Happy Birthday!

Oct 8th, 2014
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  1. (A/N: Thread on /mlp/ with this [] as the image, so here's a little short story for you)
  4. >Well it was a month ago anyway
  5. >But it's always the thought that counts right?
  6. >"S-so what do you think?"
  7. >You glance around the kitchen, and what you see honestly makes you consider calling the rest of the Mane 6 to the little kitchen to banish whatever monster was surely growing there
  8. >Flour scattered around counters, a stick of butter jutting out from where it looked that it had been thrown at the fridge
  9. >Through some arcane secrets never to be understood by mortal minds, she had even managed to get icing on the lights
  10. >You pinch the bridge of your nose and inhale deeply before you speak
  11. "How did you even know it was my birthday? I haven't told anyo-- pony, whatever."
  12. >She blushes and looks down, still smiling sheepishly
  13. >"Well remember when I enchanted that magical, glowing rectangle to absorb energy from the sun? I maybe kinda sorta....figuredouthowtouseitfirstandlookedthroughallyourstuff."
  14. >Your eyes widen, you'd never taken Twilight to be the kind to snoop
  15. >Oh gods, had she seen...?
  16. >No, no it was all hidden with inconspicuous file names, it was fine
  17. >"I-I'm really sorry Anon! But what do you think of the cake, it's good right?"
  18. >You stare at the lumpy mass surrounded by the magenta aura of her telekinesis
  19. >The icing was uneven everywhere, the candles jutted out at random angles, the entire thing looked like it would collapse at any minute
  20. >It was a terrible attempt, possibly the worst cake you'd seen in your admittedly short life
  21. >But...
  22. >You think back to your own birthdays
  23. >So many moves that you had never made any close friends to celebrate with
  24. >Parents so busy that the most you'd get was lunch if you were lucky, and a note if you weren't
  25. >It was the first time that someone had taken time out of their life to do anything like this for you
  26. >You choked back the growing lump in your throat just so you could speak, though your voice still cracked
  27. "What do I think? What do I THINK?"
  28. >Twilight cringed back, covering her head with her hooves and bracing herself for a tirade that would make even Gordon Ramsey blush
  29. >But it never came
  30. >Instead she was wrapped in a hug that threatened to crush her, given by a creature that a year before had terrified every inhabitant of the land
  31. "It's the best thing I've ever seen. Ten out of ten, Twilight."
  32. >She hesitated, then hugged you back
  33. >The silence lasted a while, the candles on the cake burned down, and the embrace stayed just as warm as when it had started
  34. >Twilight was the first to break the silence
  35. >"S-so I saw all those pictures too and...y-you like socks, right Anon?"
  36. >Today was a good day
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