Book Club Guidelines

Mar 18th, 2019
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  1. What to expect:
  2. - Twitter DM conversations about the book in between video calls
  3. - Video call discussions 2 PM PDT on Saturday March 30, April 13, and April 27 (I'll send out a video link before the call)
  4. - If you can't make a call that's ok, no need to give a head's up! I'll try to type up some notes in the DM chat summarizing the discussion and you can contribute there
  5. - Schedule for calls:
  6. -- Parts 1 and 2 by March 30
  7. -- Parts 3 and 4 by April 13
  8. -- Part 5 by April 27
  9. - You can read ahead and you're welcome to join calls if you haven't read, just keep in mind the schedule will dictate the topic of that call.
  11. Ideas on what you can talk about:
  13. - Quote passages you find insightful and describe why
  14. - Pose questions the book brought up for you, to see if members have insight
  15. - Tell stories of how you've applied lessons from the book (see code of conduct rule #4)
  16. - Share related resources that could bring added insight to a book's passage
  17. - ... and more! So long as it's focused on the book, you're good!
  19. Book club code of conduct
  21. 1. Try to use "I" statements - ground what you say in your own experience, even when offering advice. This helps us not assume what others have gone through and avoid hasty generalizations.
  22. 2. Ask if someone's open to feedback before giving them advice. Sometimes people just want to share a story or opinion without getting advice.
  23. 3. Remember this space is not confidential, so be aware of that when you share. I do ask that members try to be polite around sharing-- don't share any screenshots of others' contributions without their consent, for instance. Or when you talk about the group with others, try to ground that mostly in your contributions.
  24. 4. This is a book on trauma, so I imagine we all know about the dangers of triggers. It's okay to mention your trauma at a high level, but please avoid going into details about the trauma itself-- instead, focus on your psychological symptoms and recovery. If anyone requests that you stop, take that seriously.
  25. 5. In general, aim to be nice and respectful! I do reserve the right to boot anyone out for any reason, but so far that's never been an issue in groups so long as members stick to the above.
  27. Amazon link to book:
  29. Looking forward to it! <3
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