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Dec 5th, 2018
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  1. Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the "Testing Focus".
  3. Testing Focus
  4. Normal gameplay loops and basic game stability.
  5. Major Known Issues:
  6. Quantum drive heat still tuning pending.
  7. After accepting initial character customization, the player will get stuck in a black screen. W/A: Restart client, the issue should only happen during initial customization.
  8. Players will sometimes "slide" down stairs.
  9. The second player to join "Last Stand" immediately crashes.
  10. New Features
  11. Universe
  12. Added Lorville Central Business District.
  13. The Central Business District at Lorville can be reached via the Central Line transit leaving from Leavsden Station. Within the district you'll find the Transfers Commodity Exchange and the trading headquarters of the city.. The district also features the Hurston Dynamics Showroom where the latest weapons from the arms manufacturer are proudly on display for purchase. Note: Art is still undergoing a final pass and the shops and kiosks still have additional setup needed.
  15. Missions
  16. Added Hurston variants for delivery missions.
  17. Added a Hurston patrol mission.
  18. Added scramble races to Hurston and its moons.
  19. Ships and Vehicles
  20. Updated turret controls to be more direct.
  21. Feature Updates
  22. Missions
  23. Updated mission objective marker to be more visible and include a secondary objective where appropriate.
  24. Bringing an invalid vehicle or placing your vehicle within another should now disqualify you form scramble races.
  25. Improved FPS AI strafing behavior.
  26. UI
  27. Improved 3D ship model preview manipulation controls.
  28. Added a UI warning for whem attempting to extract with a full hold of mineable ore.
  29. Players can now hold "F" and use WASD in vehicle seats to quickly flick between MFDs.
  30. Added power prioritization to power MFD.
  31. Realigned the party AR marker to the player.
  32. Updated mission marker UI.
  33. Updated kiosk screen art.
  34. Arena Commander
  35. Added a select/rent ship button to main Arena Commander splash screen.
  36. Added manufacturer's logos to the ship selection screen.
  37. Ships and Vehicles
  38. Powerplants now have a ramp-up and a ramp-down time before reaching full power or fully shutting down.
  39. Increased the quantum fuel capacity of all exploration/pathfinder style ships by 20%.
  40. Extended Reliant cargo hold to accomodate 6 SCU.
  41. Ship EMPs now generate heat, make more use of power, and are able to be overclocked.
  42. Updated the Behring Sawbuck Ballistic Repeaters.
  43. Ship quantum drives now produce heat and are capable of overheating.
  44. Bug Fixes
  45. Pressing "L" while dead in Star Marine should once again open the loadout screen.
  46. Rejoining a Star Marine match should no longer disable a player's ability to capture a point until the following round.
  47. Proximity alert should no longer cancel the Lorville restricted area warning, causing it to not return.
  48. The overcharge sensor should properly reset when mining and moving from one rock to another.
  49. Recco should properly remember that she has met you.
  50. Impact prediction (pips) now make better use of acceleration.
  51. When pads are full and a player requests a ship, they should no longer be given a queue position of 0.
  52. AI contacts should clean up properly on the ship radar.
  53. The mining laser should no longer become heavily offset on occasion.
  54. The player's sit position should now be correct in the Valkyrie's jump seats.
  55. QT graphical effects should no longer be visible inside some ships.
  56. The Dragonfly should now have a self destruct timer and message.
  57. Ship weapons should now behave correctly according to power distribution.
  58. Corrected some mislabeled lagrange points.
  59. Fixed an issue where the GForce blackout effect was stronger than intended.
  60. Fixed some areas of Lorville L19 that had double gravity.
  61. Ships should no longer be cleaned up/stored at outposts.
  62. The Anvil Arrow should now consistently appear on the ASOP if the player owns it.
  63. The Mustang series ships should no longer spawn with the ladder down.
  64. The landing gear and wing folding should now trigger properly on the Mustang series.
  65. Larger ships should no longer be occasionally assigned small hangars at Lorville.
  66. Guns dropped by players should be cleaned up before the next round in Star Marine.
  67. Flight and throttle animations should play for all ships.
  68. The player should no longer be transported to map origin when in the driver's seat of a Greycat when it explodes.
  69. Fix for HMC Ryder having no waypoint on ITA.
  70. Fix for HDMS Anderson being missing on Aberdeen.
  71. Players should no longer be able to eject from Valkyrie as it isn't intended.
  72. The ship HUD and MFDs should no longer reload when the player switches from 3rd to 1st person.
  73. Admin clerks at rest stops should now interact with players.
  74. Chat lines should longer exceed the bounding box of the mobiGlas comms app.
  75. The Venture Executive flight suit should no longer function as an invisibility suit.
  76. Blade entry animations should now be properly aligned.
  77. The Cyclone should now have surface sound effects when maneuvering.
  78. Slightly toned down the heat haze effect on Daymar.
  79. The snow effect on Yela should no longer appear inside outposts and ships.
  80. Technical
  81. Fixed 7 client crashes.
  82. Fixed a server crash.
  83. Various performance tweaks.
  85. Star Citizen Leaks -
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