A otro lado Firma

NecromancerCoding May 28th, 2020 989 Never
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  1. <div class="natalia ntflex"><div class="ntimg"><n></n></div><div class="ntdata ntflex"><h>a otro lado</h><m>No me importa si es cielo o pecado</m><div class="ntlinks ntflex"><a href=""><em class="th th-users-o"></em></a><a href=""><em class="th th-heart-1-o"></em></a><a href=""><em class="th th-box-o"></em></a></div></div></div>
  2. <a href="" class="ncredit">NC</a><link href="//" rel="stylesheet"/><link href="//" rel="stylesheet"/><style>.natalia { --border: 1px solid #039494; --accent:#039494; --fondo:url(; --icon:url(; --blend-mode:multiply; --txt:white; --shadow:1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.2); }</style>
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