Feb 27th, 2014
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  1. When we (The supporters, staff and James Brent) saved our great Club the last thing I ever imagined seeing was one of the ex directors walking back through the boardroom doors.
  3. It is my personally held view as somebody who loves this Club that the only positive brought to the table by this decision is financially related.
  5. I can't speak on behalf of the staff but morally whilst they still remain unpaid in many cases it cannot be right that someone who contributed to that plight walks back through the doors and gets waited on by those people every fortnight.
  7. From the supporters perspective it hurts. We fought against these individuals. I (and many others) saw up close how near we came to dying. Never at any point did one of the ex directors offer financial support to our campaign then. They were missing when it mattered.
  9. I want(ed) our Football Club to be different. I want us to set the standards on and off the field. This is a set back in building that vision and building a Club based on the size of talent not the size of the wallet. Today is a huge blow to the dream we all fought for.
  11. Staff still not paid up.
  13. Tony Wrathall sitting, looking out on a pitch he and the others did not pay for.
  15. I cannot and will not buy into this 'it was not his fault' argument. We had 7 directors. The blame is shared equally. Whether that be through incompetence or a thought out action is irrelevant.
  17. The news has shattered me if I am honest. I believe the board has let down James Brent by not realising how the fans would feel about this decision.
  19. I have relayed my thoughts firmly to James Brent and the directors. James is a huge personal friend of mine and I know he feels this is for the best for the Club on a financial basis.
  21. If Tony Wrathall truly loved this Club and truly wanted to make amends then he would use the money to pay off the staff debt and return to the terraces as a supporter.
  23. On the pitch (where most of us care about) things are looking up. We have an owner that cares, a manager assembling a competitive squad, the fans are dreaming of Wembley but minds are now thrown back 3 years to our darkest hour.
  25. I'm really not sure where my future at the Club lies and maybe this post will make the decision for me. I will certainly not be able to frequent the boardroom at any point whilst Tony Wrathall remains on the board. I also know that unity is always the way forward and I will be attacked for breaking it but the decision is so divisive that bringing people together off the back if it is almost impossible.
  27. I'm not a businessman. I'm a simple Janner. I know money talks but I am a firm believer that sometimes in life things are just wrong. This is one such time.
  29. We didn't fight so hard for this. We fought for better.
  31. Take care.
  33. Chris
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