DF Game Club: A Vampyre Story (part 1 plus devchat)

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  1. (06:50:09) flesk: Hi, GeneMocsy.
  2. (06:50:12) Syd: Hey GeneMocsy!
  3. (06:50:27) GeneMocsy: Hi, flesk! Looking forward to the discussion.
  4. (06:50:33) flesk: I was just asking whether there would be any special guests today.
  5. (06:50:37) Cheeseness: Hi there Gene!
  6. (06:50:50) Cheeseness: I wasn't sure if you were going to be able to make it to this session. Let me get some extra announcements out :)
  7. (06:51:01) flesk: Looking forward to the desktop version of The Perils of Man next month.
  8. (06:51:03) GeneMocsy: Hello Cheeseness! Thanks!
  9. (06:51:27) flesk: Wait, it's just "Perils of Man", right?
  10. (06:51:42) GeneMocsy: Yeah, that's faster and more streamlined. :)
  11. (06:52:15) flesk: GeneMocsy: Do you know if it will get same-day releases for Windows, Linux and Mac?
  12. (06:52:54) GeneMocsy: I'll email them to find out.
  13. (06:53:17) flesk: The website isn't really very clear on anything PC related.
  14. (06:53:25) flesk: GeneMocsy: Thanks. :) I'd appreciate that.
  15. (06:53:52) GeneMocsy: I'm reviewing the next chapter of Perils this weekend. But that's off-topic!
  16. (06:53:53) Jenni: I'm going to try a restart - fingers crossed.  Ugh, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
  17. (06:54:29) flesk: GeneMocsy: Oh, nice. :) I haven't played the game at all, since I don't own any iOS devices, but I've heard great things about it.
  18. (06:54:45) flesk: Good luck, Jenni.
  19. (06:54:59) Jenni left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  20. (06:55:54) GeneMocsy left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  21. (06:56:11) GeneMocsy [] entered the room.
  22. (06:56:41) Syd: Brb, gonna take care of some laundry real quick before we start.
  23. (06:57:46) flesk: I've never played A Vampyre Story as it came out at a time I wasn't playing point-and-click adventures at all.
  24. (06:58:23) GeneMocsy: What made you decide to take up point-and-clicks?
  25. (06:59:25) Syd: Okay, back
  26. (06:59:36) flesk: GeneMocsy: I used to play them a lot when I was younger. Played the first couple of KQs and LSLs with a friend who had a computer. I only had a NES at the time.
  27. (06:59:59) flesk: When we got an Amiga later, I played a bunch of the LEC classics.
  28. (07:00:13) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  29. (07:00:19) Syd: Hey Sven_Q45
  30. (07:00:21) Sven_Q45: hi.
  31. (07:00:45) flesk: After the golden age of LucasArts had passed I started playing RTS games instead.
  32. (07:00:53) Sven_Q45: Christmas is over and now we have snow.
  33. (07:01:09) flesk: Until those turned bad as well. (In my opinion of course.)
  34. (07:01:27) Sven_Q45: RTS?
  35. (07:01:31) flesk: Hi Sven_Q45.
  36. (07:01:39) flesk: Real-time strategy.
  37. (07:01:54) Sven_Q45: Don´t know them.
  38. (07:01:58) Sven_Q45: Hi flesk
  39. (07:01:59) flesk: Like the Command & Conquer games and Age of Empires franchise.
  40. (07:02:23) flesk: Those were great. At least the earlier games.
  41. (07:02:51) flesk: Red Alert 3 and AoE 3 put me off those.
  42. (07:03:14) Jenni [] entered the room.
  43. (07:03:18) Cheeseness: Hey Jenni
  44. (07:03:19) GeneMocsy: Yeah, LucasArts had stopped making adventures by the time I started working in the industry. That's why I joined Autumn Moon, to make LEC-style games.
  45. (07:03:21) Cheeseness: Did you get the title cart?
  46. (07:03:23) flesk: Oh, but this is getting very off-topic again.
  47. (07:04:12) flesk: I heard about A Vampyre Story from a coworker a few years ago, but I didn't buy digital games at the time and couldn't track down a physical copy.
  48. (07:04:32) Jenni: I'm having no luck - shoot.  I tested it yesterday to make sure that problems like this wouldn't happen :(
  49. (07:05:01) Sven_Q45: flesk You can buy physical copy of it.
  50. (07:05:07) flesk: And by the time I had started playing digital games and found a place that sold the game (GamersGate I think?) I had stopped playing Windows games.
  51. (07:05:11) Syd: Jenni: What's the problem, exactly?
  52. (07:05:36) flesk: I backed the Year One Kicstarter campaign though.
  53. (07:05:48) GeneMocsy: Thanks for that, flesk!
  54. (07:05:49) Jenni: The executable won't run at all.  I click on it in Steam, and nothing.  
  55. (07:06:01) Cheeseness: Oh, the game's not running?
  56. (07:06:04) flesk: And of course Duke Grabowski as well.
  57. (07:06:06) Syd: Did you try going straight to the game's directory and launching it like that?
  58. (07:06:11) Jenni: I tried to do it outside of Steam and no go too
  59. (07:06:12) Fhqwhgod: did you try what I wrote you in Steam chat?
  60. (07:06:14) Syd: Bypassing Steam?
  61. (07:06:22) Syd: Ah
  62. (07:06:34) Jenni: I have no idea what's going on
  63. (07:06:52) Jenni: it worked fine when I tested it yesterday. :/
  64. (07:07:32) flesk: Sometimes you have to create the steam_appid.txt file in the installation folder for playing outside Steam to work.
  65. (07:07:44) Syd: Jenni, I may be able to stream in your place, but I haven't played the game before so I'd have to find a guide and make sure the game will run on my computer in the first place.
  66. (07:07:46) flesk: If it's not there.
  67. (07:07:53) Cheeseness: It's all good. We usually start a bit late to give people time to join, so don't panic :)
  68. (07:08:10) GeneMocsy: Vampyres aren't able to cross streams.
  69. (07:08:26) flesk: Hehe.
  70. (07:08:28) Sven_Q45: Ah Youtube and his bugs. hpmf
  71. (07:08:51) Jenni: Syd: you might have to stream it if possible.  I'm going to try to keep working on it though
  72. (07:09:25) flesk: Could it be related to Wine (if that's what you're using) if you're having issues with both versions?
  73. (07:10:00) flesk: Like, did you update anything else on your computer recently.
  74. (07:10:16) Jenni: Yeah, I'm using Wine and it's possible.  I tried it yesterday to test and it worked fine (I have Steam Win running through Wine)
  75. (07:10:18) flesk: Things sometimes break between versions of Wine.
  76. (07:10:31) Syd: Is there a way to force windowed mode when running it in Windows 7?
  77. (07:11:25) Syd: It looks like it'll only run in fullscreen. It'd be pretty inconvenient to stream it like that, though probably not impossible.
  78. (07:11:54) Cheeseness: Sorry for not being very present at the moment, guys. I've had an important meeting pop up
  79. (07:11:58) Syd: It also wants to run on my secondary monitor for some reason. :P
  80. (07:12:40) Syd: So, I wouldn't be able to see the chat and I wouldn't be able to see my streaming client.
  81. (07:13:04) Jenni: There's this thread for running the game in Windowed mode:
  82. (07:13:23) flesk: Wine version 1.5.0 has a gold rating with A Vampyre Story: - That's the DVD version though, and I'm not sure if the Steam version is the same.
  83. (07:13:30) Syd: I'll give that a try, Jenni. Thanks
  84. (07:13:32) flesk: The test results are also a couple of years old.
  85. (07:14:47) Fhqwhgod: liiiiiinuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  86. (07:14:51) Syd: Okay, that works
  87. (07:14:57) Syd: Give me a minute to get everything set up
  88. (07:14:59) Fhqwhgod: it's you again, isn't it?
  89. (07:15:19) Syd: I've never played this game before so I'm going to be pretty dependent on a guide to help me get through it. :P
  90. (07:15:58) Sven_Q45: Syd never played it before. how could this be? :P
  91. (07:15:58) Syd: I'm gonna switch to to the chat client's page so I don't have the stream running in the background, brb
  92. (07:16:02) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  93. (07:16:17) Fhqwhgod: well thanks to this I had enough time to reach a save in Phoenix Wright
  94. (07:16:45) Syd [] entered the room.
  95. (07:17:15) Sven_Q45: Fhqwhgod You´re playing Phoenix Wrigth?
  96. (07:17:59) Fhqwhgod: the HD trilogy on my 3DS at the moment
  97. (07:18:04) Cheeseness: Welcome back, Syd
  98. (07:18:08) flesk: Reminds me, I haven't played the crossover with Professor Layton yet.
  99. (07:18:10) Fhqwhgod: only about 55 hours in though
  100. (07:18:42) Sven_Q45: Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton together?
  101. (07:18:45) flesk: Yeah, those games are surprisingly long.
  102. (07:18:54) flesk: Sven_Q45:
  103. (07:19:00) Fhqwhgod: well they are about 25 hours each
  104. (07:19:07) Fhqwhgod: I started the third one today
  105. (07:19:25) Fhqwhgod: the collection counts as one game though
  106. (07:19:39) Sven_Q45: So this version is true.
  107. (07:20:09) Fhqwhgod: as far as I'm aware you get the remastered DS versions in the HD collection
  108. (07:20:24) Fhqwhgod: that means the first one has 5 cases instead of 4
  109. (07:20:31) Syd: Okay guys, sorry about the delay. I think I've got this
  110. (07:20:38) Cheeseness: Thanks, Syd. You're the best
  111. (07:20:42) flesk: Isn't only one of the originals remastered for the DS?
  112. (07:20:45) Jenni: Yeah - it's still a no go on my end. Thanks for jumping in Syd, and sorry about the issues.
  113. (07:20:57) Syd: Going live, let me know when the title card is up.
  114. (07:21:30) Syd: Once again, never played this game before, and I haven't done extensive testing, so if problems come up, sorry. :P
  115. (07:21:46) Cheeseness: Still says offline for me, Syd
  116. (07:21:50) Syd: Wait a sec, having some problems with OBS. Of course. :(
  117. (07:21:53) Cheeseness: :(
  118. (07:22:25) Sven_Q45: What´s up today?
  119. (07:22:28) Syd: Trying again
  120. (07:22:29) Sven_Q45: :D
  121. (07:22:39) Sven_Q45: laoding
  122. (07:22:50) Fhqwhgod: logo
  123. (07:23:46) Sven_Q45: offline
  124. (07:23:48) Syd: I think I may be having some internet problems
  125. (07:24:01) Syd: When it rains, it pours
  126. (07:24:06) Cheeseness: Ha ha >_<
  127. (07:24:08) Fhqwhgod: I think all 3 of them were on the GBA first and were remastered for the DS release
  128. (07:24:16) Cheeseness: Sorry, GeneMocsy ^_^
  129. (07:24:50) GeneMocsy: I'm looking up what's publicly known about these games so I don't reveal any secrets. :)
  130. (07:25:12) Fhqwhgod: but we want all the dirty secrets
  131. (07:25:20) GeneMocsy: Only Bill Tiller is allowed to reveal them. :)
  132. (07:25:45) Cheeseness: Bill's said he's keen to join us for one of the later sessions, I believe, so that should be cool as well
  133. (07:25:46) Syd: Let me restart my modem. Sorry, guys. :(
  134. (07:25:51) Cheeseness: It's cool, Syd
  135. (07:26:52) OzzieMonkey [] entered the room.
  136. (07:26:54) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: How close did you guys come to getting AVS2 off the ground?
  137. (07:27:30) Cheeseness: (or how much far through development did you get)
  138. (07:27:36) OzzieMonkey left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  139. (07:27:37) Sven_Q45: It was first released here. :P
  140. (07:27:46) Cheeseness: I didn't think it was released
  141. (07:27:51) OzzieMonkey [] entered the room.
  142. (07:27:52) Sven_Q45: I have the Collectors Edition of AVS. :)
  143. (07:28:08) Cheeseness: I said AVS2 :)
  144. (07:28:18) Sven_Q45: ik.
  145. (07:28:34) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45, I'm looking at my Collector's box of AVS1 now. Still haven't opened it. :)
  146. (07:28:43) Cheeseness: Nice
  147. (07:29:02) Sven_Q45: But AVS 1 was first released here. I hope AVS 2 is coming VERY soon! :)
  148. (07:29:22) Syd: Okay, let's try again
  149. (07:29:27) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy You haven´t open it yet?
  150. (07:29:33) Sven_Q45: You must.
  151. (07:29:50) GeneMocsy: What's inside?
  152. (07:30:07) Cheeseness: Syd: I see the title card
  153. (07:30:16) Syd: Okay
  154. (07:31:03) Syd: Haha, of course
  155. (07:31:05) Fhqwhgod: 4:3 glory Kreygasm
  156. (07:31:06) Syd: It ran earlier. :P
  157. (07:31:08) Cheeseness: There we go :D
  158. (07:31:13) GeneMocsy: close...
  159. (07:31:21) Cheeseness: Hah, whoops
  160. (07:31:24) Syd: Trying again
  161. (07:31:42) Fhqwhgod: maybe it doesn't like being streamed?
  162. (07:31:43) GameClubFan_602057 [] entered the room.
  163. (07:31:58) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy A postcard, the soundtrack on CD, a puzzle and a Mona and Froderik figurine. :)
  164. (07:31:59) Syd: Title card up again?
  165. (07:32:05) Syd: Sorry this has turned into such a mess. :P
  166. (07:32:11) Jenni: yeah it's up
  167. (07:32:17) Syd: Crossing fingers
  168. (07:32:22) Jenni: sorry from me too about the problems :/
  169. (07:32:31) Cheeseness: It's OK, Jenni. These things happen :)
  170. (07:32:48) Cheeseness: We'll do some more testing between now and next week and make sure things are solid
  171. (07:32:50) Syd: Dammit
  172. (07:33:05) GeneMocsy: Tidbit: A Vampyre Story 1 is set in Draxsylvania, a combination of the words Drax meaning devil or dragon and Sylvania meaning woodland.
  173. (07:33:06) Cheeseness: >_<
  174. (07:33:43) Fhqwhgod: so the cutscenes work but the menu crashes?
  175. (07:33:51) Syd: Trying some compatibilty mode stuff
  176. (07:34:00) Syd: It worked earlier in windowed mode so I'm not sure why it's grumpy now
  177. (07:34:02) GameClubFan_602057 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  178. (07:34:06) GameClubFan_602057 [] entered the room.
  179. (07:34:14) Syd: Testing it first before I start the stream again
  180. (07:34:19) Cheeseness: Cheers, Syd
  181. (07:34:40) GameClubFan_602057 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  182. (07:34:49) GameClubFan_602057 [] entered the room.
  183. (07:34:52) Sven_Q45: I was so looking forward today cuz of the winter atmosphere wich is also outside of my home now. :)
  184. (07:35:02) Syd: Okay, it's on the main menu this time
  185. (07:35:06) Syd: Should be good, maybe?
  186. (07:35:09) Syd: going live again
  187. (07:35:19) Fhqwhgod: Snow in Germany crap
  188. (07:35:24) Fhqwhgod: I hate snow
  189. (07:35:34) Sven_Q45: I like snow.
  190. (07:35:44) GeneMocsy: It never snows here.
  191. (07:35:47) Cheeseness: I see the title card, Syd
  192. (07:36:30) Cheeseness: That font
  193. (07:37:28) Sven_Q45: Yowza it´s on.
  194. (07:38:16) Cheeseness: So, people's first memories of AVS?
  195. (07:38:24) fragmentalstew: this
  196. (07:38:30) Fhqwhgod: I get the feeling some of those guys are vampires
  197. (07:38:36) Fhqwhgod: don't know why
  198. (07:38:51) flesk: The capes probably.
  199. (07:39:01) flesk: Humans don't wear capes.
  200. (07:39:09) Fhqwhgod: but to be sure I need them to go into the sun
  201. (07:39:19) Fhqwhgod: if they sparkle that's the final proof
  202. (07:39:21) fragmentalstew: I wear capes
  203. (07:40:02) fragmentalstew: (I don't wear capes)Capes are underutilized clothing accessory tbh.
  204. (07:40:09) Sven_Q45: Ooh frightning.
  205. (07:41:09) OzzieMonkey: Vampires are right up there with pirates for me, it's a shame the sequels/prequel to this didn't happen...still hoping :D
  206. (07:41:22) Fhqwhgod: so who was responsible for that voice acting?
  207. (07:41:40) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  208. (07:41:48) GeneMocsy: Voices were done at Bay Area Sound, the same place that Telltale uses.
  209. (07:41:54) Sven_Q45: I dunno. But the German Froderik was great-.
  210. (07:42:16) Fhqwhgod: I haven't played the German version (or any version yet)
  211. (07:42:24) Cheeseness: How large was the cast?
  212. (07:42:35) GeneMocsy: Those pictures are moments from Mona's life in Paris, before this game.
  213. (07:43:02) GeneMocsy: Shrowdy the Vampyre met her backstage at the Paris Opera.
  214. (07:43:12) Fhqwhgod: those pictures look amazing
  215. (07:43:50) Syd [] entered the room.
  216. (07:43:54) Sven_Q45: Now I also want a prequel to AVS.
  217. (07:43:59) Sven_Q45: :D
  218. (07:44:03) GeneMocsy: Bill has it planned! :)
  219. (07:44:04) Cheeseness: Isn't that what Year One was meant to be?
  220. (07:44:19) Sven_Q45: @Cheese Yes I think.
  221. (07:44:44) Fhqwhgod: oh. Puns
  222. (07:44:47) fragmentalstew: lol. her laugh
  223. (07:44:57) fragmentalstew: her laugh at the pun
  224. (07:45:19) Cheeseness: I love that bearskin's eyes
  225. (07:45:28) GameClubFan_602057 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  226. (07:45:37) fragmentalstew: I like the ambient animations.
  227. (07:45:38) GeneMocsy: It took us forever to program those eyes, for some reason.
  228. (07:45:46) Sven_Q45: Months before release the German TV show Giga Games showed us the first few scenes of AVS. :) I HAD to watch it!
  229. (07:46:07) Fhqwhgod: I remember GIGA
  230. (07:46:20) Sven_Q45: Now
  231. (07:46:31) Sven_Q45: Gigas von pay TV. :(
  232. (07:46:57) Cheeseness: This came out in 2008 right?
  233. (07:46:58) Sven_Q45: on - v
  234. (07:47:09) Fhqwhgod: The moment GIGA was closed down I stopped watching TV all together
  235. (07:47:11) GeneMocsy: Yes, that's right.
  236. (07:47:17) Sven_Q45: Yes.
  237. (07:47:20) Cheeseness: How long was it in development for?
  238. (07:47:47) GeneMocsy: ...from its very start, I think 5 years...there were two publishers.
  239. (07:47:59) flesk: I think these scenes look very appealing.
  240. (07:48:01) Cheeseness: Ah, that sounds like a bumpy road
  241. (07:48:06) circuitbomb: back
  242. (07:48:09) circuitbomb: hey everyone
  243. (07:48:10) Cheeseness: wb, circuitbomb
  244. (07:48:15) circuitbomb: ty
  245. (07:48:41) Sven_Q45: @Fhqwhgod I watched TV but now I nearly watch nothing.
  246. (07:48:54) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: Do you feel like the game itself changed much over those 5 years, or was there a clear vision that held throughout development?
  247. (07:49:04) Sven_Q45: Only let´s plays, life hacks or whatever on Youtube.
  248. (07:49:41) Fhqwhgod: Twitch & Youtube replaced all of TV
  249. (07:49:44) Fhqwhgod: for me
  250. (07:50:03) Jenni: The first publisher was Bad Brain, was it not?
  251. (07:50:04) Jenni:  (the people who were infamous for saying they were going to finish Sam & Max Freelance police before they had the rights)
  252. (07:50:15) Cheeseness: Oh, I didn't know that...
  253. (07:50:16) GeneMocsy: Yes, that's right.
  254. (07:50:45) GeneMocsy: I scripted and did additional dialog during the last 6 months. It had a very solid design. There were changes after testing, as you'd expect, but it was clear when I joined.
  255. (07:50:49) Sven_Q45: Bad brains. I just wanted to ask. Thank you.
  256. (07:52:35) Sven_Q45: Ah I like this atmosphere! The music and this winter wonderland. Marvellous! :)
  257. (07:52:49) Cheeseness: Yeah, the music is awesome
  258. (07:53:05) GeneMocsy: Pedro Macedo Camacho did the music.
  259. (07:53:58) Cheeseness: The idea of a vampire in denial is pretty sweet
  260. (07:54:03) Fhqwhgod: ooooh that water effect looks good
  261. (07:54:37) circuitbomb: GeneMocsy: Where there any particular technical challenges while scripting that may have stood apart from previous experiences?
  262. (07:54:48) flesk: GeneMocsy: Crimson Cow only has publishing rights for this one game, right? So you can do other games in the same universe without involving them.
  263. (07:55:00) OzzieMonkey: Cheeseness: that's my favourite aspect of this game
  264. (07:55:28) GeneMocsy: circuitbomb, The engine was still in development as we were scripting, so it was an exciting journey.
  265. (07:55:45) circuitbomb: Cool
  266. (07:56:32) OzzieMonkey: That inventory is really cool
  267. (07:56:37) GeneMocsy: flesk, Crimson Cow will be involved in future Vampyre Story games, afaik.
  268. (07:57:06) flesk: GeneMocsy: It's Panda3D, right? Was a Linux version ever considered or didn't it support Linux at the time/there wasn't enough of a market to warrant it?
  269. (07:57:07) Cheeseness: I can imagine that the capes would have been fun to animate
  270. (07:57:22) Syd: Having some troubles having never used the UI in this game before. :P
  271. (07:57:30) Syd: I'm going in totally blind save for a guide on my other monitor
  272. (07:57:36) Syd: and the guide isn't very well written
  273. (07:57:40) Cheeseness: You're a champ, Syd <3
  274. (07:57:41) flesk: GeneMocsy: Ok. I hope they're a good publisher to work with then.
  275. (07:58:04) Sven_Q45: A few years ago I was at Crimson Cow to test the German version (the best btw with nearly no bugs) :P of john Yesterday we asked them about AVS 2. But they couldn´t say anything.
  276. (07:58:10) Glog78 [] entered the room.
  277. (07:58:35) GeneMocsy: flesk, yeah, Panda3D was the underlying engine, but we had to put a ton of stuff on top of it to make it adventure game friendly. I think Linux was just beyond our abilities at the time.
  278. (07:59:08) Cheeseness: If it's something you ever look into, there are a few Linux users here who'd be happy to give up some time to testing and giving feedback on Linux builds
  279. (07:59:15) GeneMocsy: Ok, thanks!
  280. (07:59:20) circuitbomb: Absolutely
  281. (07:59:24) Glog78: Cb
  282. (07:59:25) Cheeseness: :)
  283. (07:59:30) Cheeseness: Hey Glog78
  284. (07:59:35) Glog78: Cheeseness just a few :)
  285. (07:59:40) flesk: GeneMocsy: Thanks, that's understandable.
  286. (07:59:50) flesk: Yeah, I'd be up for that too. :)
  287. (08:00:37) GeneMocsy: Excellent...
  288. (08:00:47) Cheeseness: Same here :)
  289. (08:01:13) GeneMocsy: This has been a very profitable meeting.
  290. (08:01:15) Cheeseness: (and if you need anybody to give feedback on initial Duke Grabowski Linux builds, I'm happy to help with that as well)
  291. (08:01:16) Cheeseness: Ha ha
  292. (08:02:25) Cheeseness: Is it safe to say that we'd be unlikely to see more AVS until after Duke Grabowski is done?
  293. (08:02:35) Sven_Q45: Shrodys underwear. :D
  294. (08:02:37) flesk: That's a pretty interesting inventory mechanic by the way.
  295. (08:02:59) Sven_Q45: flesk It is!
  296. (08:03:00) flesk: How only silhouettes of some items go in there I mean.
  297. (08:03:00) Fhqwhgod: Schrödinger's Underwear
  298. (08:03:27) GeneMocsy: flesk, Yes, the idea of something in your inventory if it's too big to carry. Bill's innovation.
  299. (08:03:30) Sven_Q45: flesk I know. ;) And I like it!
  300. (08:03:40) flesk: I've been switching a bit between other things, but we haven't seen what happens when those items are used yet, right?
  301. (08:03:54) flesk: GeneMocsy: That sounds like a good idea. :)
  302. (08:04:16) OzzieMonkey left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  303. (08:04:21) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy A good invention but it came very late. :D Ok here it works finde cuz of the vampyre plot.
  304. (08:04:32) Fhqwhgod: oh you can use your sidekick. Nice
  305. (08:04:46) GeneMocsy: Cheeseness, yeah, we'll perfect our pipeline on Duke Grabowski. Hopefully we'll use the same engine with other games.
  306. (08:04:58) Sven_Q45: @Fhqwhgod Like Max. ;)
  307. (08:05:02) flesk: I'm assuming we won't see a cutscene of Mona walking through every room and back to fetch the item when she's about to use it?
  308. (08:05:21) GeneMocsy: flesk, it should be a fade out/fade in.
  309. (08:05:23) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: What engine are you using for Duke? I can't remember why, but I got the impression that Unity was on the table for it
  310. (08:05:30) Fhqwhgod: he also sounds a bit like Max Sven_Q45
  311. (08:05:37) GeneMocsy: That's right, Unity + Adventure Creator
  312. (08:06:33) Sven_Q45: Fhqwhgod really? Yes a bit in the english version. But I doubt it was Nick Jameson.
  313. (08:06:45) Cheeseness: Hey, this is Harry Moleman's voice
  314. (08:06:55) Sven_Q45: Or what was the VA in the TTG Sam and Max epsiodes?
  315. (08:06:56) GeneMocsy: The rat's voice is Tim Talbot, yeah!
  316. (08:06:56) Fhqwhgod: yeah it is
  317. (08:06:57) Cheeseness: Tim Talbot
  318. (08:07:01) Fhqwhgod: Bay Area sound
  319. (08:07:01) circuitbomb: GeneMocsy: As far as tools go, do have any favorites aside from internally developed ones?
  320. (08:07:19) Glog78: Cheeseness i have a question later on
  321. (08:07:30) Cheeseness: Glog78: Sure :)
  322. (08:07:31) Sven_Q45: Yes that IS Harry the Moleman. :)
  323. (08:07:37) Glog78: And i think you might have an example for me
  324. (08:09:06) GeneMocsy: circuitbomb, for Duke, it's Maya and Photoshop for art. Mixamo for some rigging and animations. Trying to keep it simple.
  325. (08:09:35) Cheeseness: How similar to AVS do you think Duke's UI will be?
  326. (08:10:01) GeneMocsy: It's closer to CMI, a 3 verb coin type.
  327. (08:10:12) GeneMocsy: Duke can't turn into a bat. :)
  328. (08:10:24) Cheeseness: heh
  329. (08:11:06) GeneMocsy: The rats are of course inspired by the "Rat Pack", with Frank Sinatra and friends.
  330. (08:13:38) Sven_Q45: Ever noticed Monas waist?
  331. (08:14:21) Fhqwhgod: there are people braking their rips for a waist like that
  332. (08:14:32) ***Fhqwhgod shuders
  333. (08:14:32) Sven_Q45: lol
  334. (08:14:45) Sven_Q45: What is that "20. :D
  335. (08:15:26) Cheeseness: Corsets
  336. (08:16:04) GeneMocsy: Yes, she can sing impressively well with such a tight corset on.
  337. (08:16:17) circuitbomb: I like that Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds is part of the inspiration collage on the kickstarter for Duke
  338. (08:16:18) Sven_Q45: Corsets NOT of the rack. :D
  339. (08:17:11) Fhqwhgod: well this game clearly sets a bad rolemodel for girls around the world. How horrible
  340. (08:17:27) Fhqwhgod: it clearly tells them they need to be skinny and undead
  341. (08:17:48) Sven_Q45: Undead especially. :D
  342. (08:17:53) Glog78: Dungeons & Dorks
  343. (08:17:54) Glog78: rofl
  344. (08:18:11) circuitbomb: lol @ Fhqwhgod
  345. (08:20:55) GeneMocsy: It's not sanitary to keep a bat on your shoulder, too.
  346. (08:21:05) Cheeseness: Yeah, I can see that ending badly
  347. (08:21:17) circuitbomb: or any animal for that matter, lol
  348. (08:21:26) Fhqwhgod: somebody call PETA!
  349. (08:22:29) Cheeseness: My cat used to sit on my shoulder when he was younger. That wasn't too bad
  350. (08:22:34) Sven_Q45: And the PETV. :D
  351. (08:22:58) Fhqwhgod: my father sat on the cat once
  352. (08:23:16) Fhqwhgod: he left a lasting impression on his back for that
  353. (08:23:42) circuitbomb: Cheeseness, except that cats crap in boxes filled with litter, so their feet are always in it
  354. (08:24:24) Sven_Q45: Use a combination as item. Nice.
  355. (08:24:26) Cheeseness: He didn't use a litter box at that stage in his life
  356. (08:24:29) Cheeseness: :D
  357. (08:24:35) circuitbomb: :p
  358. (08:24:39) circuitbomb: I have four cats so...
  359. (08:25:00) Fhqwhgod: are you a crazy cat lady
  360. (08:25:32) circuitbomb: lol, my family likes pets
  361. (08:26:09) Fhqwhgod: so is the inventory limited?
  362. (08:26:29) Fhqwhgod: because it looks kinda full
  363. (08:26:30) GeneMocsy: Doesn't seem like it! I think it goes to a second page.
  364. (08:26:47) Sven_Q45: Yes it does.
  365. (08:27:42) Sven_Q45: Now you have your pickup animation. ;)
  366. (08:28:09) GeneMocsy: Ha! That was an action-packed sequence.
  367. (08:29:07) Cheeseness: Froderick's not quite on Mona's shoulder there
  368. (08:29:40) GeneMocsy: Um...he's hovering quietly?
  369. (08:29:53) Fhqwhgod: clearly
  370. (08:29:58) Sven_Q45: He also has to stretch his legs. ;)
  371. (08:30:03) Cheeseness: It's neat to see the backs of his eyes
  372. (08:30:04) Syd: Could be a bug from running this on Windows 7, or from forcing windowed mode. *shrug*
  373. (08:30:14) circuitbomb: lol
  374. (08:30:32) Cheeseness: The characters in this game all feel really rich
  375. (08:30:52) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: Were there any bits of writing that you did on the game that you're particularly proud of?
  376. (08:31:17) GeneMocsy: Most of the dialog is by the talented Dave Harris. I wrote additional dialog during the last 6 months.
  377. (08:31:38) GeneMocsy: I like the announcer patter in the stadium, later.
  378. (08:31:44) Cheeseness: :)
  379. (08:33:33) Fhqwhgod: he speaks quite clearly even though he has a key in his mouth
  380. (08:33:57) Cheeseness: Is this the same actor as Frankie the bat?
  381. (08:34:13) circuitbomb: maybe its tucked in his cheek
  382. (08:34:25) Fhqwhgod: it's Tim too
  383. (08:34:35) Cheeseness: Thought so :)
  384. (08:34:35) Fhqwhgod: according to imdb
  385. (08:34:44) Fhqwhgod:
  386. (08:37:09) Sven_Q45: She talked Pig Latin.
  387. (08:37:14) GeneMocsy: He does talk "plummy"...maybe that's like having a key in your mouth.
  388. (08:37:45) Cheeseness: Speaking of unsanitary...
  389. (08:45:17) Fhqwhgod: harry Potter?
  390. (08:45:49) GeneMocsy: Crossover game!
  391. (08:46:15) Fhqwhgod: So Harry Potter will be in the Prequel
  392. (08:46:22) Fhqwhgod: interesting
  393. (08:46:54) circuitbomb: Harrison Potmeister
  394. (08:46:58) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: How'd you come to be involved with development?
  395. (08:47:00) circuitbomb: har har
  396. (08:47:21) Cheeseness: Harry "Moleman" Potter
  397. (08:48:48) GeneMocsy: Saw the job listing on the Autumn Moon site. I knew the Tillers already through the theater scene here. I was working at EA but I wanted to do adventures. My writing test was to compose lines to a Monkey Island sequel.
  398. (08:48:56) circuitbomb: LOL
  399. (08:49:07) Cheeseness: Do those lines exist anywhere? :D
  400. (08:49:07) salty-horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  401. (08:49:30) circuitbomb: dropped that statue
  402. (08:49:34) Fhqwhgod: they sold them to Telltale
  403. (08:49:51) GeneMocsy: Lol. Where's my writing credit, Telltale?
  404. (08:49:57) Cheeseness: heh
  405. (08:50:23) circuitbomb: huge key, stuffed in cheek
  406. (08:50:28) Cheeseness: At least gargoyles don't have much in the way of saliva
  407. (08:50:48) flesk: GeneMocsy: That was the Simpsons game for Wii you were working on for EA?
  408. (08:50:50) Cheeseness: Syd: You got the outro, right?
  409. (08:51:25) Syd: Yeah
  410. (08:51:28) Cheeseness: Sweet
  411. (08:51:33) Syd: And I'm ending the session after this cinematic
  412. (08:51:42) GeneMocsy: flesk: I worked on a bunch, that one just comes up on searches the most. :)
  413. (08:52:04) flesk: Oh, ok. You did writing there as well?
  414. (08:52:09) Glog78: Syd why ?
  415. (08:52:16) Glog78: i could sit here all night :)
  416. (08:52:32) Cheeseness: Glog78: We've got three sessions planned, so we'll be continuing over the next couple of weeks :)
  417. (08:52:41) Sven_Q45: ditto
  418. (08:52:54) Fhqwhgod: knock on wood
  419. (08:52:56) GeneMocsy: flesk: A tiny bit on Godfather and 007: Everything or Nothing. Mostly NPC chatter and Q dialog.
  420. (08:52:56) Glog78: I know Cheeseness
  421. (08:53:03) Fhqwhgod: never touch a running stream
  422. (08:53:03) Glog78: we should cut and replay :P
  423. (08:53:13) Cheeseness: heh
  424. (08:53:55) Glog78: thanx alot syd
  425. (08:54:03) Sven_Q45: Vampyres don´t like crosses.
  426. (08:54:04) Cheeseness: Thanks Syd
  427. (08:54:05) Glog78: thanx mr. GeneMocsy
  428. (08:54:08) Fhqwhgod: that framerate on the ghost
  429. (08:54:09) circuitbomb: Thank you Syd and Cheeseness
  430. (08:54:09) GeneMocsy: Thank you syd! Good job!
  431. (08:54:10) Cheeseness: And thanks for joining us, GeneMocsy!
  432. (08:54:14) GeneMocsy: Sure!
  433. (08:54:22) circuitbomb: Thank you for hanging out with us GeneMocsy
  434. (08:54:24) Fhqwhgod: thanks. This was fun!
  435. (08:54:28) Syd: Thanks for joining us! Hopefully there'll be a lot fewer problems next week. :P
  436. (08:54:29) circuitbomb: Was cool
  437. (08:54:31) GeneMocsy: np, I enjoyed it!
  438. (08:54:31) Sven_Q45: Thank you GeneMocsy. :)
  439. (08:54:31) Cheeseness: Hopefully we'll get a few more people for the next two sessions as it won't be across that end-of-year period
  440. (08:55:14) Cheeseness: The forum thread for this game is here if anybody wants to share some additional opinions :)
  441. (08:55:40) GeneMocsy: Thanks, Cheeseness!
  442. (08:55:42) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  443. (08:55:48) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: Do you know whether you'll be available for the other sessions as well?
  444. (08:56:22) GeneMocsy: Next week probably; the week after, I'm booked.
  445. (08:56:25) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy We promise there´ll be fewer problems in the next sessions. :D
  446. (08:56:35) Cheeseness: Alrighty, no problems
  447. (08:56:48) Glog78: Cheeseness do you have a c++ class design example (small+example code) for ECS ?
  448. (08:56:50) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45, I saw the game at its buggiest, this is nothing. :)
  449. (08:56:59) Syd: I gotta head out. See you all at the next session!
  450. (08:57:05) Cheeseness: Thanks again, Syd!
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