Gamma (FEMTO 3.0)

Jan 31st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Name: Gamma
  3. Race: Earth Pony
  4. -Tough (Passive): Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than Unicorns and Pegasi.
  5. -Earth Pony Way (Passive): Being born without a horn or wings has taught you how to spend more time and effort in the things you do. Pick one skill you know (Stealth). It gains a +1 bonus.
  7. Talents:
  8. -Genetic Tampering (Passive): You receive a +4 to all Disguise rolls and can 'Disguise' yourself into more, due to the genetic experimentation performed on you allowing you to shapeshift. However, the process was imperfect, leading to unexpected side changes when you shapeshift. If your roll meets or exceeds 10, you receive an unexpected effect. [Trained Talent]
  9. -Your gain a +1 to lockpicking attempts, owing to your experience.
  11. Hits/Wounds: 6/6
  13. Class/Multiclass: Rogue
  14. -Master Thief (Passive): Thanks to years of training, nothing can keep you out or slow you down. You have DC-2 to picking locks, cracking safes, locating loot, disarming traps, or smuggling objects undetected. You do not require any tools to do these tasks either. You also have a keen eye, able to passively detect valuable objects or hidden items nearby that others would overlook. [Pure Skill]
  15. -Stealth (Self): Fade from sight, becoming untargetable until you reveal yourself. This does not make you immune to damage, any attack that hits an entire zone or all enemies/the whole party will still affect you. Your next action while stealthed Autocrits. Afterwards Stealth will end, regardless of result. If you Autocrit using a skill with the Hidden tag, you cannot Autocrit any more actions during that instance of Stealth. [Free Skill]
  16. -Disguise (Self): Pretend to be someone else, with your disguise strengthening on your roll. To pass as a generic person (e.g. A guard, a noble, a commoner, etc,) is DC6. To pass as a specific person is DC8. On Crit you can mimic anyone, even if they are of a different race or gender. Disguise cannot Autocrit from Stealth. [Class Skill]
  17. -Shadow Hand (Hidden, Recharge 3): You steal away an object from a target that they are not actively using. You cannot steal anything a target is currently wielding or wearing in combat, but you may take spares. [Class Skill]
  18. -Rupture (Weapon, Recharge 1): Rip into a target to inflict a grievous wound. Deals damage and causes them to bleed, losing 1 hit a turn for 2 turns. If you hit a target with this while they still bleed, the duration is set back to 2 turns. On Crit you rip your target open, increasing the bleeding damage by 1 hit and extending the duration by 2 turns. [Class Skill]
  19. -Sleep Serum (Weapon, Hidden, Recharge 3): Strike your target with a weapon laced with a sleeping concoction. Knocks out a target immediately out of combat. In combat this will render an undamaged target helpless, otherwise if they’ve been damaged it will only daze them and give them a -1 penalty to all their rolls next turn. On Crit you will numb their muscles, preventing them from using instant, automatic, or non-racial passive skills for 2 turns. [Class Skill]
  21. Inventory:
  22. -PDA
  23. -Lockpicking kit (includes tools for more high-tech doors)
  24. -Combat Knife (Single Weapon)
  25. -Cloak
  27. Appearance:
  28. -A rather shaky-looking, but otherwise nondescript earth pony stallion. He's got a pale yellow coat, with a green mane and teal eyes. He keeps himself wrapped up in a cloak most of the time, for reasons he doesn't seem to prefer to talk about.
  30. Background:
  31. -Background
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