Nerdalis Short Story (EQG)

Dec 27th, 2014
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  1. >"Wow, what the fuck are you still doing up, Anon?"
  2. "Reading the new hyperspace hyperwars codex. Wanna join me?"
  3. >she smiles and sits next to you.
  4. >about arms length away.
  5. >you set the book between the two of you, on your legs.
  6. > as you read together, she keeps scooting closer, little by little
  7. >after about an hour, her hip gently bumps into yours
  8. > her expression brightens slightly when you don't move away
  9. >by nightfall, your arm is around her slender frame as you both read in silence
  10. > it isn't long before she begins to doze softly
  11. >you shift so her head can rest on your shoulder and feel your own eyelids start to get heavy
  12. >For the first time, you finally understood what people meant when they talked of moments that they wished would last forever
  13. >You whispered something sweet to your sleeping Queen as you drifted off to sleep
  14. >It has been about a week.
  15. >When you woke, Chrysalis was gone, she had left without a word.
  16. >You haven't seen her since.
  17. >Not in the halls and you shared no classes with her.
  18. >You thought of visiting her to see what was up but you had no idea where she lived.
  19. >Come to think of it, nobody did.
  20. >It was if the girl didn't have any friends to speak of.
  21. >Classes pushed her from your mind, thoughts reoccupied with studying
  22. >Finals were around the corner.
  23. >You found yourself in the library after-hours, face buried in a calc textbook when she sat down across from you.
  24. >She smiled, the same warm grin she had when your hips bumped
  25. >Her fangs peeked from behind her lips, somehow making her expression that much cuter.
  26. >"I have something for you."
  27. >She placed a tiny box on top of your book, pushing it gently forward with her slender fingers
  28. >You carefully undo the red bow atop it and pop open the cardboard.
  29. >Inside was a perfectly painted Sludgenoid acid spitter
  30. >Even the tiny details you never bothered with were painstakingly accented and colored
  31. >"I worked on it after school every day. You said you liked Sludgenoids"
  32. >She fidgeted in her seat, her eyes drifting to the floor as you examined the miniature.
  33. >You told her it was one of the most perfectly painted miniatures you've ever seen, even better than the hobby shop you frequented.
  34. >She giggled and it became very obvious it was taking a lot of her willpower not to run away.
  35. >"I was hoping once finals are over we could...maybe...get a game going? Over winter break? I have a few campaign ideas."
  36. >You agree, eyes still fixated on the figure in your hand.
  37. >"G-great! Well, I see you're busy you here next week? In the library after school?"
  38. >You agree and you swear the crickets outside started chirping loudly
  39. >She excitedly nodded and you thanked her for the gift.
  40. >She said goodbye and was out of the library in a second, her footsteps echoing down the empty hallway
  41. >As you expected, finals kicked your ass next week.
  42. >Come Friday you finished your last exam, stumbled out of your last class, and went home.
  43. >Straight home, right to your room, intent on going into a sleep-coma the second you hit the bed.
  44. >Groggily, you enter your room, only to swear loudly as your folly dawns on you.
  45. >Sitting on your alarm clock was the Sludgenoid miniature, it's hissing expression practically scolding you for forgetting your meeting.
  46. >Your last class ended after three, and the bus ride you blissfully slept on was an hour long on a good day.
  47. >The clock read past 5.
  48. >Son of a bitch.
  49. >There was no way she would still be waiting for you.
  50. >It was pointless to go back.
  51. >That's what your sleepy mind screamed at you as you barreled out of your house and down the street to the local bus stop.
  52. >You caught a break and just made the 5:30 bus, you'd get back there before 7.
  53. >Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!
  54. >Thanks to rushhour traffic, it was after 7 when the bus pulled up to the stop a block from the school
  55. >You ran as fast as you could to the building, but the lack of lights in the windows were your first clue the building was closed.
  56. >The library was only open late during the weeks before finals, certainly not the Friday when they finished.
  57. >As you expected, the doors were locked tight.
  58. >You planted your head to the glass and sighed, sliding to the ground in total defeat.
  59. >You never got her phone number.
  60. >You never learned her address.
  61. >Your plans for the entire winter break hinged on you being at the library after class, and you were too damned exhausted to remember.
  62. >You can only imagine the look of rejection on Chrysalis' face as she sat alone in the library and realized you stood her up.
  63. >So damned stupid!
  64. >With a grunt you pulled yourself from the pavement, the winter wind kicking up and giving you a chill
  65. >Zipping your jacket up, you decided to wander to the schoolyard.
  66. >You needed to clear your head.
  67. >You wandered around the perimeter of the football field, the gates locked and the lights off.
  68. >Everything was deserted.
  69. >Your hands were in your pockets and your head hung low.
  70. >Images kept creeping into your mind
  71. >Chrysalis so happy and nervous about giving you your gift, Chrysalis awkwardly cuddling with you
  72. >And of course, your wonderful imagination put together a nice montage of Chrysalis alone in the library
  73. >Trying not to cry, nobody giving a shit why she was sitting by herself
  74. >And your stupid self asleep on the bus
  75. >You stopped at the end of the block and kicked the chain-link fence in frustration
  76. >This was going to haunt you the entire winter break.
  77. >Worse yet, who knew when you'd see her after that?
  78. >Who knows what she's going to think of you?
  79. >Best case she accepts your apology and you two never talk again...
  80. >Cursing again, you plod along the sidewalk.
  81. >A little ways from the school is a coffee shop.
  82. >Maybe you could stuff your face with something expensive and sugary to take your mind off how badly you fucked up.
  83. >The place itself looked deserted, another victim of the school closing shop for the winter recess
  84. >But its open at least, and the cold was beginning to make you want a warm drink too.
  85. >Hell of a way to start the break, you think, overpriced coffee and sweets by yourself in a...
  86. >You couldn't believe your eyes as you turned the corner and reached for the door
  87. >Sitting alone in the back of the tiny shop was Chrysalis
  88. >She was staring blankly into a cup of coffee
  89. >You suddenly felt extremely nervous
  90. >What do you do? What do you say?
  91. >She had to be convinced you stood her up back at the library.
  92. >So how do you even begin to say you're sorry?
  93. >Would she even accept you forgot?
  94. >What if she thinks its a coincidence you were here and you're trying to make an excuse for running into each other?
  95. >What if--she were to look up right this second?
  96. >What if she saw you, glared and got up and started toward the door?
  97. >Fuck...
  98. >You don't have time to think.
  99. >In a moment she's at the door and pulls it open
  100. >Without a word she pushes past you and starts down the block
  101. >You follow after her.
  102. "Chrysalis! Wait!"
  103. >You call, she doesn't respond
  104. >Just lowers her head and keeps walking, picking her pace up a bit.
  105. "I'm sorry! I got so caught up in finals I forgot and..."
  106. >She stops
  107. >Turns around in a huff
  108. >She looks pissed
  109. >But her eyes are red and puffy
  110. >Fuck, angry and crying
  111. >You really screwed this one, Anon.
  112. >"You forgot!? That's it? I waited till the librarian kicked me out! Then I stood in front of the school like an idiot, and all you can say is you forgot!!"
  113. >She balls her fists and her breath hitches before she turns to the ground.
  114. >You close the distance between the two of you
  115. "I didn't mean to...I came all the way back as soon as it hit me...I just...I don't live around here and..."
  116. >You see fresh tears roll down her cheeks
  117. "...I'm sorry. I don't have your number or anything or I would have told you sooner...I really do want to try your campaign out."
  118. >She shivers and pulls her arms tighter around herself
  119. >For the first time you noticed she didn't have a coat.
  120. >Must have left it in the coffee shop when she bolted out of there.
  121. >You unzip your own coat and put it over her back
  122. >She gasps when she feels the weight of your coat on her shoulders and looks back to you
  123. >"You really...mean that...? I thought you thought I was just a weirdo..."
  124. >You nod and suggest they go back to the coffee shop
  125. >While trying not to shiver yourself, the weather isn't exactly springtime.
  126. >She has the smallest smile when she sees you rub your arms, and agrees to head back with you
  127. >An overpriced hot chocolate was in order.
  128. >You feel her slender hand slip into yours as you made your way back
  129. >Make that two.
  130. >So that's how you ended up in a coffee shop, drinking hot cocoa with Chrysalis on the first night of Winter Break
  131. >Any anger toward you was quickly forgiven
  132. >She even managed to find humor in the fact her miniature was what ultimately reminded you to come rushing back.
  133. >When she found out where you kept it, she blushed a little and looked away
  134. >"I worked hard on that one..."
  135. "It showed. Only time I ever saw a model that detailed was the forge world website"
  136. >She must have felt her cheeks redden more and quickly put her cup to her mouth to hide behind it.
  137. >She was really pushing the adorkable cliche tonight.
  138. >Least you thought so, this display was nothing compared to when you asked about her future campaign.
  139. >Her face lit up and before you know it the cute came pouring out
  140. >She described in great detail how it would be a cross between rogue trader and the traditional tabletop
  141. >You'd have to infiltrate a castle or something, attempt to overthrow the monarchy, and depending on how well you did would determine your unit placement when it moved to the tabletop
  142. >That was the gist of it anyhow, it was hard to keep up, she was talking a mile a minute when she wasn't showing you scribbles and drawings from an old notebook
  143. >By the time she was done, your head was spinning
  144. >She folded her hands together and smiled
  145. >"So, do you think you want to try the campaign? It's OK if you think its a little too complicated for a first try.."
  146. "No, it sounds awesome. Is it going to be just me playing?"
  147. >"We...I guess we could ask around the hobby shop to try and find other players'll kinda be more fun if me..."
  148. >She trailed off, looking at everything in the coffee shop she could instead of you.
  149. >Come on, Anon, don't be oblivious.
  150. >You rested a hand on hers and smiled when she finally looked toward you
  151. "Just us then."
  152. >She smiled back and you felt her fingers tighten around your hand
  153. >"Just us."
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