Uterine bleeding in Teen

Dec 8th, 2016
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  3. Melanie WhittakerToday at 2:43 PM
  4. Ok, we have tried a few things and talked with a few people, and we are still having problems with chronic bleeding. This patient is 16, a typical teen, not wanting to do things like change diet or take initiative for much.
  6. She has heavy bleeding since Jan that is difficult to stop. Conventional doc wanted to just put on birth control and mom and teen don't want that if something else can be done. I tried vitex, 100mg daily of progesterone and she bled worse and still didn't stop. One aspect of managing the case is her not tracking her flow and not telling anyone when it starts up again. SOOO, even tracking with her smart phone is too much. Ahhh teenagers.
  8. I have stopped her for a month or so with daily Tubeculinum low dose but then she started proving it and bleeding more, so she stopped. I am waiting for them to return and then I plan on giving a 200C Dose to see if bleeding will stop. Mom and maternal GM both are polycystic ovary syndrome. This patient has been dx with ADD and anxiety disorder in the past. She definitely does not blood draws. We just caught her on a good day and did get a blood draw for thyroid which pretty much fine and iron. (I forgot that she had previously refused any draws for a CMP) Luckily for youth, she is not anemic and does sometimes take her iron supplement. No we didn't get a testosterone but really we can assume that it is going to be high all things considered.
  10. I am looking for a few more ideas. Through the winter flow was 4 pads a day. Now it might go up and down but always heavy.
  12. Melanie Whittaker, ND
  13. Stanwood, WA
  17. Anne Van Couvering
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  20. IMHO until she gets to a place where she can participate in her wellness, she should go on the pill if you and her mother are sufficiently concerned. Or just let her deal with it and wait until she comes around if she's not. Without the minimum of taking her supplements, tracking her cycle and being willing to change a habit or two, how can she expect to address this? I have had plenty of sixteen year olds who are responsible reporters, make diet and lifestyle changes, etc etc. Her age is not an excuse or a reason.
  22. Anne Van Couvering, ND
  23. Westminster, VT
  27. Heidi Peterson
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  30. Did you test ferritin? I find heavy bleeding with normal CBC but low ferritin. I often prescribe EMLA cream to kids who are nervous about blood draws.
  32. Slow flow is very helpful. I usually prescribe 3 caps bid all month.
  34. In a pinch advil is helpful to slow menstrual bleeding.
  37. At some point, an ultrasound should be performed.
  39. I do agree that the pill might be best if she is not invested in her own health.
  41. Heidi Peterson, ND
  43. Portland, OR
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