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  1. Both of these stories take place in the world of Childhood's End.
  2. Going to expand on it... eventually.
  5. Used
  7. >You've been making out for hours.
  8. >Jade's been panting for a while now.
  9. >Even her wings are blushing.
  10. >Her hoof once again moved towards your boxers.
  11. >You stopped her there.
  12. >Sex... sex would make this too real.
  13. >You knew you were using her, leading her on, but that was too far, even for you.
  14. >She wouldn't be considered an adult yet in your world.
  15. >But it's been months since you felt the touch of a woman.
  16. >And Dash's affections had been dropping off for a lot time before.
  17. >It felt good to have someone pressed up against you.
  18. >Someone who wanted to be nowhere else.
  19. >Someone who loved you for you.
  20. >"I'm so happy that you're here right now."
  21. >You smiled. You wanted to be wanted.
  22. "And I'm happy to be here.
  23. >You felt so guilty.
  24. >You're the first boyfriend she'd ever had.
  25. >You are her commanding officer.
  26. >She trusted you.
  27. >She had risked her life for you before.
  28. >Right now, you're pretty sure she'd die for you.
  29. >This can't go on.
  30. >The center can not hold.
  31. >You're going to have to end this soon.
  32. >You owed her that much, at least.
  33. >She smirks at you a little. Probably about to say something edgy.
  34. >"Stop blueballing me, Anon. I want you. All of you."
  35. >"Please."
  36. >Yeah, it was going to have to be now.
  37. "Jade, we need to talk."
  38. >She didn't look concerned.
  39. >Fuck.
  41. >How the fuck were you going to do this?
  42. >What can you even say?
  43. >Well, Anon? Are you just going to keep staring at her?
  44. >She probably thinks you were going to make a grand confession of love or something.
  45. "Jade, I've enjoyed the last few weeks we've spent together."
  46. >"Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way," she said with a smile.
  47. "But the fact is, I don't think my feelings for you were... as strong as I've implied."
  48. >"Are you saying we need to take a step back? I'm OK with that." she said with urgency.
  49. >A part of her knew what was coming, and didn't want you to finish.
  50. "I thought I was in love with you. I'm not. My emotions were messed up, and I took advantage of you."
  51. >"Are you breaking up with me?"
  52. >She sounded incredulous.
  53. "Yeah. I'm sorry."
  54. >"No. No, please. I forgive you for everything. Can you just give me another chance?"
  55. >Her voice was pleading now.
  56. >"Oh, Celestia, no! I should have known it was too good to be true. What did I do wrong? Please tell me. I want to fix it. I- I want to fix me."
  57. >You're the bad guy here. You knew every decision you took would lead you to this moment.
  58. >And you did it anyways.
  59. >She's going to fucking hate you.
  60. "There's nothing wrong with you, Jade. I'm sorry."
  61. >"Wait. I trusted you. You told me to my face that I wasn't the rebound, every FUCKING time that I asked."
  62. "I lied. I'm sorry. I was partly lying to myself, but mostly, I-"
  63. >The waterworks had started. She wailed in the pain of her first heartbreak.
  64. >"Please, no. Please tell me this is all a big prank. I'm not going to ask for sex anymore, can we please just go back to normal?"
  65. >She alternated her crying with coughing. Her face was a mess.
  66. >"If you had just told me it was a fling, I- I would have set my expectations low. I would have understood."
  67. >"Why did you let me believe? Why did you let me believe you loved me?"
  68. >You hung your head in shame.
  69. >You didn't have an answer for that one.
  71. >You left her crying in the dark that night.
  72. >You loved her, just not in the way she wanted.
  73. >Was this how Rainbow felt?
  74. >You could have stopped at any point.
  75. >Why didn't you?
  76. >Why did you let the poor girl believe?
  78. >You had a few conversations afterwards to explain what exactly happened.
  79. >After that, you both agreed to have her transfer to work in the General Staff.
  80. >Months later, you became friends again.
  81. >But it was never the same.
  82. >She couldn't trust you in the same way she had before.
  83. >Despite it all, she still looked up to you.
  84. >In a way, you became a father figure to her.
  85. >Eventually, she forgave you.
  86. >But you never forgave yourself.
  87. >You knew it was wrong when you did it, where it would lead, but you did it anyways.
  88. >Eventually, you learned that she asked Cadance to dampen her unrequited feelings.
  89. >She had the guts to do what you never did.
  90. >It was probably because of it that you were able to stay friends.
  91. >That was the day you started admiring her.
  94. Fantasy
  95. 1/?
  96. >You first saw her behind her house, feeding thawed meat to a feral manticore.
  97. >It was her Gift, you realized. She understood animals, and they understood her.
  98. >Not only that, they seemed so much smarter when she was around. Pony smart.
  99. >That was why they visited her, you realized. Why they never attacked her.
  100. >They aren't normally intelligent beings. It was her that gave them their very minds.
  101. >She was like a god to them. It was only when she was around that they were awake.
  102. >She didn't understand, though. Thought that was just how animals acted.
  103. >She wasn't a giver of life. She was a giver of minds. And that was powerful beyond measure.
  104. >And yet, she seemed so anxious. But she wasn't afraid of others, she was afraid of herself.
  105. >No one just grows up that way. Someone or something happened to her.
  106. >And you always had a soft spot for broken things.
  107. >You were one yourself, after all.
  108. >Deep down, you want to give to others what you never recieved. You wanted to nurse broken things back to health.
  109. >It fulfilled some kind of emotional need you didn't entirely understand.
  110. >You just wished they didn't always leave afterwards.
  111. "Fluttershy"
  112. >It was a beautiful name.
  113. >She was your ultimate fantasy.
  115. >You didn't need anything special, just a "reformation" and she gave you a chance.
  116. >You've done those so many times.
  117. >To be entirely fair though, your tricks and plots were meant as harmless fun.
  118. >Harmless, if frustrating.
  119. >Taking over the kingdom was fun. Actually running it wasn't.
  120. >So you just played cloak-and-dagger games with Celestia when you weren't... romantically involved.
  121. >And some times when you were.
  122. >A nice way to pass eternity.
  123. >This one though... she was different.
  124. >She could see straight through your glamour, and she could calm your other selves.
  125. >Even after seeing your true self, she wasn't afraid. That was uncommon.
  126. >But she didn't even pity you. She just treated you as a creature. One with good parts and bad.
  127. >You've never met anyone like that before.
  128. >Somehow, she managed to get you to open up first. Maybe it was part of her Gift.
  129. >But once you did, once you told her your story and she didn't flinch...
  130. >That was when you decided that you actually needed to go against Celestia.
  131. >Immortality for her wasn't enough. You needed it for her friends, and her friends' friends. So, basically everyone.
  132. >She was willing to slowly watch her own children die to prevent that from happening.
  133. >You were going to war. A war for love. A real one, this time. No games, just victory.
  134. >And for that, you needed pawns.
  135. >You knew exactly where to get them.
  137. "It's not my nature, Flutters. I wasn't a dumb creature acting on instinct. I made those choices, knowing full well what the consequences would be."
  138. "I'm not Mr. Manticore."
  139. "I took gifts of the Elements for my own gain. I ran away for my beloved to die, so that I would not have to look her in the eyes."
  140. "I abandoned my kingdom, MY people. I broke up Celestia's one other true love out of jealousy. I know my guilt better than my own body."
  141. "You don't get to take that away from me. I own the bad I do, so that I can own the good I do. That's life."
  142. >She looked at you.
  143. >Damn it all, she wasn't filled with sadness or pity.
  144. >You could see it in her sparkling eyes. Resolve.
  145. >"You can still be forgiven. You were a Prince, right?"
  146. "It was so long ago-"
  147. >"I don't know much about politics or nobles, but I know that those titles you keep for life. You are still a Prince."
  148. "Noblesse oblige", you whispered to yourself in the Old Tongue. "Nobility is a Duty."
  149. >"Now what would a Prince do if he made mistakes like that?"
  150. "He would apologize, try to make things right. As long as it took."
  151. >"So did you?"
  152. >You looked into the sunset from her back window.
  153. >The sun was unable to hurt your eyes.
  154. "I apologized. Celestia says she forgave me for running away, but never for what I did to her husband."
  155. "And she shouldn't. That was just spite. I was just hurting others because I was hurting."
  156. "If you live long enough, you'll know what's like to be weighed down by sins that can't be absolved."
  157. >She gave you a thoughtful look. You've been around long enough to know that she's about to share something personal.
  158. >"Do you know why I run an animal shelter, Discord?"
  159. "Because you like animals?"
  160. >"Because I'm trying to make up for something I did when I was young and stupid."
  161. >"I hurt some creatures when I was a filly. Old enough to know that it was wrong, but not old enough to know why."
  162. >She was on the verge of tears.
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