Apple Polishing (WIP)

Jul 28th, 2014
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  3. In the early morning before the sun had even rose, Applejack quitely snuck out of the farmhouse, two saddlebags filled with a cloth, and two odd bottles of oil and lotion with her as the heavily pregnant mare waddled out. Normally, the farmpony wouldn't be sneaking like this, but current circumstances had forced her to retreat to a quiet area to fufill her burning needs.
  5. Just over 10 months ago, Applejack had been at a small family gathering at Appaloosa when she heard that a relative of hers was having trouble carrying a foal. In a heartbeat she accepted the role of being a surrogate to the mare and her husband. Why would she leave family hanging? The good news was that the conception worked perfectly, even resulting in twins.
  7. The sorta bad news being that she absolutely was obsessed with her pregnant body.
  9. Applejack waddled through the orchard, her gravid body becoming more of a burden as the weeks rolled by. And at around 2 weeks before delivery with twins, her belly was gigantic. The pregnancy had started normal enough, aches, morning sickness, and the mood swings. But the real troubles began at around 5 months when she really started to swell. She'd find herself constantly in the mirror, watching her small pregnant bump and feeling the foals move. Soon enough, that turned into pure desire as her skin began to stretch and grow by the week. The larger than normal foals and excess aminiotic fluid making her even bigger.
  11. Constantly she found herself stroking her expanse at night, one hoof on her marehood as the other rubbed her orange swell. The constant kicking doing nothing to help matters. At 8 months even the foals kicking hard could rile her up. She had made sure to sneak away from the farm to the far fields every few days so she could get off with her pregnant belly in peace. She was even mesmerized by her new hips, swaying with every laborous step she took.
  13. Finally, she reached a tree in the fruit bat section of the orchard, and laid down the cloth and lotion bottles as she slowly laid her back against the tree and sat. She started off slow, tracing the massive curve of her belly with her hooves, feeling the taut skin and the sheer swell of her fecund orb, broken only by the small ridge running down the middle, and her own popped belly button. She let out a wistful sigh as the foals moved inside, the shape of her belly began to distort from the movement. Applejack gently pressed a hoof agsinst one of the swells.
  14. "Well good morning fellas! Getting some stretchin done in there?"
  16. Satisfied, she picked up the first bottle, a red one, and began to squirt a decent-sized lump on the part of her belly near her chest. Almost right away she could feel the warmth radiating from it, causing her to shudder slightly, and making the foals squirm a bit more. With a hearty moan, she began to spread it, gently kneading the lotion into her massive sides. Her back arched as she began to knead it into her tight skin, groaning as she rubbed it in circles around her massive sides.
  17. Next, she began to put one hoof each on the top and bottom ridges of her belly, and slowly began to move up and down, the extra sensitive skin causing her moan in bliss as she drew closer to her navel, but she stopped just short of it, wanting to save it for the finale. Already she could feel the cloth beneath her grow wet from her own leaking milk and juices.
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