Lion's Den

Mar 11th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. The case of the Tsavo maneaters served as a cautionary tale to those foolish enough to venture into the wilds of Africa: beware the fanged beasts known as lions. Their speed, cunning, and strength is without equal. You remember reading about it, once or twice. Terrifying tale of how two lions wreaked havoc on a camp for an extended period of time. Jokingly, you muttered to yourself that you were glad you were so far away from such ferocious wildcats, by margin of an entire ocean. It was a comforting thought. At least, it was, when it was still applicable. With a low growl, Botan's tail flicks on your lap idly while the idol leans into your shoulders and neck from a position behind you, taking deep huffs of your hair and general scent, leaving you too terrified to move. Gulping, you try to still your pounding heart. As relaxed and laid back as she was, she was still, well...a lion. If Coco could incinerate you for angering her, if Noel could smash you into a red paste...then Botan could flay you into ribbons. You wonder how sharp those claws really are. You regret taking this aide job immensely. You regret letting her ambush you in the janitorial closet, more.
  3. Seemingly content with what she smells from you, she lets out a gentle sigh, rubbing her cheek against yours as her grip tightens, pulling you back into her chest. Primate instinct begins to run wild as your limbs twitch.
  5. "Hey," the lionness begins softly, grip tightening. From the corner of your eye, you can see her lips curl into a smile. "You spoken for?"
  6. "I...I,, ma'am," you cough out, trying not let your discomfort show in your voice. You remember predators can smell fear, anyway. "I'm not...why do you, uh-"
  7. "That's settled then," Botan says, cutting you off. Her claws dig into your skin just the barest amount, a heavy purr emanating from her chest. "You're mine now. Sound good?"
  9. A silence falls over the both of you as something in your brain does a double-take. Eh?
  11. "Eh?" you repeat, out loud this time rather than internally. "What? What d-"
  12. "I mean you're my mate now," Botan bluntly utters, again cutting you off. "Got a problem with that?"
  14. Her claws sink deeper into your skin as sweat pours off your forehead in buckets.
  16. "Why me?" you spit out quickly, a hint of panic leaking into your voice. The lioness lets out a soft laugh.
  17. "Why not you? You're of decent stock. Got some meat on you, some musculature...easy on the eyes," she speaks softly, retracting her claws from your flesh, rubbing her hands up and down your chest. "I don't see anything wrong with it."
  18. "But I--"
  19. "But what? You're not seeing anyone, so you're unspoken for. I even sniffed you out to make sure you weren't lying," Botan grins. "And now you belong to me, rather than being alone. Welcome to the pride."
  21. Leaning in a bit more, Botan plants a small kiss on your cheek, running her tongue up it for good measure before she slowly turns you to face her. She gives you a grin that exposes her fangs, her tongue running over them for effect.
  23. "Just remember who your owner is, okay?"
  24. "But-"
  25. "That's all you need to do, and we'll get along just fine," she coos, cutting you off once more. She locks eyes with you, narrowing her gaze a bit as annoyance begins to fill her features. Reaching up, she plants a hand on your shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze. Her claws immediately dig into your skin with minimal effort as she quickly pushes you back into the wall. You try to yell out in pain, but Botan's ears perk as she clasps her free hand over your mouth. "Or I'll drag you back to my den by what's left of your throat. I really don't want it to come to that, so be a good boy, yeah? No more questions. No more lip. Just enjoy it. Okay?"
  27. Fear thoroughly renewed, you nod your head quickly, the nails in your shoulder drawing blood. Satisfied, Botan releases you, letting you slide a bit down the wall as she backs up. Noticing the fresh sanguine on her digits, she sniffs it curiously as she watches you on the ground. With a mischievous grin, she brings her hand up to her mouth, sticking her long tongue out as she takes a tentative lick. As your fluid hits her tongue, she shivers, eyes widening just the slightest amount. Plunging the fingers into her mouth without a second thought, she cleans your essence off them as what remains in your veins runs cold, licking her lips and letting out a satisfied sound as she calms down.
  29. "Mhm. Good stock. I was right. I'll see you after work."
  31. Without waiting for a response, Botan gives you a wink. Some of your blood is still at the corner of her mouth.
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