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  1. Okay, I've decided to just make a quick translation of the Zinnia stuff on this ORAS-related page, since it pretty much collects all the fan complaint on her.
  4. >Zinnia's nonsensical actions and unpredictable behavior have caused her to become a much criticized character. Her trademark line "You guys need some imagination" has became a topic for discussion.
  5. >>Delta Episode begins with the rival getting their Key Stone stolen by Zinnia, followed by her stealing from Wally, Courtney/Matt, and Maxie/Archie, and other unethical actions. Now, Zinnia's motive is a straight "I have to save the world from a giant meteor impact", but her violent means without any show of remorse or thoughts for harming others has risen a lot of voices against her.
  7. >"I need to call Rayquaza to destroy the meteor, so I joined Team Magma/Aqua and guided them towards starting a natural disaster with Groudon/Kyogre, but before Rayquaza could appear the protagonist calmed them down, so now I need to steal Key Stones." A lot of fans would say, going with the start a natural disaster plan first, isn't that the complete opposite order to try things in.
  8. >>It goes without saying that "Zinnia planned for the legendary Pokemon to revive" is a tacked on detail to the main plot. It was originally the team leader's plan, but at some point Zinnia became the mastermind.
  10. >As said before, Zinnia stole Key Stones from people the protagonist beat (=those weaker than them), but didn't steal from the powerful Steven or the protagonist who beat him. It's easy to see this as her stealing from the weak and avoiding those that could put up a fight.
  11. >>All those involved in this, the rival, Wally, the reformed Team Magma/Aqua, Steven, Wallace, Prof. Cozmo, were people that would understand if talked to, so why did Zinnia avoid talking to and working with them - the best, most simple solution - and instead take this roundabout way.
  12. >>Though if we look at just Steven, his family's Devon Corporation is the one that made the device to counter the meteor, which will use Pokemon's life energy to push the meteor somewhere else in space, so it could be thought that Zinnia and him would be hostile and have no chance to talk things over.
  13. >>However, Zinnia's criticisms of Steven are tacked-on. Despite them being about equal in skill, she insults him as "former champ" and "you don't get it, I have no hopes for you", provoking him and treating him like he's useless.
  14. >>Some opine that she wants to protect her secret or thinks only the protagonist is trustworthy, but all she does is make the situation worse, and you can't deny that if the protagonist wasn't there she would have driven everyone into a hopeless situation.
  16. >The reason Zinnia is opposed to the teleporting the meteor plan, other than that it uses Pokemon's life energy, is that it will "throw the meteor into a parallel universe". but there's no evidence (at least within the game) that such parallel universes even exist.
  17. >>Naturally, even Prof. Cozmo straight up calls this "delusional fantasy". Zinnia responds to this with her "You guys need some imagination". Having no imagination and too much imagination are both problems.
  18. >>Even if Zinnia somehow had some way to ascertain that parallel universes exist, that she talks down to everyone else who have no way of knowing this is arrogant. Of course they can't imagine this.
  19. >>After she destroys the transfer device, Prof. Cozmo questions "Now what are we to do?!", and Zinnia responds with "We can protect this world and the other one", but then doesn't actually offer up an alternative plan. Before you go forcing everyone to follow your plan, how about actually explaining it to everyone first? Maybe people wouldn't criticize her so much if things were written more like "they inquired seriously about the existence of parallel universes, but since she lacked enough proof so she was ignored, forcing her to take forceful measures."
  20. >>And Rayquaza turned out to have lost its power to Mega Evolve after such a long time, and without the transfer device, they're screwed. After everything Zinnia stirred up, she caused everyone to be in the worst possible situation. If the protagonist hadn't been there and happened to have a meteor to restore Rayquaza's energy, the world would have ended. I guess Zinnia didn't have enough imagination to think of that.
  22. >And in the end Zinnia hands off the job of destroying the meteor with Rayquaza to the protagonist, and doesn't even directly meet with them afterwords. She just has her Whismur hand them a letter of thanks (no apologies), and runs off. The protagonist ends up having to be the one to give everyone's Key Stones back.
  23. >>If she had at least just apologized or reflected on her actions... is not an uncommon opinion.
  24. >>In her letter she states she going on a journey to find herself. Not to work off her wrongdoing or anything.
  26. >There's many players who questioned how she's introduced like a villain, committing theft and violence, but at some point without realizing becomes our ally.
  27. >>Some people also criticized N from BW, saying he took to much spotlight and looked down on the protagonist and their friends. However, he was clearly treated as an antagonist in the plot, his biased views that led him to despise humans were planted by the true villain, and he has a sympathetic motive. He realizes his mistakes at the end and appears again the sequel as an ally against the villain he's now completely cut ties with.
  28. >>Zinnia on the other hand, has no sympathetic or convincing scenes, and her motives are poorly explained. Because of them, some say she would've have been better as a villain the whole way through. If that was the case they could have inserted things like her having the charisma to indoctrinate others, a battle between her and the protagonists opposing justice, or the theme of coexistence depicted in the main plot.
  29. >>People defend her by saying that "she had no other options, so she had to act like that at the start", but her above listed actions and words don't make this very convincing.
  31. (end)
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