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Cooper OSA - Student Trustee Announcement

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Nov 12th, 2013
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  1. "At their meeting on September 18, 2013, the Board of Trustees approved the creation of the position of a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. The Board established certain criteria to be met for a student to be selected for this role and provided that the Joint Student Council (JSC) was to develop a process whereby three eligible candidates would be selected from the student body to interview with the Committee on Trustees for the Student Representative position.
  3. It has now come to the Board’s attention that the process implemented by the JSC to select candidates for the Student Representative position only resulted in two candidates even running for the position, and that the Joint Student Council has since voted only to submit to the Committee on Trustees the one candidate with the highest number of votes.
  5. Unfortunately, the process and parameters put into place by the Joint Student Council are not in concert with the criteria established by the Board of Trustees for the Student Representative position. Further, the decision by the JSC to submit only a single candidate to the Committee on Trustees is a clear attempt to circumvent those requirements and as such, the Board will not consider a candidate resulting from this process.
  7. The Board remains committed to appointing a student representative to the Board; however, given the failure of the current election process to satisfy the relevant criteria, such an appointment will no longer be possible for the December meeting. The Board is hopeful that the JSC will reevaluate its process, reengage the student body, and initiate a new election process that meets the requirements established by the Board. It should be possible to complete such a process in time to allow the trustees to interview and confirm a Student Representative to assume the position beginning with the March 2014 meeting.
  9. The Office of Student Affairs will continue to work with the Joint Student Council to garner broader student interest in the Student Representative position and to develop a process that will result in three candidates being presented to the Board.
  11. - The Office of Student Affairs"
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