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  2. This is based on what has been presented in the development blogs and websites, along with much speculation. Don't take it too seriously, as it is subject to change as more information is given.
  4. Work in Progress
  5. Originally named Salty Tears, it was planned to be a parody VN of KSG personalities. The devs decided to take the VN in a different direction, however, and have used their concepts to do a more serious take on the story. It follows an Oliver Penn, a young man in danger of failing out of his community college. The three main girls represent three creative pursuits: Art, writing, and music.
  7. Mekki is the diligent schoolgirl type with a hard on for writing, taking immediate priority with her responsibilities. She's a rather "I'm right you're wrong" sort of person when she isn't being calm.
  9. Hayley is an introvert wants to be a musician, but can't express themselves too well. She's became more social when Mekki/Caprice decided to befriend her. She sees a bit of her antisocial self in Oliver which is why she warms up to him.
  11. Caprice is a busybody, meddling with others and making sure they do something productive with themselves, likely art since that's what she's in to. She has a bit of an ego and is relentless, but has good intentions. Described as naive and easily embarrassed, enjoy rusing her with your filthy lies.
  14. Love Despite
  15. Closest to Katawa Shoujo in terms of circumstances, Love Despite is about a rehabilitation school. It has the biggest cast, a cast of 7 total girls, who all have some sort of disability. Not much is known yet.
  17. Ayame is an artist, she's responsible, but seems to leave deadlines pretty late if the interview is any indication.
  19. Keiko is a feisty girl who's big on action shows and exercise, she works at a foreign cafe. Her disability has a visual mark somewhere around her waist, since she can hide it with bikeshorts
  21. Kasumi is kind of shy and keeps to herself, avoiding groups. She enjoys music a lot, particularly jazz, and is talented in three instruments and plays in public sometimes. Has a speech impediment that shows when embarrassed. Part of the jazz club
  23. Saori is an adrenaline junkie who spends a lot of her time at the pool. Delicious brown, not much is known about her other than she's impatient and the dev enjoyed her physical design. Sex symbol?
  25. Tomoe is part of the music club, which has its members split between there and the jazz club after she and Kasumi had some differences. It's implied she's not entirely sane, nice boat.
  27. Chihiro. She's part of the newspaper club and her head bandages are something that were applied only a week and a half before the story begins.
  29. Sarah is antisocial, but is also in the newspaper club I think. It's implied that she's friendless and related to the principle in some way.
  32. Amare in Bellum
  33. "Love in War" takes place in a resort town turned refugee camp. Vincent Fahran was recruited by his country to fight in a war, however he was almost immediately put out of commission. He arrived in Marin, where he meets 5 girls of different backgrounds.
  35. Amelia is the protag's childhood friend and seems to be a happy-go-lucky type with an interest in photography. Doesn't let the war be a part of her life, so she either ignores it or doesn't talk about it.
  37. Julia is tsundere as the writer puts it. She's rich and was sent to Marin instead of having to flee to it. She argues a lot, but isn't good at it or anything b-baka. She's on the other side of the war as the protag and kind of sounds like Amelia's opposite.
  39. Sasha is a fishergirl and local to Marin, so not a refugee. There isn't a lot said other than she's got a comfy life and has a background in both sides of the war.
  41. Sybil is from the same country as the protag, but refuses to do any work apparently. Other than that it mentions she's deadpan and blunt, so she'll probably have good one liners, but that's about it so far. No reason behind the bandages, unless the comic is literal.
  43. Vyra's has the most information about her character, but it says she was known as victim tan and constantly builds and unbuilds guns. Other than that, she's a self-imposed perfectionist and apparently the actual opposite to Amelia instead of Julia.
  45. The devs have implied that Vyra and Amelia will have a yuri pairing of sorts, but that's unconfirmed.
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