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  1. Tasks:
  2. Star Wars Kamino app
  3. API:
  5. 1. Create a new Android application.
  6. 2. Set up architecture for new application and keep in mind that app could grow. That is because you want to make it easy to maintain and scale.
  7. 3. Setup networking stack for StarWars API
  8. 4. First screen in application should display information about Kamino planet. There should be a thumbnail image on main screen. By clicking on it large image should be displayed.
  9. 5. User should be able to navigate to new screen with list of residents.
  10. 6.  Clicking on a specific resident should display detailed information about him.
  11. 7. On the first screen user should be able to like (not FB like) Kamino planet. When planet is liked by user that user cannot like it again and number of likes is displayed.
  13. It is expected that best practices and external libraries are used when developing this app. At least one of the screens and business logic should be covered with appropriate automatic tests. There is no design provided but some minimalistic Material design is expected. Please use Kotlin instead of Java and show the proper usage of RX and Dagger.
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