91.0 changelog part 2

Sep 1st, 2015
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  1. Part one:
  3. Fixed:
  4. Fix DLAY delay sometimes changing when saves are loaded
  5. Fix WOOD sometimes creating WTRV when burning
  6. Fix DRAY with .tmp 0 (broken in last beta)
  7. Fix CLST + WATR -> PSTE + heat -> BRCK reaction creating glowing BRCK sometimes
  8. Fix ETRD setting the ctype of some elements to PLSM
  9. Fix FIRE, CO2, and SMKE passing through powder only wall
  10. Fix FIRE not burning things inside of walls
  11. Made streamlines less laggy
  12. Fix crash when STOR with an invalid .tmp value is next to PIPE
  13. Fix possible crashes with PROT and high speed PHOT
  14. Fix another crash with SOAP, fix crash when placing LIGH (broken in last beta)
  15. Fix freeze when hovering over a huge stack of portals
  16. Fix some bugs with highlighted buttons
  17. Fix interface.removeComponent not working
  18. Properly display http error messages
  21. Changed:
  22. CRAY .tmp2 now sets creation offset, just like DRAY
  23. STOR automatically transfers to PRTI
  24. Ctrl+= resets sparks inside of WIFI now too
  25. Made detector wall / other walls not glow so bright
  26. Changed GRAV and EXOT colors to match their actual colors
  27. Move MERC into liquids and FUSE/FSEP into explosives
  28. When you are not logged in, you can save local saves without holding ctrl
  29. Default "Large screen" option to on if your screen is large enough
  30. Redo profile viewer a bit, and show more information
  34. Added:
  35. New element: CRMC, melting point gets higher under pressure
  36. New wall tool which can erase walls, particles, and signs
  37. Added deco flood fill, floods decoration based on pixel color
  38. New sign which does a save search, ex. {s:user:jacob1|my saves!}
  39. Add ambient heat sign: {aheat}
  40. Add a tooltip when hovering over link signs
  41. Signs can be placed without the line on the bottom
  42. Allow signs to be up to 45 characters long
  43. New lua API: platform, can get information on the current OS, open the web browser, and restart TPT
  44. New lua table: sim.signs, can read / edit signs and create new signs
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