Asgore Dreemurr

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  1. from /u/Mantonization:
  2. Asgore "King Kindergarten Killer" Dreemurr
  3. Asgore "Spike The Tyke" Dreemur
  4. Asgore "Ankle-Biter Beater" Dreemurr
  5. Asgore "Crying Child Crusher" Dreemurr
  6. Asgore "Non-Senior Citizen Slayer" Dreemurr
  7. Asgore "Toddler Terminator" Dreemurr
  8. Asgore "Munchkin Murderer" Dreemurr
  9. Asgore "Innocent Infanticider" Dreemurr
  10. Asgore "Punt The Runt" Dreemurr
  11. Asgore "Mourning Mother-Maker" Dreemurr
  12. Asgore "Child Coffin Collector" Dreemurr
  13. Asgore "Youngster Euthanizer" Dreemurr
  14. Asgore "Rugrat Regret" Dreemurr
  15. Asgore "Infant Immolater" Dreemurr
  16. Asgore "Newborn Neutralizer" Dreemurr
  17. Asgore "Offing Orphans" Dreemurr
  18. Asgore "Bouncing Baby Body Bag" Dreemurr
  19. Asgore "Slaydate" Dreemurr
  20. Asgore "Killer King" Dreemurr
  21. Asgore "Baby"s First Dismemberment" Dreemurr
  22. Asgore "Grave Half-Full" Dreemurr
  23. Asgore "Classroom Culler" Dreemurr
  24. Asgore "Baby Doomer" Dreemurr
  25. Asgore "Underground Underage Undertaker" Dreemurr
  26. Asgore "He Literally Murders Children" Dreemurr
  27. Asgore "Parent Repellant" Dreemurr
  28. Asgore "Short-Stopper" Dreemurr
  29. Asgore "Prepubescents-Dying Ace" Dreemurr
  30. Asgore "Splat The Brat" Dreemurr
  31. Asgore "Be Mean To Teens" Dreemurr
  32. Asgore "Maybe Killed A Baby" Dreemurr
  33. Asgore "Gerber Grow-Up Plan Gleaner" Dreemurr
  34. Asgore "Preschool Purifier" Dreemurr
  35. Asgore "When They Hit The Flowers, They"re Dead In Hours" Dreemurr
  36. Asgore "Extra-Small Exterminator" Dreemurr
  37. Asgore "Kiddy Cleanser" Dreemurr
  38. Asgore "You Must Be This Tall To Live" Dreemurr
  39. Asgore "Crueler for the Preschooler" Dreemurr
  40. Asgore "Offspring Annihilator" Dreemurr
  41. Asgore "Get Rid Of The Kid" Dreemurr
  42. Asgore "Infant Slayer Player" Dreemurr
  43. Asgore "Stabbed Some Kids Through The Ribs" Dreemurr
  44. Asgore "Trust Fund Refund" Dreemurr
  45. Asgore "Playground Flaying Round" Dreemurr
  46. Asgore "Adolescent Suppressant" Dreemurr
  47. Asgore "Youthanizer" Dreemurr
  48. Asgore "Out Of The Womb, Into The Tomb" Dreemurr
  49. Asgore "No Longer Married Cause Some Kids Got Buried" Dreemurr
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