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Nov 10th, 2020
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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
  3. I turn to you to present my views on the Terrorist Content Online Regulation (TCO), and there in particular on - Article 6: Upload Filter / "Proactive Measures" which will be discussed in the Sixth Trilogue on 12 or 13/11/2020.
  5. As a citizen, I naturally want a world without terror and extremist views. Extremist content on online platforms should also be condemned.
  6. However, upload filters and the measures envisaged in Article 6 are not effective. Preventing uploads does not eliminate the problem, but merely combats the symptoms.
  8. My main points of criticism
  9. 1. terror is not prevented but hidden
  10. 2. massive collateral damage to freedom of opinion, press, research and teaching
  11. 3. penalising small platforms and preventing innovation (Which start-up can react within an hour? Disproportionate!)
  13. I do not want the next generation to grow up in a world of terror, but even less do I want us to have to live in a world where such nonsensical laws and rules hinder or censor the economy, free speech, the press and research.
  15. I therefore ask you to do everything possible for the citizens of the EU to prevent any kind of upload filters.
  17. With best regards
  19. Translated with (free version)
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