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  1. Sakal: Hi, my name is Sakal. How may I help you?
  2. 2278286725: Hi
  3. 2278286725: I'd like to ask you something
  4. File attachment upload has started.
  5. The file test2.png (201.59KB) was received.
  6. 2278286725: Would you consider that photoshopped or real
  7. Sakal: Photoshoped.
  8. 2278286725: Ok, I was bored I decided to try something
  9. 2278286725: Thank's for your support :)
  10. 2278286725: That was all
  11. 2278286725: Have a rest of a good day
  12. Sakal: Bye and take care! : )
  13. You have disconnected.
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