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Mar 27th, 2016
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  1. Name : Electron Fizzle
  2. Race : Unicorn
  3. Gender : Male, but Is androgynous; most see a mare. Extremly light drinker.
  4. Class : Mage
  5. Talent : Electronic Memory; Passive, Allows Fizzle to remember spells from last battle to use with spell resonance, spell resonance also has -1 recharge.
  6. Non-Combat talent : True Pheromone; Secretes pheromones constantly, allows a passive ability to manipulate but also gets him into a lot of unwanted 'attention' and 'trouble'. Can also identify minerals from extreme distances
  8. >"yeah, twenty grams of iron ore, 20 miles /that way/"
  10. Appearance : Cream Coat, light blue mane with grey and white streaks, yellow-orange eyes; his hair is spiked, long, and unkept. wears a wizard's cloak and a large fur tophat with a large peacock feather protruding from the right side, under the right ear is an ancient gold and black wand measuring 14 inches in length
  11. http://imgur.com/6S0CG2M
  13. Items
  14. Impressive Speckled Coat : this faded black cloak is gold embroidered by ancient tapestry workers and is said to have been a part of Star Swirled the Bearded's personal collection; its original purpose was for royal parties and dinners, so there is no magical enchantment. a golden chain with two large round links connect both sides of this cloak. the color is faded lightly.
  16. Goofy Black tophat : this enormous black tophat was made for a much, much larger pony than Fiz wants to admit. it is large enough that ponies taller than him cannot see his face. he is constantly pushing his hat up to avoid it falling to the floor. a large peacock feather protrudes from the side of this
  18. Gold and Black Wand (Talla'Dega): even though unicorn horns are the main catalysts of magic, some unicorns prefer it the ancient way. this artfully crafted black wand is well older than Celestia herself. and existed when ponies were unable to properly utilize the unicorn's full potential, and still had to use a wand. the owner has called this wand "Talla'dega" the name for an ancient legend involving a sultry magnificent mare clad in black
  20. Skills
  21. Elementalist: passive; when you choose this skill, select an elemental type (fire, ice, lightning, etc); the elements you select can alter the effects of other spells you know. This skill can be taken multiple times to gain or create additional elements.
  22. Lightning: target becomes helpless for one turn on a critical hit. Lightning spells can be used to shock and charge objects and the environment.
  23. GMs and players may choose to create their own elemental effects as deemed appropriate for their characters and campaign settings.
  25. Spell Resonance: Automatic Spell, Recharge 4; You may cast a spell you know Automatically, provided you have successfully cast it earlier in this combat. Normal spell recharge still applies.
  27. Magic Bolt: spell, recharge 2, ranged; this volatile energy attack deals one additional hit of damage, but crit-fails on 2-. This spell can apply one Elementalist effect when cast.
  29. Hat Magic: You can pull off amazing tricks with your hat. You conjure anything small enough to fit through the hat out of it, regardless of length. DC6 to pull out a generic object (e.g.: bouquet of flowers), DC8 to pull out a specific object (e.g.: the key to this door), DC10 to pull out an object wider than the hat. Rolling too soon for the same object after failing will cause failure regardless of roll because the universe catches wise to your tricks. Enchanted items can’t be pulled out.
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