I create a new Conspiracy

Mar 23rd, 2015
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  1. Skooma: I'm going to bed in a second, work in the morning. But I had to let you know.. I'm making The "Taylor Swift is singing as Light to L" conspiracy a thing
  2. ZoraMaskLink: That's awesome.
  3. ZoraMaskLink: How are you going to do it?
  4. Skooma: I'm breaking down the lyrics in to metaphors paralells that don't exist and it's fucking easy, wanna hear before I go to bed?
  5. ZoraMaskLink: sure
  6. Skooma: prepare yourself
  7. Skooma: silliness aside, a lot of this holders water and it's awesome
  8. Skooma: Nice to meet you
  9. Where you been?
  10. I could show you incredible things
  11. Magic, madness, heaven, sin
  12. Skooma: Light talking to L about the Death Note
  13. Skooma: With me so far there?
  14. ZoraMaskLink: Yes
  15. Skooma: Cool
  16. Skooma: Heaven can mean Light's fascination
  17. Skooma: everything else, spot on
  18. Skooma: moving on
  19. Skooma: Saw you there and I thought oh my god
  20. Look at that face, you look like my next mistake
  21. Love's a game, wanna play
  22. Skooma: Light talking about a target
  23. ZoraMaskLink: Makes sense
  24. Skooma: New money, suit and tie
  25. I can read you like a magazine
  26. Ain't it funny rumors fly
  27. And I know you heard about me
  28. So hey, let's be friends
  29. I'm dying to see how this one ends
  30. Grab your passport and my hand
  31. I could make the bad guys good for a weekend
  32. Skooma: L works for the FBI, so it's same to assume besides his Double, he'd be matching sort of, FBI is totally suit and tie. New money, could be a threat, if someone is really good, in street terms, you could say they're were "Money"
  33. ZoraMaskLink: Yep
  34. Skooma: the last part is Light's interest in cat and mouse
  35. Skooma: and here's a stretch but I like it
  36. Skooma: "I can make the bad guys good for the weekend" Light went from killing rapist and murderers to any kind of criminal in the first episode itself, his decline in morals is already happening. Any criminal is a bad guy to Light, the only way to make them "good" in his eyes is to kill them, he could kill all the bad guys in a weekend
  37. ZoraMaskLink: T-Swift confirmed maniac
  38. Skooma: no, ready for goosebumps level "holy shit my fake conspiracy might be real"?
  39. ZoraMaskLink: Yis
  40. Skooma: Cause we're young and we're reckless
  41. We'll take this way too far
  42. It'll leave you breathless
  43. Or with a nasty scar
  44. Got a long list of ex-lovers
  45. They'll tell you I'm insane
  46. But I got a blank space baby
  47. And I'll write your name
  48. Skooma: This is the easiest one to do, so easy it's creepy
  49. ZoraMaskLink: Totes fits
  50. Skooma: just wait
  52. Skooma: Light is talking about his and L's curiousity of each other, and how mind blowing it is for either of them. It will leave L breatheless in shock on how/who/and why. Nasty scar, could his career crashing and burning over no arrest of bad arrest Got a long list of lovers, is the fan crowd who approves the new reaper, and the other group of people will say he's a homicidal maniac, but he has the death note, and he'll get L
  53. ZoraMaskLink: Can't watch DeathNote without thinking of T-Swift anymore
  54. Skooma: hahaha
  55. Skooma: for now it's "can't hear Blank Space without thinking of some Light shit talk"
  56. ZoraMaskLink: ^^^
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