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Jul 29th, 2016
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  1. 21:17 - Nikno: Why hello!
  2. 21:17 - Alex: Hi there
  3. 21:17 - Nikno: You.. are the Danish sts mod, right?
  4. 21:18 - Alex: Yep
  5. 21:19 - Nikno: I'm not sure how much spare time you have, but would you mind checking 1-2 wiki articles of a Danish translator? Before nominating him, to be sure his translation quality is decent, I'm quite certain it's good.
  6. 21:20 - Alex: Sure
  7. 21:22 - Nikno: So, this is a recent translation of him:
  8. 21:23 - Nikno: I'll look for an old one, too
  9. 21:23 - Nikno: You don't necessarily need to go through all of that, this is not an official wiki cap review
  10. 21:23 - Nikno: Just to get an idea =)
  11. 21:27 - Nikno: that's an older one.
  12. 21:33 - Alex: His translations are pretty good. What I'm most interested in when reviewing this kind of stuff, is the grammar, which seems to have improved a lot. I don't like the grammar in the old articles, and some translations don't correspond with the current in-game translations, but overall I think he's the best Danish TF2 wiki translator. To me, the Danish TF2 wiki is a "dead" project, but he seems to be really into it and does surprisingly well considering what I've seen from certain other Danish users (probably why I did not want to participate).
  13. 21:34 - Nikno: That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you very much for your review! Side note: He's also waiting for sts approvement since 2 months :P
  14. 21:35 - Alex: Around 4 years ago another moderator and I were asked to review another potential nominee. We both suggested to not nomiate him and yet, he did end up with the cap (unfortunately). Thanks, I know we (I)'ve been lacking with the applicants. Will look into it the coming days!
  15. 21:37 - Nikno: I see. Well, the language quality doesn't seem to be the only thing relevant for the cap, we also had 1 German translator that had a more or less terrible grammar. Nonetheless he got it. But the requirements also changed a lot. Today it's way harder to get one. The first wiki cap nominations had reasons like "has 1000 edits"^^
  16. 21:37 - Nikno: The great thing about Faghetti is also that he does an incredible amount of translation work on a daily basis
  17. 21:38 - Nikno: I think the 3 months he's here he already contributed to ~6% translation progress
  18. 21:39 - Alex: Yea, that's pretty nice. Good for him. I hope he gets nominated
  19. 21:40 - Nikno: Yea :)
  20. 21:41 - Nikno: I think I'll wait till he's active for ~6 months tho.
  21. 21:41 - Alex: Might as well. I assume you prefer them to stay active even after receiving the cap.
  22. 21:42 - Alex: But feel free to contact me again if you need him reviewed again by the time.
  23. 21:42 - Nikno: Well, that sadly is hard to achieve. Though I'm not sure what the staff is planning currently (I'm not part of that one).
  24. 21:42 - Nikno: You will be contacted by an admin in time :)
  25. 21:42 - Nikno: (Approx. 1 year)
  26. 21:43 - Nikno: Since the last nomination progress took longer than a year. Staff is really inactive right now.
  27. 21:44 - Alex: Ah, I see. Well, we'll see how things turn out by then.
  28. 21:44 - Nikno: Yep
  29. 21:44 - Nikno: Thanks again, bye :)
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