A Lazy Day With Polka

Apr 13th, 2021
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  1. There's a certain comfort to waking up naturally, and that pleasure is much greater when the morning is as comfortable as this one. A pleasant weight sits on your hips and chest, as it seems in the night Polka came to join you in bed. She has a bad habit of playing late into the night when a game pulls her in, and often you have to head to bed before her. But by morning, she's always here, and inevitably she's propped you into some elaborate position so she can snuggle as much of you as possible, like you're her personal hugging pillow. This morning's position is you on your back, her lying atop you with her chest on top of your own, your head propped up by pillows so she can comfortably loop her arms around your neck and rest her head beneath your chin. It seems she's also moved your arm in the night, which has now moved to the small of her back so she can wrap her tail around it. Truly, your fluffy fennec is a master of cuddling.
  3. But, the day must eventually go on, and after laying comfortably for a bit you decide to help Polka start her day off right with some breakfast. That does require getting her off of you, though. You run one hand through the fur of her golden tail and stroke her head with the other. This brushing releases the smell of her shampoo, which is a pleasant mixture of roses, vanilla and lavender. She has to buy quite a bit of it to wash her long hair and her tail (sometimes buying out a whole salon's supply), which occasionally gets her in trouble with a senpai who uses the same brand. But the softness speaks for itself. You have no clue if foxgirl fur is naturally softer than actual fox fur, but both her hair and tail are without exaggeration the most pettable thing you have ever touched in all your years. It makes waking Polka all the more enjoyable.
  5. Eventually with enough pleasant tousling Polka eventually mumbles a raspy (and still somewhat dreamy) "Ohapol~" before fluttering her eyes open just long enough to see your face, after which she moves in closer to peck you on the cheek. Her habit of using her idol greetings even when she's half awake is one of the many cute quirks she has. She really does live and breathe her idol lifestyle. After rolling her sleepy body off of you, you walk to the kitchen to make Polka something for breakfast. Whenever she has these long nights she doesn't have time to make something herself, and she ends up not eating. It's simple to make her something she likes (Polka gets excited for anything that takes more effort than cup ramen) so you can make a meal for you both while she wakes herself up. You check in on her from time to time, and though her responses are a bit delayed, her tail swishes back and forth excitedly once the smell of the meal fills the kitchen.
  7. Finally noting that she's running late for her dance lessons today, she excitedly downs her meal while telling you about the dream she had. In the dream she was a princess who had her voice stolen by a witch, and only her true love (guess who) could break the curse. Deciding to thank you for what your dream self did, she sits you down in the bathroom while she showers, and gives you an impromptu concert of some of her favorite songs while she gets herself clean. Only after noticing that the shower door is see-through did she notice the situation was a bit suggestive. She whispered a short "Yabai…" before blushing and trying to play it off like she knew what she was doing. After drying off, getting dressed in some casual wear and drawing on her distinctive under eye markings, she bounds out the door, only to return a moment later to give you a kiss before doubling back out the door once again.
  9. Today is a day off for you, so you relax at home while she is out at her lesson. Despite her being gone, you still get a healthy dose of Polka. She takes pictures of anything that strikes her as interesting on her way there, like a new restaurant or the poster for a movie adaptation of some idol anime she wants to go see. You even get a few selfies of her with Nene and Lamy at her lesson. During her return trip she accidentally sends a picture of what appears to be a wedding dress store, spams several embarrassed emoticons and then clams up until she returns home.
  11. After lunch, you play videogames on the couch while she plays that horse gacha game on her phone, with her legs stretched out over your lap. Eventually she gets an idea in her head and asks you to pause so she can try something out she wants to do in an ASMR vid she has planned later in the week. Using you as her test dummy, she places your head on her thighs and hums softly into your ears, occasionally whispering questions about her volume and distance to your ears. She ends up nearly doubled over to bring her ears right next to your ear, trying out singing some English songs you thought would suit her unique English tone of voice. The heat from her breath definitely adds an intimacy to the experience that makes you so dizzy you're glad you're already laying down on such a heavenly pillow.
  13. It eventually comes time for her evening stream, and you relax in the living room watching it. Polka downloaded a special browser addon that highlights your comments in live chat, so despite entertaining her fanbase you know she's able to pick your voice out of the crowd. Occasionally you see her eyes flicker over to the screen after you post something and her bright smile becomes just a bit wider. Once she wraps up, you talk over your favorite bits of today's stream, and she excitedly takes notes on how she can do even better for next time. The chat ends up going right past your dinner hour, so you decide to order some food and enjoy eating it in comfortable silence with Polka occasionally glancing up from her meal to tenderly stare at you.
  15. Even the best days come to an end, and it comes time to hit the hay again. Polka found this morning's sleeping position so comfortable she puts you in the same position the moment you get into bed. You fall asleep comfortably, as Polka intimately whispers a series of "suki"s into your ear, only broken up by the occasional giggle or "aishiteru". The last thought on your mind before drifting off completely is that tomorrow might be just as good as today, because Polka will still be next to you to greet the new day with a smile.
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