Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. Still, you aren't about to allow that to stop you from testing out this new body, and while you don't feel like your body is as naturally powerful and as honed as you were before, you can feel your magic circuits being continuously infused with an unlimited amount of magical energy, and you can tell just from that much that you'll be capable of reinforcing yourself above the limit you had in your untransformed state. "W-well, just so long as you don't start drawing too much power, it'll be OK if you test out your... uh, capabilities." Amethyst gives you the go-ahead as you reinforce your body with some of your now unlimited magical energy, and you easily reach your normal peak of reinforcement and beyond! At this level, you'd be able to fight against even one of the Knight Class Servants!
  3. Part 19
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