young teenage girl
  4. >wake up one morning
  5. >you feel a bit dizzy
  6. >you’d been having some sort of dream
  7. >an oddly intense and... sexual one
  8. >feel a strange tugging down between your legs
  9. >look down
  10. >see a very prominent bulge in your bedsheets
  11. >you expect a sensation of panic to start building in your chest
  12. >but you’re oddly calm
  13. >of course you have a cock
  14. >why wouldn’t you?
  15. >get up and head to the bathroom
  16. >you hear your mom is already downstairs making breakfast
  17. >the idea of covering up your nudity or your changes doesn't even come to mind
  18. >flick the light switch and give yourself a look over
  19. >the usual cute, dark brown, shoulder length hair
  20. >slight freckles
  21. >barely noticeable enough to count
  22. >decent but not overly large breasts
  23. >you’ve always found your hips to be your best feature
  24. >strike a pose playfully
  25. >which causes your new shaft to sway pleasantly between your thighs
  26. >the thing rises out of a velvety furred pouch
  27. >some kind of animal-like sheath
  28. >over 12 inches of slick, pink cock standing up in a typical morning wood
  29. >a deer cock, you think...
  30. >remembering something...
  31. >back to yesterday
  32. >the date you had with your boyfriend
  33. >you’d agreed to go to the movies last night
  34. >you’d felt that same strange lack of panic when Alan met up with you
  35. >he was completely covered in a greyish brown fur
  36. >with an impressive set of antlers on his stag-like head
  37. >he’d given you a kiss, filling your mouth with that thick animal tongue of his
  38. >he had his jacket on, left open, but no shirt
  39. >letting you easily run your fingers through the thick pale fur on his chest
  40. >no one around you seemed the least bit upset by a strange animal-person walking down the street
  41. >just as you couldn’t seem to summon up any concern
  42. >even though you knew you had seen him as a normal human just the day before
  43. >after the intense kiss the two of you had gone onto the movie
  44. >he’d offered to pay for your tickets and pop-corn, ever the gentleman (gentle-stag?)
  45. >he suggested you both sit in the back
  46. >the movie more of a formality
  47. >you quickly got to making out
  48. >his musky animal scent
  49. >and the feel of his wet nose rubbing your face
  50. >all of these strange new sensations were proving terribly exciting
  51. >suddenly he pulled back and smiled
  52. >you saw him unbuckling his belt and freeing his shaft
  53. >it was just as changed as the rest of him
  54. >an incredibly long, tapered, animal thing
  55. >without hesitation, you let him guide your head down to it
  56. >the taste was as hypnotic as his scent had been, but the intensity was tenfold
  57. >you cupped his testicles, marveling at how big they now were
  58. >at first you tried to be quiet
  59. >not to slurp too hungrily despite this strange need you now felt
  60. >but you gave up when he himself started to bellow out at the pleasure
  61. >deep, lusty calls of a stag in the throes of his rut
  62. >with little warning he suddenly stamped his hooved feet and came
  63. >your mouth filled with more deer semen than it could hold
  64. >it dripped down your chin freely
  65. >soaking into your top and his pants
  66. >you swallowed without thinking
  67. >he stayed in a buzz of afterglow after that
  68. >but you felt similarly in a haze
  69. >something... something about it was affecting you
  70. >you felt hot
  71. >much hotter than when you’d first arrived
  72. >a sudden shudder, and with it an intense heat in your crotch
  73. >you’re eyes went wide, seeing a thick bulge appearing at the front of your pants
  74. >whatever mystical force that was lulling your concerns was being pushed to it’s limits
  75. >you definitely should not be growing a cock
  76. >still in a haze, you unzipped your pants
  77. >your panties quickly giving up the task of containing your new penis
  78. >it slid out, just as long and stag-like as the one on your boyfriend
  79. >he grinned upon seeing it, as he gradually pulled himself out of his own stupor
  80. >he leaned into you and whispered something you could barely make out
  81. >your heart was pounding
  82. >the beat too loud in your ears for you to make out anything else
  83. >not waiting for you to answer, he shuffled closer
  84. >lifting the arm-rest separating your two seats out of the way
  85. >his own cock was now back to full erection
  86. >animal stamina demanding more of what he had just experienced
  87. >he pulled you nearer to him, holding you so close your two slick shafts were poking at each other
  88. >not waiting any longer, he gripped the two shafts together in a single hand
  89. >his soft-but-rough fur feeling amazing on the sensitive skin of your new cock
  90. >he kept at it for what felt like forever
  91. >not wanting your first time to be over too quickly
  92. >keeping you on the edge of climax, only to slow down and pull you back from the precipice
  93. >as he did so he kissed you
  94. >nibbled your neck
  95. >his new deer body being so flexible he could easily lean down low enough to tease your stiff nipples
  96. >you were so close
  97. >so...
  98. >a sudden cold wet feeling pulled the two of you out of it
  99. >someone a few rows in front of you had actually thrown their soda at you
  100. >the icy beverage serving as a literal bucket of cold water, putting a stop to your fun
  101. >they were whisper-shouting at the two of you to be quiet, or to fuck off
  102. >No!
  103. >you’d been so close
  104. >you’d each gotten up
  105. >so much in a blurr of arousal you didn’t even bother to zip up your pants
  106. >two achingly hard cervine shafts bobbing in front of the two of you as you walked
  107. >you weren’t sure were
  108. >searching for urgently needed privacy
  109. >a door was marked employees only, but you ignored the warning and walked on through
  110. >eventually it led to the outside
  111. >some kind of field or park that sat behind the theatre
  112. >this would do fine
  113. >you shoved him onto the grass, ready to fuck like wild things
  114. >this time you were the one to grip your two shafts together
  115. >mimicking what you had seen him do
  116. >doing your best to maximize the pleasure
  117. >after all that build up you couldn’t last much longer
  118. >you could feel it peaking
  119. >a burst of sensation
  120. >several throbs and pulses
  121. >a deep cry that you were surprised to find was coming from your own mouth
  122. >and finally blessed release
  123. >the sight of you reaching your first male climax was enough to push your mate beyond his own tipping point
  124. >he leaned, fierce and sudden, gripping your shoulder in a mating bite
  125. >you let him
  126. >you wanted him
  127. >more than anything you wanted this moment to last forever
  128. >you’re finally back in your bathroom
  129. >that wonderful memory only serving to encourage your erection to further stiffness
  130. >you lost track of how many times the two of you brought each other to climax like that
  131. >but at some point he brought you home
  132. >your own change haven’t really progressed anymore than that in the intervening time
  133. >while he seemed to be halfway to becoming a full animal
  134. >your changes are still limited to your genitals
  135. >despite the air of calm that permeates you any time you think your changes
  136. >the situation is still quit daunting
  137. >you're not sure what to do next
  138. >finally decide to head on down to get some breakfast
  139. >you slip on a top and a bathrobe
  140. >but don’t bother to tie it up
  141. >not worrying about your still erect deer-cock waving about in front of yourself
  142. >your mom tells you good morning
  143. >to which you just return a smile
  144. >a deep hunger fills you, and you don’t refuse the oatmeal she offers
  145. >she can tell something is nagging at you
  146. >try to be evasive, but finally tell her you did something with Alan
  147. >she gets a bit more serious and leans in the table
  148. >she tells you it’s fine for kids your age to be trying things out, but that you need to be careful
  149. >decide to just up and say it
  150. >explain to her that he’s turned into some kind of stag-man and you drank his cum and now you have a stag cock too and it won’t go down because you didn’t think to jack off before coming down for breakfast
  151. >your mother blinks a few times at that deluge of information
  152. >before a smile appears on her face
  153. >is that all?
  154. >she tells you not to worry
  155. >it’ perfectly natural for a girl your age to be experiencing these feelings
  156. >it’s entirely normal for a young stag to have trouble reigning in his erection
  157. >you nod, apparently not bothered by the sheer contradiction of what she’s just said
  158. >something seems to cross your mother’s mind
  159. >she hesitates, then asks if you know how exactly to go about... taking care of it
  160. >shrug, and shake your head to say no
  161. >you’ve never done this before
  162. >well, not counting yesterday when you and Alan were both drunk on pheromones and lust and the thrill of the transformation
  163. >your mother smiles again
  164. >only this time there’s a hint of... something
  165. >she brings her chair closer to yours, and tells you not to worry
  166. >she knows exactly how to help
  167. >you gasp, knowing what was coming, but still not quite believing it when your mother’s delicate fingers wrap themselves around the base of your shaft
  168. >she comments on how warm it is
  170. ...
  172. >you want to warn her
  173. >tell her to wait
  174. >this is exactly how it happened last time
  175. >amidst your pleasured gasps, you just about manage to say that she’ll gain a cock of her own if she swallows
  176. >mom, if you do it
  177. >if you swallow...
  178. >you’ll gain a weird animal girl-shaft of your own
  179. >part of you is horrified (while another part of you is overjoyed) that upon hearing that you mother redoubles her efforts
  180. >tugging at your heavy testicles and sucking harder on your aching girl-shaft
  182. (Will finish later)
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