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Jan 8th, 2020
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  1. Scanning dir /tmp/ocsroot_bind_root.............../usr/share/drbl/sbin/ocs-functions: eval: line 12703: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
  2. /usr/share/drbl/sbin/ocs-functions: eval: line 12703: `cd Box options: --msgbox <text> <height> <width> --yesno <text> <height> <width> --infobox <text> <height> <width> --inputbox <text> <height> <width> [init] --passwordbox <text> <height> <width> [init] --textbox <file> <height> <width> --menu <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item] ... --checklist <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item status]... --radiolist <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item status]... --gauge <text> <height> <width> <percent> Options: (depend on box-option) --clear clear screen on exit --defaultno default no button --default-item <string> set default string --fb, --fullbuttons use full buttons --nocancel no cancel button --yes-button <text> set text of yes button --no-button <text> set text of no button --ok-button <text> set text of ok button --cancel-button <text> set text of cancel button --noitem don't display items --notags don't display tags --separate-output output one line at a time --output-fd <fd> output to fd, not stdout --title <title> display title --backtitle <backtitle> display backtitle --scrolltext force vertical scrollbars --topleft put window in top-left corner -h, --help print this message -v, --version print version information'
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