Leroy's Story 1

Jun 11th, 2018
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  1. >be me
  2. >I got onto /mlp/ yesterday and found the pony transformation thread
  3. >after reading through all of the posts on it I wanted more
  4. >I turned on Auto
  5. >after about fifteen seconds, someone posted a link to a mediafire file page
  6. >not giving a shit about my potato computer I immediately downloaded the file
  7. >Itb was some BS "turn yourself into pone".exe
  8. >not having anything better to do I spent about half an hour getting my AV to accept it and figuring out how to get it running
  9. >goes back to /mlp/ to find that the post as been removed
  10. >suddenly the program works
  11. >I put my headphones on and sit back
  12. >I try to humor the program and imagine myself as my OC, an orange Pegasus
  13. >the program ends after 30 minutes
  14. >"well that's an hour of my life I will never get back"
  15. >I go to delete program, but I can't find it in my files
  16. >"and now my potato has the blight, great" thankfully I never put my personal info into it
  17. >goes about day normally
  18. >at the end of the day I take a shower
  19. >as I am showering, I notice a spot on my leg that is irritated and itchy
  20. >after getting out I apply rash cream and notice that it an odd bright orange
  21. >meh, if it doesn't go away in a few weeks I'll go to the doctor
  22. >I grab my good laptop that I bought for college, and start to write the second page of the nine page paper that's due tomorrow morning
  23. >I lay down in bed and pull the blanket up, its chilly in my apartment
  24. >as I am writing I notice that the itching sensation has spread across my leg
  25. >I am too busy BSing my paper to look at my legs
  26. >2 A.M and I have BSed the last eight pages of my paper, I immediately save it and fall asleep
  27. >I wake up at about 4, the itching has progressed to burning and I now feel a sharp pain in my knees
  28. >I take the sleeping pills I keep on my bedside table along with a shot of whisky from my flask
  29. >goes back to bead without checking my legs, if it’s still there in the morning I'll go to campus clinic.
  30. >that night I dreamt of being my OC and flying, maybe that program was not BS after all, or maybe it was the pills, ether way cool
  31. >I wake up at 7 A.M whoever invented alarm clocks should be shot
  32. >only half alive on account of the five hours of sleep
  33. >once my brain actives 10% capacity I realize that the rash and joint pain have stopped
  34. >I slowly get out of bed, front hooves first, then with my hind legs resting on the bed I stretch out my back and wings...
  35. >...I realize I have wings...
  36. >...I have hooves...
  37. >...I have a pony snout and orange fur...
  39. > I land flat on my nice new snoot, and proceed to flail around on the floor
  40. >I knock my bed side table over and spill my whisky
  41. >The massive disgust of wasting good whisky snaps me out of it
  42. >I bring myself up to all fours
  43. >I examine my new body
  44. >"all right anon, you can get through this"
  45. >"you are an orange Pegasus, with a surprisingly shapely rump and..."
  46. > I stick my head down between my forelegs...
  47. >"Good that's still there"
  48. >I look at the clock
  49. >I have class it thirty minutes, and I have never missed a day
  50. >I figure I'll just go to class and see how this all plays out
  51. >I gather my things, finding my wings make a surprisingly good substitute for hands
  52. >after eating a toaster waffle I head off for campus
  53. >I start trotting over to campus, thus far all the new functions of my new body have come to me naturally
  54. >I start thinking, that if I can use my wings as hands I should be able to use them for their primary function
  55. > it's still early and I live in an area mostly populated be college students, so no one else is up yet, but minimizing my exposure to other until I get to campus may be wise and the morning class goers will be getting up soon
  56. >I spread my wings and take off
  57. >I had some difficulty with stability at first but after a few seconds I worked that out
  58. >flying was AMAZING, I have flown a Cessna before but this was something else
  59. >The wind over my coat, the air under my wings, it felt so good.
  60. >I only flew just above the roof tops, not wanting to attract the attention of the military
  61. >I was not even sure something as small as me would register on radar, but I did not want to risk it
  62. >in a disappointingly short amount of time I arrived at the college
  63. >I landed outside the history building and looked up at it
  64. >...I was nervous, sure people had probably seen me on my way here but I would have to interact with them once I went inside
  65. >I could all ready see several people gawking at me both inside the building and around me
  66. >I took a deep breath, and calmly walked inside, hitting the handicap button on my way by
  67. >once I was in most people seemed to actively avoid me, I few just stood and stared, thankfully no one freaked out
  68. >I went over to the free printing station and made a hard copy of my paper for Dr. Redacted
  69. >I headed over to the lecture hall for Dr Redacted's class
  70. >I opened the door
  71. >half the class was semi awake on their desks and did not notice me, the other class just stared
  72. >I walked all the way from the back to the front where my usual seat is, by the time I got there the entire class was fully awake and well aware of my presents
  73. >I sat in awkward silence for a good five minutes be for Dr Redacted walked in
  74. >Dr. Redacted walks down to the front of the room
  75. >He is staring at me, after a second I manage a weak smile
  76. >He stops right next to me and looks at my paper...
  77. >"...Ah Anon, I almost didn't recognize you, I trust you are doing...well... is everything alright?"
  78. >I fumble with my words for a moment "ah, eh um... I', a little horse today."
  79. >Internal face hoof, STUPID/10!
  80. >Dr. Redacted chuckles, "so I've noticed"
  81. >I knew Dr. Redacted was generally accepting, but who acts like turning into a pony is not a big deal?
  82. >"all right class, pass your Cuban Missile crisis papers to the front"
  83. >Dr Redacted proceeds with his lecture on Nixon's Presidency, ending just before Water Gate.
  84. >"all right next Friday we will be discussing Water Gate, Please read the assigned documents be for class."
  85. >every one stands up to leave, Dr Redacted walks up to me before I can get my stuff together
  86. >"I don't know what happened to you last night, but if you would like to talk about it you can come with me to my office"
  87. >I smile, I had taken several classes with Dr Redacted and I have sought his advice before.
  88. >"yes I would like that. can we go now?"
  89. >"of course"
  90. >"a horse is a horse, of course of course"
  91. >I stand and fallow him to his office
  92. >it’s a short walk from the class to his office, nothing happens.
  93. >we get to his office
  94. >"take a seat make yourself comfortable"
  95. >I climb into the chair, immediately I sit like a dog would in it. after doing so I realize that I didn't even think about it.
  96. >I am mildly concerned about what else that program has changed about my mind.
  97. >But that was put from my mind when Dr Redacted began to speak
  98. >"I must say your dedication to this class goes above and beyond what I would expect, most students would probably have stayed at home"
  99. >"yes" I reply "but most students will not become professors"
  100. >Dr Redacted smiles at me, "true, although I doubt most professors would show up either"
  101. >"that's their decision"
  102. >"..." He appraises me for a moment
  103. >"...if you have a question..." I look at him expectantly
  104. >"...Well first if you don't mind I would like to know how this happened to you"
  105. >"well, I found this program on line that said it would turn me into a pony" I left out some of the OTHER things it would do to me
  106. >"for a computer program it seems to have worked remarkably well"
  107. >"yes, yes it has, at least 10000% more effective than what I was expecting."
  108. >"so what are your plans moving forward?"
  109. >"the same as before, get my PhD and become a professor"
  110. >"the first pastel colored horse to get a degree from an accredited university, eh?"
  111. >"yep"
  112. >"good for you, don't let anyone hold you back"
  113. >He looks me over
  114. >"so, you're comfortable with your new body? are you having any trouble getting around? using computers? I saw you were taking notes with your mouth earlier."
  115. >"I have adjusted surprisingly quickly, everything has come natural to me so far"
  116. >"that's good, do you feel comfortable with your peers?"
  117. >"I am a bit anxious about how they will react initially, but I think that most of them will accept me in time."
  118. >"so you're not going to look for a way to undo this?"
  119. >"I have accepted my situation, if there is a way to turn back into a human then that's fine. But you live in the body you have not the body you want"
  120. >"you are well adjusted to the point of concern Anon. but if you are happy, I won't harsh your mellow"
  121. >the conversation draws to a close
  122. >"well Anon if you need anything I can help with just let me know"
  123. >"I will thank you"
  124. >I grab my things and leave the good doctor’s office
  125. >I look at a clock in the hall and see that I only have five minutes to get to my class on the other side of campus
  126. >I quickly step outside
  127. >I see that the local news has arrived and doing interviews with people
  128. >they see me and attempt to approach
  129. >fuck this I'm out
  130. >I take off and in less than thirty seconds I have landed outside the math building
  131. >I go inside and fly up the four flights of stairs to the floor I need
  132. >I'm not quite sure about how this professor will react
  133. >I head in and take my seat, I am starting to regret habitually sitting at the front of the room
  134. >Prof. Math regards me oddly
  135. >"you are a student, aren't you?"
  136. >"yes I am Anon"
  137. >"OK, just to make sure I'm not hallucinating. you are a horse, right?"
  138. >"Yes."
  139. >"OK then, we'll start the lecture"
  140. >the as class goes on I notice that the students are much chattier in this class
  141. >probably because it’s now ten in the morning and only half of them are zombies
  142. >about ten minutes into class I hear a commotion coming from the hall
  143. >shit, it’s the news
  144. >I have never been an outgoing person, I got stage fright giving an oral presentation to a class of ten
  145. >a reporter sticks there had in
  146. >"HAY I FOUND IT!"
  147. >IT
  148. >200% Triggered
  149. >"you can't come in here we are having a class" prof Math says blocking their way in
  150. >some of the reporters try to push past him, but he is a rather large man and easily pushes them back out
  151. >He locks the door and resumes teaching
  152. >As class draws to an end I begin eyeing the window
  153. >it looks like it can open fully, I could open it and fly out to avoid the reporters
  154. >Prof Math notices this and opens it for me without stopping the lecture
  155. >Prof springs a pop quiz on us, its short and I am able to finish first
  156. >leaving it on the front desk
  157. >I gather my things then dive out the window to freedom
  158. >as I fly over campus I contemplate my next move
  159. >my friends and family should probably hear this from me and not the six O'clock news
  160. >I would have to land to use my laptop, and that would give the reporters a chance to catch up with me
  161. >I could go to my apartment but then they would know where I live
  162. >...
  163. >I remember that my friend lives just outside of town on twenty acres of land
  164. >by car you would have to take the back roads, but I could skim the tree line and hopefully get there unnoticed
  165. >I land on a roof and take out my phone
  166. >Thankfully I bought a stylus for it
  167. >I sent a text "Is it ok if I hide at your house? also I am become Pone"
  168. >I snap a quick selfie and hit send
  169. >after "sure that's fine, U for real though?"
  170. >"yes"
  171. >I put my phone away
  172. >I don't fly straight there, I head over an area of protected forest.
  173. >with any luck they will be looking for me in there
  174. >after going what seems like a reasonable distance I start to double back
  175. >I now hear a helicopter in the distance
  176. >I quickly dive below the tree tops, thank Celestia for global warming
  177. >I don't have that far left to go, In a few seconds I fly over my friends fence
  178. >I see him standing on his front porch
  179. >he sees me and opens the door
  180. >I land and run full speed into his house
  181. >not the best idea, once in my hooves did not get good enough traction on the floor and I ran into a table
  182. >my nose now bleeds but at least I am safe for now
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