Sabbath's Cute Uniform Reference Book

Oct 31st, 2018
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  1. Speaking of Sabbath, the lovely uniforms adorning the young bodies of witches are also one of its appeals!
  2. Naturally, because they are clothes to be worn by witches, they are not only cute, various functions and magic are also included, of course they fascinate Onii-chan, and are also fully loaded with functions to make you feel better with Onii-chan. ♪
  3. Because the uniforms obtained by joining Sabbath differ greatly in their designs and functions for each Sabbath, isn't it okay to choose a Sabbath based on your preference of uniform?
  5. In this entry, I, head witch of the "Runya Runya Sabbath" Information Investigation Fashion Division "Vietta", accompanied by uniform design sketches obtained top secretly, will introduce some of the wonderful uniforms of Sabbath. ♪
  8. Mamono Lord's Army Sabbath
  10. In order to eliminate the former image of terrible witches, this uniform introduced by the idea of "Bapho-sama" has thoroughly investigated the charm of an orthodox girl.
  11. Like a witch of Sabbath, the hat has also been treated with an eerie goat skull, but it is neutralized to one point by that cute silhouette and ribbon set in the chest, completing the look that suits being called "witch" rather than "magic little girl", or rather "Magical Girl".*
  12. A more noteworthy point is the cream colored short skirt, striped knee socks, and the skin in between! Onii-chan's heart is also grabbed by this!
  14. It’s not only cute but also has exceptional functionality, it’s etched with a means of softening blows from physical weapons which is said to be a weakness of mages since ancient times.
  15. In addition, the design of the golden line from the chest to the skirt, that shape itself has a means of boosting the witches' "Power of Corruption", and the childishness of the witch that wears it will gather men's carnal lust, causing the magic power enhancement effect to be considerably boosted.
  16. Also, the most important function, of course, is being able to be joined with "Onii-chan" while wearing it as is!
  18. *the words used are 魔女 (majyo) which is used for witches 魔少女 (mashoujyo) which is kind of the same but more specifically a little girl and 魔法少女 (mahoushoujyo) which is your typical sparkly Magical Girl
  20. Kuroferuru Sabbath (Black Goat Sabbath)
  22. The uniform of the Black Goat Sabbath boasting the top class of exposure among the many Sabbaths.
  23. "Inma" willingly wear the dubious glossy black leather material to absolutely assert that they possess a lascivious heart.
  24. When a young girl wears it the appearance becomes all the more obscene, and the "corruption" the witch is clad in is enhanced!
  25. The appeal of this uniform, without a doubt, is the lewd appearance that Onii-chan is excited by with only one glance. ❤
  26. The area with little material, especially the front section which isn't hidden at all, is to make it possible to join with Onii-chan at any time!
  27. Also, because the uniform of the Black Goat Sabbath is designed on the premise that you are constantly in a state of receiving insertion while being embraced by Onii-chan, it looks like the entire surface hidden by Onii-chan's body is unnecessary.
  29. It's not just lewd, it is also equipped with the optimum function for those who take "Nymphomancy" to the extreme!
  30. The inside of the black leather boots and robes are packed with engraved arts, and small tentacles of mana continuously caress the limbs.
  31. The lining of the black leather hat also has an arts engraved, which seems to inhibit thoughts based on reason and morals.
  33. The "Black Goat's Seal" carved on the abdomen of the witches is also a part of the uniform.
  34. "Pleasure Rune", "Rune of Insemination", "Temptation Pattern" and many others are combined into this rune, the Onii-chan that lays eyes on the witches' appearance can't help but thrust his penis and start screwing. ❤
  35. In addition, from this the womb and the whole body's sexual feelings, and thus the spirit and heart, become one, the presence of the Onii-chan linked to their abdomen, and the spilling semen and pleasure will become all that controls the witch's head.
  38. Momonika Sabbath (Playground Sabbath)
  40. A designer with a unique aesthetic sense, the Playground Sabbath's head Baphomet, the lovely goat of the playground "Momonika" herself worked on this uniform.
  41. The brand of clothes she designs, "Teen's Charm", is arranged with plenty of heart marks that delight mamono children, while emphasizing childlike cuteness, it is a design that also brings about lewdness, and grabs childish hearts that want to stretch to be like an adult woman!
  42. It’s even sold to the public outside of Sabbath, and boasts explosive popularity mainly with mamono of truly young age.
  43. The uniforms of this Sabbath are limited items, and there are many mamono children who join Sabbath for the uniform.
  45. The "Teen's Charm" clothing including this Sabbath's uniform are all manufactured with "Seduction Magic" included in it, if you wear this while walking down the street with Onii-chan, you can monopolize his gaze!
  46. It will put Onii-chan into a lascivious mood, and make him want to suddenly feel your body, and without a doubt take you into the back of an alley!
  48. In addition, this "Uniform" has an abundance of designs to choose from, and is made to be worn in combination with other "Teen's Charm" clothing.
  49. In short, it's a "Uniform" in name only, the witches are all wearing different clothing.
  50. To begin with, Momonika and her witches don't think about wearing the same "Uniform", they are just enjoying fashion as they please.
  53. Shirokuto Sabbath (Sorcerous Sabbath)
  55. In the olden days there weren't uniforms, everyone of Shirokuto Sabbath uniformly adorned themselves with junky robes and weird magic clothing, but with a single word of "Tis not cute" from "Bapho-sama", it was decided to wear uniforms made by external craftsmen.
  57. This uniform in which deep green invokes a feeling of intelligence, due to the design that expands from the chest to the skirt hem, creates a lovely silhouette.
  58. At the same time, by daring to conceal the waist and obscure the lines of the body, causing one to imagine the delicate flesh hidden within, it is made for the purpose of inviting more of a man's lust and corruption!
  60. For the witches who pour their hearts into the study of magic, this uniform is made not only for cute appearance, but also with higher practicality in mind.
  61. On the hat, "Mamono Realm Glass" feathers with the property of storing mana belonging to darkness and demons are arranged, and the uniform made while firmly tempering fabrics and threads with mana has a high affinity for magical power.
  62. The widely spread sleeves are made so that magic flowing inside of them is allowed to stay, greatly enhancing stability while using magic.
  63. Also, under the premise that large scale magic experiments are carried out, it can defend against effects on the practitioner and damage to clothes brought about by the aftermath and backlash of mana, and even if it is damaged it can easily be repaired by putting in a little mana.
  64. On the other hand, it’s weak to physical force, and is said to have the disadvantage of being easily torn.
  65. In other words, if Onii-chan entrusts himself to his lust and tears at it, it quickly exposes the bare skin. ❤
  68. Runya Runya Sabbath (Library Sabbath)
  70. My Sabbath's uniform, I, Vietta, also wear this! The model witch is my senior.
  71. The uniform that doubles as a librarian outfit harmonizes with the quiet space of libraries, and although it has a tidy and composed design, it doesn't forget to complement the charm of a young lady!
  72. The gently swollen shoulders and cuffs are lovely, the corset that squeezes the body emphasizes the thin waist and small butt, producing a calm sex appeal even though they are very young!
  74. According to the policy of head Baphomet "Runya Runya", the uniform which puts emphasis on comfort and ease, although it gives a firm image it also does not feel stiff.
  75. The secret is a proprietary fabric recipe that makes you feel volume even though it is thin enough to use around the chest and sleeves.
  76. If you touch it lightly it feels very fluffy just as it looks, but on the other hand, the moment Onii-chan's hand strongly touches the chest, because of that thinness it’s as if that touch is transmitted directly to bare skin. ❤
  77. Although it’s one of the uniforms with little exposure among the numerous Sabbath uniforms, it’s also possible to properly enjoy the "deeds done while worn" that mamono emphasize while choosing clothing. ❤
  80. Ropurotto Sabbath (Beast Sabbath)
  82. A uniform made under the idea of fusing the cuteness of beasts and young girls, it’s fur clothing with fluff adorned everywhere.
  83. It’s not "Clothing" worn by witches, this uniform designed to be a "Part of the Body" of witches has various devices to become a lovely little beast put into it.
  85. The witches of this Sabbath all have cute beast ears and tails, but just like any other Sabbath, the girls' species are "Witches" who became mamono from human women.
  86. In spite of having beast ears and tails, there is a secret magic put into the uniforms.
  87. It is a magical hat that is said to hide your original ears by wearing it, and then beast ears spring up from the top of the hat.
  88. The beast ears possess sensation as if they were from the original person, and twitch along with the witches' emotions.
  89. Hearing ability is also properly equipped, and it’s possible to sensitively capture Onii-chan's voice and breathing with beast's hearing. ❤
  90. In the same fashion, the tail springs up from the bottom while wearing the uniform, and moves according to the will and emotion of the witch.
  91. Since the sensation of the tail being touched is properly transmitted to the person wearing it, when Onii-chan touches it softly, it seems to feel really good. ❤
  92. Also, when the uniform is worn by species that originally have ears and tails such as beast folk, the ears pop out the top of the hat and the tail shoots out of the clothes.
  94. And then there is the presence of the characteristic "Collar", but this is not a step in joining Sabbath, when you get an "Onii-chan", it seems there is a custom where it is attached for the first time by Onii-chan's hand.
  95. This series of deeds has great meaning in the use of Theriomancy, it is a simply wonderful ritual to remember the existence of one who must obey the instincts of a witch, a male that must impregnate the body with young. ❤
  98. Marune Sabbath (Farming Sabbath)
  100. A uniform that promotes the charm of a simple girl... or not, it's just a normal village girl's outfit.
  101. The clothes made by the hands of the tailor of the village where the Baphomet "Marune" lives uses a durable fabric suitable for farm work and raising stock, but on the other hand there is no magic specifically included.
  102. However, the leader Marune and all of the witches seem to be pleased with the clothes made by the village tailor, and the big pockets and hand-sewn goat embroidery are lovely, and its reputation from other Sabbaths is also superb!
  104. It should be a plain village girl's outfit, but accompanying the giant enlarged breasts that is a characteristic of Marune Sabbath, the part with the breasts spilling out has become a huge feature of the uniform.
  105. Originally, this clothing was designed for a typical young girl, and naturally was supposed to have completely covered the chest, but at the last moment became its current form by being worn by witches who possess breasts outside the norm, or otherwise grew out of the norm.
  106. It was also suggested to re-tailor it to properly put away the gigantic breasts, but it seems that it feels tight and itchy when completely wrapping the breasts, and they wanted to leave it as it is now.
  107. In addition, a witch newly belonging to Sabbath, because the size doesn't fit as soon as the breasts grow, real uniforms are offered to newcomers as well.
  109. Again, absolutely no kind of magic is used in this uniform, and naturally it’s also sure to not have things like "Pattern of Temptation" engraved in it.
  110. However, the village men all uniformly aim dirty eyes towards the girls' chests, the ones that became a witch's Onii-chan grip the girls' spilling udders as if drawn in, and you can see the appearance of a massaging embrace.
  113. Greilia Sabbath (Medical Sabbath)
  115. The pure white of the uniforms worn by the witches of Greilia Sabbath shows the heart of untainted affection that should be held as a user of pharmocamancy, the heart marks adorning the hat and buttons represent the spirit of service that sticks to the patient.
  117. The Baphomet Greilia is known for being straight-laced, but in response to this design proposed by a witch belonging to her Sabbath, because it was thought that the tidy appearance of a cute young girl in uniform has a great effect on relieving a patient's mind, it seems there was no objection to the introduction of this cute uniform.
  118. And, by coloring the pure white uniform with a sense of cleanliness with red, including the flower-like sweetness the girls possess, it results in a wonderful finish that makes you feel the "Immorality" that stains it!
  120. With the treatment of patients in mind, this uniform includes magic to limit nervousness.
  121. Since the uniform that touches the patient must be clean, magic that purifies all filth except the patient-cum-Onii-chan's semen is incorporated, preserving the "pure white" of the uniform.
  122. In addition, the hair used while in uniform of course is also given strong protection magic so that the hair and body hair of the wearer does not fall out.
  123. Also, although the material used is thick, it perfectly covers the body of the witch, and when glued to the patient, the tender feeling of the young flesh underneath and the heat held by a small chest are clearly conveyed through the clothes.
  125. Furthermore, "Dark Pharmacomancers", despite not belonging to this Sabbath, may wear clothing that imitates this uniform.
  126. Even though the appearance is similar, the heart marks arranged on it are unmistakable proof of "Sexual Love", and as if to display the wicked desire of the practitioner, it seems they wear a jet-black uniform as if to invert the pure white.
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