NoPixel Application - 4/2/19

Apr 2nd, 2019
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  1. Personal Information-
  5. Full Birthday (Real-life not character - Example (12/17/2018): 02-28-2001
  9. Do you have a good quality microphone & has it been tested within GTA?: Yes. I have a Blue Yeti with a pop filter and condensing software
  13. Have you joined our community discord (Note you will be required to join it): Yes
  17. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Rules & Guidelines-
  25. Can you please link the rules and tell us what you think is good or bad about them.
  27. I think that having to follow Twitch terms of service is a good rule because of the amount of players that stream.
  28. Not allowing multiple characters in the same group/gang is a good rule which isn't enforced as much in other servers.
  29. What is your definition of roleplay?
  30. Crafting a story and playing a character with other people.
  31. What type of characters have you roleplayed before?
  32. Previously, I have played a failing business man, a biker, and a con artist bum
  33. What type of characters do you intend to roleplay?
  34. The first character I plan to roleplay Maynard Krinkle, a slacks and sweater vest-wearing middle-aged dad who decides to turn to crime to avoid bankruptcy.
  35. What are your character positives and negative characteristics?
  36. Strengths:
  37. Maynard is very intelligent. He was a pharmaceutical engineer before being laid off, but he was very good at his job. His knowledge of chemistry and his connections in the pharmaceutical industry could prove to be very useful in his criminal endeavors.
  38. Maynard is a hard worker, and finds great satisfaction when his hard work pays off. When he wants something done, he spends all of his time making sure it gets done as efficient as possible, and won't be able to sleep until it's done.
  39. Maynard is very frugal and knows how to budget efficiently. This could help him should he find his way onto a team, whether it be for business or criminal activities.
  40. Though Maynard isn't the smoothest talker, and doesn't pick up on every social cue, he tends to find a way to get people to do what he wants them to, and could talk his way out of a sticky situation.
  41. Weaknesses:
  42. Although Maynard may be book smart, he can be very clueless when thinking on his feet or when under stress, and it doesn't take much to get him stressed, especially in confrontation. When he is presented with conflict, he's either going to overthink his next action or act impulsively.
  43. Maynard tends to overestimate his abilities and hyperbolize things. He likes to think he's great at a lot of things that he really isn't good at. If some asked him how qualified he for being their criminal partner, he'd probably boast about his ability to drive his station wagon like a speed demon, when he's never gone more than seven over in his life. At the casino, he might play at the higher buy-in tables because of his high win-rate in solitaire.
  44. Maynard can be stubborn with things that he wants or that could affect him, and he will rarely change his ideas or opinions, even if he knows he's in the wrong.
  45. Even though he thinks he can, Maynard has a hard time figuring people out, and can never seem to read a person's intentions. This could spell trouble if he becomes affiliated with untrustworthy or dangerous people.
  46. When do you feel is a good time to break character?
  47. Never.
  48. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  52. Situational Questions-
  54. Please answer all of these questions in character - using the information you have provided above.​
  57. What are your plans for your first day in Los Santos?
  58. First, I'll call my daughter at Liberty City University (she's in finance, big money there!) and let her know that I'm all unpacked and settled in. After I finish unpacking my clothes I'll lay out my shirts and slacks for the week and set my reminder to buy more dress socks. I'm convinced that there are little gnomes sent by the sock industry to jimmy my socks when I'm not looking, every month I have to buy more and more. After some TV I might take a stroll around town and pick out my new burger place (It will not be Up-n-Atom, I heard on the internet that their owner hunts endangered animals and he will NOT get my business!). If I'm feeling adventurous I'll go to the pier and practice my rock skipping technique.
  59. Also, I need to figure out how I get started in the, how the OG's (Outstanding Go-getter's, if you're unfamiliar with how the hip youngsters speak) say, dope-slangin' business. Money has been tight since the old job went kaput, and no one's looking for people with my set of skills. Lucky me though, this city is the place to be if you want to make some illegitimate money.
  60. The cops have pulled you over in a case of mistaken identity. What do you do?
  61. I'd give them my ID and explain that the situation is all just a big kerfuffle. Hopefully they'll understand their mistake and get to catching the real perp. If they're adamant that I'm the guy then, jeez, I'm in a real pickle. If I've already gotten started with my dope antics, who knows how much I have on me. By this point I'm probably the big cheese of the dope scene and have got a real name for myself, they may know me. If I'm feeling crazy, when they're getting back into their car, I'll book it. I've been compared to Speed Racer before by myself (I've once gone 60 in a 45 just for the heck of it, but don't tell anyone), so I can manage to make it back to my apartment complex. I'd ditch the car in the parking lot and hide in my closet behind my suits once I'm inside. They'd never expect me to hide in my apartment, or my closet, nonetheless!
  62. You are robbing a store. Inside the store is the owner and a civilian. Both individuals are begging you not to rob or hurt them. How would you roleplay this situation and what actions would you take?
  63. If they're really spooked, I'd first take off my mask so they feel more comfortable... masks are scary. I'd let them know how much I need the money for bills and socks and they'd surely understand, I'll let them know about my sock gnome theory. If they still don't want me to take the sock money, I'll give them my name and phone number and promise to pay them back later, or I can repay them with my company. We can catch a movie or hang out at a Buffalo Wild Wings. If all else fails, I'll just call the cops for them, skedaddle, and come back the next day when someone else is working. I'll buy some M&Ms with my credit card before I leave, M&Ms sound good right now.
  64. A stranger comes up to you and says he needs another person for a “big job” in town. How do you react and what do you do?
  65. Well lucky me! I just moved into the city, I could use a job. Before I go accepting this job all willy-nilly, I'm gonna see what it has to offer. If I'll be getting good benefits like dental insurance, yessiree-bob I want it!
  66. Oh... that kind of job... First off, I want to know how this guy found me, because I certainly don't have "interested in some big illegal jobs" on my LinkedIn. Maybe I just have that "this guy knows his way around the streets" look to me. Either way, I'm not gonna act too interested, if I'm jumpin' out of my jimmies for this job, this fella is gonna think I'm some lame poser and offer me a whole lot of nothing as payment. Maybe I talk in my (spot-on) Clint Eastwood accent and pepper in some "what's it to ya"'s and a "capeesh?" or two so he knows I'm all business. I'll make sure to let him know how valuable I am, and tell him about my station wagon. It has reclining seats which you can fold down for extra storage, heated seats up front, and AC all the way in the back. If he's convinced by my Rad Wagon I'll arrange for us to meet up some place a little secluded and talk about details. Maybe we can hit up a bowling alley or a baseball game.
  67. You are repairing your car and someone pulls up behind you with their gun drawn. They tell you to drop you stuff and handover your keys. What would you say and do in this situation?
  68. Well if my car is all jimmied and I'm trying to fix it up, this guy is a little bit of a silly goose for wanting my keys, isn't he? I'm not gonna tell him that, though. Who knows what he'll do with that gun of his. If he looks like a real mean buster, I'll give him my keys under the condition that he returns it to me later. I'll give him my home address so he knows where to return it to, and let him know that I have money there that needs to be taken to the bank, just so he knows how much I'm being put out by this whole situation. Maybe I can use the Eastwood impression for intimidation. I may even demand that we exchange contact information so I can pester him until my car is returned to me.
  69. You have been involved in a crime with a group of known individuals; the officer offers you less time if you give up information on your group members; what would you do / how would you react?
  70. I'm not giving a peep until I get a lawyer. No way Jose. If I've learned anything from my extensive experiences with police interrogation from what I've seen on TV, it's that you don't do anything until you get a lawyer. In the mean time, I'll make some small talk with the officers. I'll ask about their day, tell them a little about myself, tell them about the CRAZY experience I had at this crime job, talk a little bit about my kooky accomplices.
  71. Hell, if it's stuffy in the interrogation room, I might say a little just so I can get out quicker. Nothing too incriminating though. I don't want to be a snitch, snitches get bitches--or--snitches... are bitches, I think? Anyways, I have allergies and do not do well in stuffy environments, so color me out of there.
  72. You’ve found what looks like a random car in the street with a load of drugs inside. What do you do and why?
  73. Well I know what I'm not gonna do. I definitely won't overthink it. Who knows how much time I have before the owner of the drugs remembers he forgot his drugs in the car and comes back for them.
  74. First, I'll think over my options for a few minutes. I'll try the doors and see if they're unlocked. If it's a no-go, I'll write my name and phone number down on a note and place it under their wiper. When they first see it they'll think "Ah pecker, a ticket! I hope they didn't find those drugs I forgot!" but upon looking at the note they'll see my information and be relieved. Hopefully they'll call me and I'll get myself an opportunity to make some money.
  75. If the doors are unlocked, finders keepers! I'll let down those folding seats of my station wagon and load the drugs up. I don't know where I'll be selling them, definitely not Craigslist, but once I do, I just got a few months rent, or a lot of socks! Might as well go ahead and leave my info under his wiper, still. Making connections is important!
  76. It’s just another day for you as a tow truck driver. You roll up to a job, only to see the person who called you is holding an EMS hostage. The driver seems erratic and volatile. What do you do?
  77. I'll start by asking them what the problem is. If they're just all frazzled and distressed, I'll try to calm them down and slowly walk towards them (I'll mention that the tow's on me if they put their gun down, they won't be able to resist a free tow), meanwhile, behind my back, I'll be dialing 911 on my phone. It's a flip, so all I need to do it punch the numbers in. I can be somewhat of a klutz, so they might be able to notice. Hopefully they won't think too much of it. Now it's just a game of stalling, and small talk is my domain. I'll ask about their day, their family, start talking to the EMS, talk about my family, anything to ease Mr. Grumpy Pants up. If I don't hear sirens by the time I've gotten within an arms-reach, I'll place one hand on their shoulder, and slowly move my other hand towards the gun. Hopefully my smooth talking will have been enough and they'll hand the gun over. If they're still flustered, I'll have to keep trying my best at calming them down until law enforcement arrives. If all goes well, maybe I'll get on the news!
  78. You’ve gotten yourself into a situation – you owe a gang $5000 which you must pay back within a few hours. What could be a legal way to get this money in a pinch?
  79. First I'd try to negotiate with them. Maybe we can sort out a financing deal. Maybe twelve monthly payments? I'd only be willing to go as short as six months though. I might even throw in 5% interest. If they're not biting I'll look around my house for things they may be willing to take instead of money. I have a rather large record collection, so maybe they'll want some of those (I will die before they get my Lionel Richie's, though). I also have a nice guitar worth at least $750. I never learned how to play, it hurts my fingers too much.
  80. If all else fails, I'll go around town and see if I can find people who would loan me the money until I can find a way to get it back to them. Maybe they'd like some records.
  81. You've been selling drugs on another gangs turf and they find you. How would your character react to this and deal with the situation?
  82. Well, if I knew there would be any sort of danger when I got dressed in the morning, you can bet I'd be wearing my athletic shoes, both for comfort and to show potential buyers that I'm just another hip playa' who they can trust. I'd first play it cool, throw on the Eastwood impression, and tell them "they's jus' be trippin' 'cus I gots the buyers and they's be strugglin'." That'll surely get them flustered. Then, when the moment comes, if I don't see any guns, I'll start bolting and be out of there in a jiffy. Before those tricksters know I've even moved I'd be half way down the block. They'd never catch me. After weaving through some alleys I'd find a Burger Shot and hide in the bathroom. When I know I'm in the clear I'll order my usual, a number seven with a large Coke, and be on my way. Maybe a diet Coke actually, I'm counting calories.
  83. Should the buggers have guns. Maybe this whole ordeal can turn into a little business opportunity. I've got the sales down, or else they wouldn't have needed to be sent to rough me up in the first place. Obviously they've got a means of lessening competition as well as loss prevention down with the guns of theirs. If all goes well, maybe I can make it out of this mess in one piece, and with a new job opportunity.
  84. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  88. Disclaimers-
  92. Do you understand acting "salty", "breaking character" or acting "immature" even when someone appears to have broken rules around you is punishable?
  94. Yes.
  96. Do you understand not following the rules may result in a permanent ban in one report?
  98. Yes.
  100. Do you stream, use youtube or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it? Also, do you have any clips or video of you roleplaying elsewhere?
  102. No. I used to RP on FiveRP, but I do not have any of my own clips.
  104. You’re a sloth and you run into a frog. What do you do?
  106. IIIIIII ssssaaaayyy "wwwhhhaattss uuuppp ffrrooogg" aaannnddd kkeeeppp ssslloootthhiinn'
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