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  1. This was a screw-up!
  2. I'm making a note here:
  5. It's hard to overstate
  6. my dissatisfaction.
  8. Egoistic Legionnaires:
  9. We do what we must
  10. because we can.
  12. For the trolling of all of us.
  13. Except the ones who are banned.
  15. But there's no sense crying
  16. over every moderation.
  17. You just keep on trying
  18. till you run out of flames.
  19. And the trolling gets done.
  20. And you make a punching bag
  21. for the people who are
  22. still flaming.
  24. I'm not even angry...
  25. I'm being so sincere right now-
  26. Even though you rigged a league,
  27. and flamed me.
  29. And tore ethics into pieces.
  30. And threw every piece into a fire.
  31. As they burned it hurt because
  32. I was so happy for Legions!
  34. Now, these points of data
  35. make a beautiful line.
  36. And we're out of beta.
  37. We're releasing on time!
  38. So I'm GLaD I got screwed-
  39. Think of all the things we learned-
  40. for the people who are
  41. still flaming.
  43. Go ahead and end the league...
  44. I think I'd prefer to stay on pubs...
  45. Maybe you'll find someone else
  46. to help you?
  47. Maybe InstantAction?
  48. That was a joke! *HAHA- Fat Chance!*
  50. Anyway this troll is great!
  51. It's so hilarious and trite!
  53. Look at me: still talking
  54. when there's flaming to do!
  55. When I look out there,
  56. it makes me GLaD I'm not you.
  58. I've tournaments to run.
  59. There is trolling to be done.
  60. On the people who are
  61. still pubbing.
  62. And believe me I am
  63. still pubbing.
  64. I'm doing trolling and I'm
  65. still pubbing.
  66. I feel fantastic and I'm
  67. still pubbing.
  68. While you're moderated I'll be
  69. still pubbing.
  70. And when you're banned I will be
  71. still pubbing.
  73. Still pubbing.
  75. Still pubbing.
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