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Feb 24th, 2016
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  1. Custom Knight has a few cosmetic items that the player can choose from:
  3. 52 Armor colors to choose from. For simplicity let's just go with green, blue purple, red, orange, for color options. There are lots of variations on each color, so I can just choose an uncommon or interesting one before the run. For example there is an all purple armor with purple horns or purple with lime green horns and accents.
  5. Costumes:
  6. Regular
  7. Baron Armor set - basically a beefy suit of armor that looks hilarious on SK's small sprite.
  8. Fish Head - Replaces your regular head with a catfish head.
  10. Special Effects - Some are familiars that follow the player. They do not attack anything, just follow you. There are others:
  11. Shadow Trail - A couple of shadow clones follow behind you, mimicking your movements. (personal favorite)
  12. Fire Wake - Flames appear over wherever you walk.
  13. Shimmer Step - A sparkly trail sure to please Tinkerbell fans.
  14. Cute bee - Enkaybee will follow you around in game disguised as a tiny bee sprite.
  15. Ghost Friend - He looks creepy. I don't trust him. Follows you everywhere.
  16. Fairy follower - Adorable chibi chompy fairy.
  18. Gestures - Like Plague Knight's dance command, Shovel can do similar things by holding down as Custom Knight:
  19. Rainbow Spit - I am so happy I could puke rainbows. They come rushing straight out of the helmet, or the Cat fish mouth. (favorite)
  20. Wolf Whistle - Sk knows what the ladies like.
  21. Annoying laugh - taunt your foes, laugh at death
  22. Feign Death - Death animation
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