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Oct 3rd, 2016
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  1. - Starts by talking about a vase
  2. - The narrator is young
  3. - The vase is a member of 'Grandfather's' favorite collection (so this is one of the cousins?)
  4. - The narrator is told never to touch the vase
  5. - Beauty in something that can break easily
  6. - Freaking butterflies already
  7. - The narrator says that Beatrice had arrived
  8. - Who the heck is this chick?
  9. - The narrator says that Beatrice (is that seriously Beatrice?) was always their ally and that she would always come and help them when they were in trouble
  10. - White hair Beatrice calls the narrator 'princess'
  11. - The white haired lady calls herself Beatrice
  12. - 'Beatrice' says that the basis of magic power is the power of belief
  13. - Beatrice "Miracles will only appear before those who strongly believe"
  14. - Beatrice pulls her cane out of nowhere
  15. - She has the narrator close her eyes and think about the form of the vase
  16. - The vase seems to be fixed
  17. - Beatrice says that she had the vase 'remember what it was'
  18. - Beatrice says that magic power that can repair a broken fate to its original form is at a level that she has yet to reach
  19. - A cat snuck in from somewhere and caused the vase to break
  20. - The fate of the vase breaking had not changed but the fact of who did it did change
  21. - It is easy to kill and break but not easy to fix
  22. - Beatrice says that real magic is the power to repair and to revive
  23. - Beatrice says that once someone can fix something over and over again they are considered to be an Endless Witch
  24. - She says that that is the level that all witches should reach
  25. - She says that they (trainee witches, I guess) respect those witches the most
  26. - Beatrice says that, to these witches the concpet of breaking doesn't exist and they are released from all sadness
  27. - The narrator says that she wants to become a witch (is this Maria?)
  28. - The narrator says that she wants to become Beatrice's disciple
  29. - Beatrice accepts
  30. - Original Beatrice appears and says that she had a dream
  31. - So the narrator in the previous scene was Beatrice?
  32. - Beatrice says that the title Endless used to be yearned for but was now just another title
  33. - Beatrice says that that title is something that she gained from training
  34. - Beatrice says that, because it is the highest level it is the start of eternal boredom
  35. - Beatrice (dys that boredom is the worst poison to kill witches
  36. - Beatrice wants to talk to her Teacher about what happiness is
  37. - The Teacher had said that once you think you reach the eternal level you regret your immaturity
  38. - And some of the seven stakes come in
  39. - The stakes want to play with someone and they are all yelling and angry with each other for breaking him
  40. - The dead person turns out to be Battler
  41. - Beatrice "The pain of death, which humans only have to taste once, has been given to you more times than I coulc count with all of my fingers, and yet, can you keep talking like that?"
  42. - Stake (red) "Of all of the doors that exist on Rokkenjima, none has a crack through which a key can slip."
  43. - So, Battler has been tortured by the seven stakes about the events of episode 2
  45. - Rudolf on boat
  46. - Rudolf says that Eva hates cigarettes
  47. - Hideyoshi says that Eva has been grumpy since last night
  48. - Eva doesn't like the smell of cigarettes and gets more sensitive when she is already upset
  49. - Hideyoshi says that he started smoking after the war
  50. - Hideyoshi says that he 'started rollin' 'em. Then started usin' what I was sellin'.'
  51. - Hideyoshi says that Eva is not normally so short tempered and that she is usually a more gentle and quiet woman
  52. - Hideyoshi says that she changes when this time of year comes around
  53. - Rudolf says that she seems like the Eva that he knows
  54. - Hideyoshi says that she is different with him
  55. - Narrator "Eva had called Rudolf and Rosa into an alliance, and they had schemed to take that money away from Krauss."
  56. - Hideyoshi says that he and Rudolf are presidents of companies. Rudolf reminds him that Rosa is as well 'as a hobby'. Hideyoshi apologizes
  57. - Rudolf says that he's thrown the gauntlet down in front of the executive board.
  58. - Hideyoshi says that he doesn't want to betray all his employees
  59. - Rudolf says that Eva has always opposed Krauss
  60. - Rudolf hints that something big happened in the past and Hideyoshi says that she never talks about the past with him
  61. - Eva was smart and Krauss was average which made Eva boastful and Krauss insecure
  62. - Rudolf says that Eva wishes that she wasn't born a woman and that she wanted to prove that she was better than Krauss even though he was the head
  63. - Hideyoshi wonders if Kinzo might have disliked Eva for being a woman
  64. - Flashback (?) to someone talking about schooling for women being largely unnecessary (seems to take place at the Ushiromiya family table
  65. - Seems to be something that Krauss said about Eva who had been refused to be allowed to go to college by Kinzo
  66. - Eva again says the story about the family losing all of their wealth in the Kanto Earthquake
  67. - Eva seems to respect her father and what he accomplished
  68. - Eva feels that Krauss' effort had been pathetic compared to her effort
  69. - Eva wants to prove herself
  70. - Krauss says that Eva will cause trouble to her husband
  71. - Krauss uses watashi instead of ore
  72. - Krauss sees that Eva wants to become the head
  73. - Krauss "Women exist to serve men. And men exist to cultivate women."
  74. - Kinzo comes out after hearing the noise and hits Krauss because he is fighting with his siblings instead of leading them
  75. - Kinzo says basically the same thing as Krauss
  76. - Kinzo says that Eva is disinherited and that he won't let her be called an Ushiromiya
  77. - Scene now in te rose garden before the typhoon (?) with Eva reminicing
  78. - Eva admits that she had never learned how to be a lady
  79. - Eva wonders if she really did it to help Kinzo when she grew up
  80. - Young Eva "That's not it. You swore to me, saying 'I will become the successor to the Ushiromiya family."
  81. - Eva says that a young version of her that had been 'created' when she had sworn to become the head always appeared when things got hard
  82. - See tip about 'Give up and die'
  83. - Eva says that she is 'another me'
  84. - Young Eva "Changing anger into power is my magic. I've saved you from several predicaments with that power, and allowed you to succeed where you shouldn't have succeeded."
  85. - Eva "Anger has always been my driving force"
  86. - Young Eva "Father said that he won't let a woman succeed the head 'now'. But that's never been anything more than a rule that Father decided on. Since Father decided on it, he can reject it."
  87. - This is taking place before Eva marries Hideyoshi (?)
  88. - Young Eva says that the time will come when Kinzo will realize Krauss' incompetence and 'surely' demolish the wall between her and Krauss. Eva asks how she can say surely. Young Eva replies that it is her magic
  89. - Young Eva says that the only thing necessary to create this miracle is for Eva to believe
  90. - Eva decides on the plan to have a child before Krauss to win Kinzo's favor
  91. - Young Eva asks if she is throwing away her dreams and even throwing Young Eva away
  92. - This conversation seems to be spanning a great period of time since now it seems like Jessica has been born when after that it seemed like Krauss wasn't even married.
  93. - Young Eva says that if they solve the riddle then they will become the head of the family
  94. - Young Eva is going to say something
  95. - Shows the first two lines of the epitaph
  96. - Eva wakes up and is on the boat to Rokkenjima
  97. - Kyrie is waking her up
  98. - Jessica and Battler are there
  99. - Jessica teases Battler about his fear of the boat
  100. - Everyone on the boat comes down and says that they have arrived and to get the luggage
  101. - Maria is excited
  102. - Eva is worried about how she's raised George
  103. - Kumasawa comes down to say that everyone else has left the boat
  104. - Hideyoshi makes an excuse for why they haven't gotten out yet
  105. - Hideyoshi asks if she had a bad nightmare again (she gets these frequently?)
  106. - Eva is worried that George and Hideyoshi hate her
  107. - Gohda shows up to ask if they are ok
  108. - Eva thinks she hears her younger self welcoming her back to Rokkenjima
  109. - No seagulls again
  110. - 10:30-2:00
  111. - Scene change to beach
  112. - Battler, Jessica, Shannon and George
  113. - George says that he wouldn't have recognized Battler if he hadn't been introduced
  114. - Jessica says that she knew it was him as soon as he opened his mouth
  115. - Maria says that this is the first time meeting him since she didn't know him 6 years ago
  116. - Shannon remembers Battler well somehow
  117. - Jessica "Shannon's memory is surprisingly good."
  118. - Maria "Maria's horrible at remembering. Remembers fun things well but horrible at boring things."
  119. - Battler says that he was born with a habit of speaking without thinking
  120. - Shannon says that she remembers other embarrassing things
  121. - Battler notices that George is normally pretty reserved with the servants but seems more intimate with Shannon
  122. - Jessica says that they have been going out for ~1 year but that they have probably had feelings for each other for several years
  123. - Jessica says to watch out for groups of girls since they can have seret feuds that you don't know anything about
  124. - Battler says that he was given that same advice by a girl in his class just last week
  125. - Battler seems to be having romantic thoughts
  126. - Jessica covered for Kanon in the rose garden
  127. - Battler says that love is not a matter of profit or loss but of heart
  128. - Battler wishes that he had gotten back together with his family sooner
  129. - Battler says that it shouldn't be that strange for relatives to get along, cue nervous laughter
  130. - Maria "A witch that I know said it. Happiness, if everyone doesn't believe in it, won't be granted."
  131. - Magic in the power of belief?
  132. - Battler wants the day to end peacefully
  133. - SURPRISE BEATRICE "Let it eeeeeeeeeennd?"
  134. - Game start! (bring it on)
  135. - third repeat
  136. - Maria is in the rose garden
  137. - Maria is searching for her rose again and can't find it
  138. - Maria seems to think that she should be able to find it if she looks from a different angle
  139. - Maria thinks that if she couldn't find her rose here then it would disappear forever (?)
  140. - Beatrice shows up to give Maria and umbrella to keep the rain off her
  141. - Beatrice says that she should use magic to search for the rose otherwise she may not be able to find it
  142. - Beatrice "All things in this world are transitory. Too bad, Maria. ...It seems that your rose couldn't withstand all of this wind and rain."
  143. - Beatrice "It was uprooted by the wind, and is no longer of this world."
  144. - Beatrice is being a bit mean to Maria (interesting)
  145. - Beatrice says that she will help revive the rose
  146. - She has Maria close her eyes
  147. - The rose is revived into a healthy rose. Beatrice marks it with golden lace
  148. - Beatrice gives Maria a letter
  149. - Kinzo again throws his ring out of his study window and it is struck by lightning
  150. - The ring turns into a butterfly (?) and flies toward the rose garden
  151. - The ring stops in midair 'almost as if some transparent person had caught it.'
  152. - 'Somehow, this seemed unexpected even to Beatrice'
  153. - 'However, she realized what, ...who it was and grinned broadly at it.'
  154. - Ronove appears (the heck is this dude?)
  155. - Beatrice has a buttler apparently
  156. - Ronove is apparently a demon (ok sure Beatrice)
  157. - Ronove is the 27th highest ranked great demon
  158. - Ronove offers Battler a handshake which Battler refuses
  159. - Battler begins to push back against Beatrice
  160. - So why couldn't Beatrice 'regain her power?'
  161. - Beatrice says that Battler has lost several pieces to Beatrice as well as a large advantage
  162. - Maria is reading out the letter from Beatrice
  163. - Young Eva "...See? My magic granted your wish..."
  164. - Eva is now pushing for the riddle solving to elect the next head
  165. - Eva gets mad at Rosa for doubting the letter
  166. - The younger three siblings realize that it is an opportunity to be the head of the family
  167. - The four siblings, Natsuhi and Hideyoshi leave the table to go and talk with Kinzo. Kyrie stays behind at Rudolf's request
  168. - George says that it is the parent's discussion and has nothing to do with them
  169. - Battler and Jessica are disgusted
  170. - Nanjo says that it is an adult discussion
  171. - Maria keeps saying that they have to believe
  172. - Kyrie says that she believes and asks Maria who gave her the letter
  173. - Maria tells Kyrie that it was Beatrice and also that Beatrice gave Maria an umbrella and fixed the rose
  174. - Kyrie asks for more detail
  175. - 7:30 to 8:00
  176. - 'They' were chased out of the room without dessert
  177. - The siblings were not able to get Kinzo to respond
  178. - Battler and Jessica are disgusted
  179. - George is saying that they should try and understand their parents
  180. - Maria is hiding in her bed
  181. - George says that a 19th person is unrealistic
  182. - Jessica suspects Shannon
  183. - The cousins agree to accept Beatrice as a 19th person to make sure that Maria isn't hurt anymore
  184. - Battler "They (Beatrice) will at least 'exist' inside Maria"
  185. - Jessica wonders if there has been someone living on the island since long ago
  186. - Jessica says she might live in the forest
  187. - Scene change to dining hall
  188. - Krauss wants to deny the letter as a prank but Kinzo's character seems to contradict this
  189. - The letter means that the siblings could become head but it also means that someone who wasn't one of the family could also solve it and get all of the money
  190. - Someone who plans something related to the letter is on the island today
  191. - They doubt each other but eventually all have to concede that it is pointless to doubt each other
  192. - Rosa suggests some cool drinks. Kyrie agrees and wants to take a break
  193. - Rudolf refuses the break but agrees to the drinks
  194. - Rosa calls the servants room with the telephone for the drinks (so it seems that the extension telephone is still working at this point)
  195. - Gohda sets the table and leaves
  196. - Natsuhi suspects Genji and the others and says that she should have fired them
  197. - Krauss and Eva also say that it was probably a servant who handed Maria the letter
  198. - Rosa says that all of the servants said they were to busy with chores to go out to Maria
  199. - Eva (?) Rosa (?) (internal) "If she did exist I'd love for her to appear. But no matter how much I wished, she didn't appear before me even once. She didn't save me from my crisis..."
  200. - The siblings had not completely denied the existence of a 19th person
  201. - The siblings suspect that Kinzo could have had a mistress named Beatrice living on the island
  202. - Rudolf "It's been suspected from the beginning that Father had some device or secret room in this mansion, and it has always been whispered that a secret mansion that none of us knew about was hidden somewhere on this island."
  203. - Krauss says that Kinzo spread the rumor that a large amount of gold is hidden by some mechanism
  204. - Eva says that their mother would scour the mansion looking for him when he was nowhere to be found and that she suspected a secret room as well
  205. - Kyrie says that Beatrice's hiding on the island is a 'Devil's Proof' (she also mentions that Rudolf is always talking about it)
  206. - Rudolf and Eva remember their mother would suddenly start to tear the house apart looking for Kinzo in her suspicion
  207. - Kinzo would always say that he had fallen asleep somewhere or that he had gone down for a walk on the beach but he always showed up in a place that the servants had already looked
  208. - Krauss "Every time Father went outside, he was oddly intent on avoiding places where he was visible, and was extremely cautious to prevent anyone from seeing him. He was like that to a very odd extent. But that actually made me sure. He must have been going out for some reason that the members of his family couldn't know about."
  209. - Kyrie asks how long the rumor has been around. Rudolf says since as long as they've been on the island, around 30 years.
  210. - Eva says that Krauss has been investigating the entire island. Krauss says that it is natural since he is planning on building the resort there.
  211. - The other siblings think that he knows about the existence of a hidden mansion
  212. - Eva taunts Rosa again because... Eva
  213. - Kyrie is skeptical because of the impracitcability of the story of a hidden mansion
  214. - Kyrie thinks that, because of all the things that a mistress would require, the chance of one living on the island for such a long time seems dubious at best
  215. - The entire theory rests on the character of Kinzo
  216. - Kinzo was forced by the elder's of the Ushiromiya's to marry someone for political reasons
  217. - The siblings now think that Beatrice is trying to make it so that she has a good shot at the inheritance, since she would have almost nothing otherwise
  218. - Natsuhi comes into the family register thanks to 'complicated circumstances'
  219. - Hideyoshi thinks that Beatrice already knows the answer to the riddle and will take all of the gold
  220. - If she does know the answer then why would she give them the riddle to solve and potentially get all of the gold for themselves
  221. - Why would the person assume that the sibling would just give up after hearing the answer to the riddle?
  222. - The siblings decide that unless there is a compelling force there would be no reason to hand the gold over and the game won't succeed
  223. - The siblings think that Beatrice will try and trade the 10 tons of gold for the Ushiromiya family inheritance
  224. - They think that Beatrice is going to use the fact that the siblings are all in bad financial straites to try and take over as the head of the family
  225. - Kyrie thinks that the goal of Beatrice's letter is to disturb the alliance of the siblings
  226. - The narrator explains that Krauss had indeed been embezzling Kinzo's personal assets
  227. - Krauss seems willing to go and negotiate
  228. - Narrator "In other words, Beatrice's victory was already guaranteed in this 'game'. Not as the winner of 'Beatrice's game', ... but as the winner of 'Kinzo's game'."
  229. - Kyrie thinks that there is still a catch, why would Beatrice go to all these intricacies instead of just coming out and saying what she wanted to do
  230. - Kyrie thinks that Beatrice is arrogant or playing
  231. - Challenging the siblings, Kyrie thinks, is nothing but a risk to Beatrice
  232. - Kyrie says that Beatrice is trying to rub her position in their faces and that it is not uncommon for people with an overwhelming advantage to do this to show off to the losers
  233. - Young Beatrice is saying that if she were the one to solve it then she could be the head all by herself and take all the gold
  234. - Eva accepts the challenge
  235. - 9pm
  236. - Meta
  237. - Ronove says that it is furniture's joy to serve
  238. - Ronove says that Battler seems more prepared now since he now has some idea on how he could fight the witch
  239. - Battler thinks that he's found a counter to his weakness of not wanting to accept one of the 18 by accepting that there is a 19th person
  240. - Ronove tests Battler by asking if he has any proof of this 19th person
  241. - Battler says that this is a Devil's Proof
  242. - It's impossible to prove that the mansion and 19th person DON'T exist
  243. - Battler is using the same move as Beatrice
  244. - Ronove likes the move
  245. - Ronove mentions 'Hempel's Raven'
  246. - You can prove that ravens are black by proving that birds that are not black are not ravens
  247. - Hempel's Raven requires you to accept the fact that there are no more than two options and that the contrapositive proves the positive
  248. - Battler realizes that Beatrice only has to show that the 19th person is not guilty to show that the 18 people are
  249. - The strongest defense against this, it seems, is to say that the contrapositive does not make the other true
  250. - Battler (dotted) "There's always one more than you assume"
  251. - Battler "Repeat it. 'On this island, there are no more than 18 people'"
  252. - Beatrice refuses to say this
  253. - Battler is latching on to the idea of a hidden mistress
  254. - Battler "Repeat it. 'There are at least 19 people on this island'"
  255. - Battler thinks that, by getting Beatrice to have to confirm how many people are on the island he has managed to close Beato in
  256. - Battler "They (witches) could only exist in the valleys between truths. ... They were a fragile existence, curled up in these cracks, frantically trying to protect themselves from the brutal winds of truth, and they could only barely exist like a mirage by surviving on falsehoods and illusions."
  257. - Beatrice again refuses to confirm in red that there are at least 19 people on the island
  258. - Beatrice says that Rosa will explain for her why she didn't speak in red
  259. - Back to the siblings' discussion
  260. - All of the siblings remark on how listless Rosa seems
  261. - Narrator "The other siblings also began to realize that something about her appearance was different from usual"
  262. - Rosa wonders whether Beatrice is dead or alive
  263. - She then says that Beatrice is dead
  264. - Rosa says that she killed Beatrice
  265. - Rosa "It's not like I killed... but I was the one that brought her to a place like that!... I really did kill her... I tried to make myself believe it was a dream!! But it wasn't really a dream was it?! Which means this is, ... a letter from Beatrice's ghost!!"
  266. - Natsuhi gives some water to Rosa
  267. - Cut to some other place (looks like where Beatrice's dream was originally)
  268. - Kinzo is here
  269. - As is, apparently, Beatrice
  270. - Beatrice asks who she is
  271. - Kinzo says he will get some black tea
  272. - Beatrice says that until today, nobody has told her who she is
  273. - Beatrice says that she thinks of Kinzo as her best friend or even as a father
  274. - Kinzo says that she is Beatrice, the Master of 'this' mansion (which mansion)
  275. - Beatrice is having an identity crisis apparently
  276. - Beatrice and Battler pop up to briefly confirm that this is Beatrice's past
  277. - Beatrice lived only in the mansion and its garden and all of that was surrounded by a tall fence which she could not get through
  278. - Battler "Heh. I'm sure you'll say something like 'I wasn't a human, I was a witch,' right?"
  279. - Beatrice "No, that's wrong. That's (dotted) still (end dots) wrong. ...Or should I say it (dotted) used to be wrong"
  280. - Beatrice "I was constructed by Kinzo, a human built by a human"
  281. - Beatrice says that she was a great witch who was summoned by Kinzo and bound as his prisoner 'for eternity'
  282. - She then says that she was supposed to hide herself until the contract was over and that Kinzo fell in love with her
  283. - She says that the power of humans is a frightening thing and that Kinzo rooted her to that place
  284. - Kinzo said that she wouldn't be freed until she nodded her head in agreement (of marriage?)
  285. - Beatrice confirms that this other mansion is deep in forest of Rokkenjima
  286. - The name of the mansion is Kuwadorian (Nine Birds' Retreat)
  287. - Guest House is called Toraian (Visitor's Retreat)
  288. - Beatrice says that it would be more correct to say that she was shut up in this body rather than shut up in the mansion
  289. - Beatrice says that she threw away her body of flesh
  290. - Beatrice says that she was brought back to a body and that this new body was a homunculus created by Kinzo
  291. - Battler insults Beato and she leaves
  292. - Ronove agrees to finish the story for Battler
  293. - Ronove says that she received new life as a homunculus baby
  294. - Ronove says that she lost all of her memories since the body influences the soul, even though the soul was the same
  295. - He also says that she had lost all of her powers as a witch
  296. - Ronove can speak in red?
  297. - Ronove says that the memory that we are seeing is from 19 years ago
  298. - One of the seven stakes comes in to call Ronove away
  299. - Oldest Sister of the seven stakes is Lucifer
  300. - She stabs Battler in the back of his hand with her fingernails that she grows out
  301. - Back to the table with the siblings
  302. - Rosa starts talking
  303. - Rosa says that she was probably in middle school
  304. - Rudolf says that this would then be about 20 years ago
  305. - Rosa says that their Mother was always angry with her about grades
  306. - Rosa says that she realized that she could run away but that there wasn't anywhere to really run to on the island
  307. - Rosa says that it might have been to make the parents worry
  308. - Rosa stumbles across the Kuwadorian fence
  309. - Rosa says that Beatrice believed that there were dangerous wolves in the forest
  310. - Apparently Kinzo had said the same story to Eva and Krauss but had changed to witch for Rudolf when he wasn't scared of the wolves
  311. - Rosa says that it seemed like there was something that Beatrice was worried about
  312. - Beatrice "...Are there really no wolves beyond the fence?"
  313. - Beatrice compares herself to an animal in a zoo
  314. - Beatrice says that she isn't a great witch and that she only has the soul sealed up inside of her
  315. - Rosa invites Beatrice outside
  316. - Beatrice accepts and says that she wants to see the outside world
  317. - Beatrice says that she has had enough of being Beatrice
  318. - Beatrice and Rosa exit through the gap in the fence
  319. - Rosa is lost in the forest with Beatrice but Beatrice is having a grand old time
  320. - They reach a beach eventually
  321. - Beatrice falls down the cliff while asking about aquariums
  322. - Beatrice dies as Rosa watches
  323. - Beatrice and Battler again; Battler gets killed again
  324. - Beatrice says that the body was definitely dead but not that the body was definitely Beatrice
  325. - Narrator is identified as Beatrice?
  326. - Beatrice's spirit is narrating
  327. - Beatrice 'destroys her human form and turns it into butterflies'
  328. - Beatrice says that she was kept from leaving the island by Kinzo
  329. - She mentions the shrine that was built on the reef
  330. - Ronove says that the island was originally a place that spiritual things were attracted to
  331. - Beatrice says that because the magic is Eastern and that she is a Western witch she did not know how to break it
  332. - Beatrice calls it a miracle that Kinzo was able to hold her at all
  333. - Beatrice says that Kinzo tried many ways to recapture her and eventually found the ritual with the 13 people
  334. - Ronove says that the ceremony victims should be chosen randomly (but how?)
  335. - Beatrice says that the whole thing on Rokkenjima is Kinzo's idea and his game
  336. - What is the difference in what Beatrice says in red and what Battler wanted her to say in red? Why does she say it now?
  337. - Battler doesn't want to doubt one of the 18
  338. - Shows location of most of the characters
  339. - No Maria or Kumasawa
  340. - Clock strikes midnight
  341. - Kinzo in his study
  342. - Kinzo's antique clock with an intricate design keeps going (just felt like putting this here, I don't know why)
  343. - Kinzo comparing his life to reaching 24 on a clock instead of reseting to 0
  344. - Kinzo repeats the tarot card reading over and over until he gets the result that he wants
  345. - Kinzo picks up the receiver in his room and calls someone (Kanon?) asking for Genji
  346. - Cut to Shannon outside of the mansion
  347. - Shannon is embarassed about accepting the ring right away
  348. - Shannon hears the sound of footsteps through puddles
  349. - Genji and Kanon are coming towards her together
  350. - Genji says that Kinzo has ordered them to the study saying that it is urgent
  351. - Kanon says that Kinzo said he had a premonition of misfortune
  352. - Kanon "It would be convenient if he could carry out the ceremony by himself"
  353. - Genji "We will enter from the back, so that Gohda doesn't notice us. Hide your footsteps."
  354. - Shannon is not as good as Kanon and Genji at hiding her footsteps and being invisible as it were
  355. - The three sense something was 'different than usual'
  356. - When they get to the top of the stairs they can smell the alcohol that Kinzo likes
  357. - Kanon "...The barrier is, ...dead"
  358. - The magic barrier that normally protects Kinzo is 'dead'
  359. - Genji tells Shannon to protect their backs and tells Kanon to search the room
  360. - Kanon "No. (dotted) It's too quiet"
  361. - Narrator "The heavy sound meant that the door could be opened (dotted) even by humans."
  362. - Beatrice is in the study with Kinzo?
  363. - Genji knows Ronove apparently
  364. - Kanon seems to hate Beatrice
  365. - Kinzo and Beatrice are playing chess and Kinzo has his head down looking like he is thinking over a move (or in anguish)
  366. - Beatrice says that she told Kinzo good and bad news and that the good news was that he would be reunited with her before the ceremony ends
  367. - The bad news was that he would be selected for the very first sacrifice of the ceremony
  368. - Beatrice says that there is nothing that she can do about it since it was selected by the roulette
  369. - Beatrice "...This is a final tribute from me to you. Without reserve, ...sleep."
  370. - Kinzo catched fire?
  371. - Kinzo burns up (a metalic clang is heard?)
  372. - Kanon "... Horrible"
  373. Beatrice "Hmph. You should talk. Even though you think that was a fitting way for him to die..."
  374. - Beatrice "It seems I just can't get along with Kanon. It's not as though you hate me that much right...?"
  375. - Beatrice (to Kanon) "I am always gracious to those who are about to die."
  376. - Shannon says that receiving the ring was already more than she deserves (this doesn't sound anything like the Shannon that we saw in the last episode)
  377. - Beatrice says that she tortured Shannon to much last time since she is taking a philosophical view of things
  378. - Beatrice hopes that Kanon will entertain her
  379. - Lucifer is summoned (Pride)
  380. - Beatrice says that if Kanon can defeat Lucifer then he can choose who of the 5 will survive
  381. - Kanon says that he wants to know that the ocean is blue like Shannon
  382. - Handswords again
  383. - Beatrice is showing Battler all this magic
  384. - Beatrice "...Isn't he stronger than he was against Satan?"
  385. Ronove "That is why furniture is so frightening. Sometimes they even become witches, and treat demons as butlers."
  386. - Kanon beats Lucifer
  387. - Lucifer becomes a stake and tries to pierce Kanon's heart
  388. - Kanon blocks the stab with his left hand
  389. - Ronove says that Kanon's victory shows that some of Kinzo's research was correct
  390. - Beatrice is now saying that Kanon has to defeat all of the seven stakes
  391. - The six other sisters mock Lucifer and get her to beg them for help
  392. - The seven sisters dash around the room and 'carve a red character into his body'
  393. - Shannon is putting up her barrier for Kanon again
  394. - Narrator "The sound like beetles jumping around grew even more fierce and filled the room"
  395. - Shannon is really good at annoying Beatrice
  396. - Beatrice "Look at me, I am a human!!"
  397. - Beatrice "It's not a regreeeet, this is called living!! What's this about receiving a ring, so it's alright if you die?! Aaaah, I can't understand it, not a clue, dejected, astonished, shocked, it's all uselesss!!"
  398. - Genji mercy kills Shannon?
  399. - Crimson rose on both Shannon and Kanon (whom Genji also mercy kills)
  400. - Ronove (to Genji) "You have worked hard. You are my greatest servant"
  401. - Slightly after 12:15 to 12:20
  402. - Ghoda doing nighttime rounds
  403. - Natsuhi had created a stir about the witch when people did not lock the door before and so the routine was now to lock the doors and windows.
  404. - The uproar had occured before Gohda had gotten there
  405. - Gohda says that he can see how someone might think that they saw a ghost or something
  406. - Gohda again talks about the servant who had gotten injured
  407. - Gohda thinks that he hears a sound, possibly from the kitchen, like metal hitting the floor
  408. - Gohda hears a 'clanking' sound
  409. - Gohda thinks that it sounds like the lid of a pressure cooker shaking on the pot
  410. - Gohda sees that the pressure cooker really had been set up but the gas was not on
  411. - The lid is still clanking though
  412. - Ghoda hits it with a pestle and it stops
  413. - Ghoda puts the lid back on the pot and it starts clanking again (sounds like there are vibrations coming from somewhere else making the lid vibrate on the pot
  414. - Ghoda gets killed by the seven stakes
  415. - The sisters look for her and she isn't in either the guest house or the mansion
  416. - They find her in the rose garden with no umbrella
  417. - Kumasawa got magic too?
  418. - Beatrice says that Kumasawa is her original teacher, the one from whom she inherited the name Beatrice
  419. - And we're back to white haired Beatrice
  420. - The two Beatrice's begin to duel
  421. - Battler and older Beatrice meet in the Meta
  422. - Earth tremor and some huge towers pop up
  423. - 'boorish' sound
  424. - Ronove "A wonderful Epaulette Mate by Madam"
  425. - Ronove "She avoided the holy spear. It is a law of the gods that an absolute spear and an absolute shield must not fight each other."
  426. - Beatrice barely escapes death by hammer
  427. - Older Beatrice wins by smothered mate
  428. - Old Beatrice is stripping Beatrice of her power and name
  429. - Cry of pain from Beatrice
  430. - Creepy hedgehog behind old Beatrice
  431. - Old Beatrice died to the thrid and fourth towers that Beatrice had summoned and had been revived and then killed again
  432. - Ronove says that the first twilight will require some cleaning up
  433. - 1 am to 6 am
  434. - All of the siblings and spouses seem to still be in the dining hall. They had talked all night
  435. - There is a horrible smell again
  436. - Rudolf and 'the others' go looking for the source of the smell
  437. - Boiler room again
  438. - Door to the boiler room is locked (the back door isn't though)
  439. - Natsuhi and 'the rest' looking for someone in the servant's room
  440. - Door to the parlor has the painted symbol on it
  441. - Eva's group had thought that it was coming from the kitchen and saw that there was no one making breakfast yet
  442. - Kyrie says that there was one on the boiler room as well
  443. - The parlor is locked which is generally not the case
  444. - Eva says that they (the siblings) were together the whole time and so have alibis
  445. - Rosa says that she is worried about the children and that she will go to the guest house
  446. - Rudolf says that the magic circles might not just be where they have already found them
  447. - Krauss says that he will go and try and talk to Kinzo
  448. - Cousins room is on the second floor of the guesthouse
  449. - All of the cousins found to be alseep by Rosa
  450. - Nanjo is also alright in the guest house
  451. - Kyrie and Hideyoshi searching for servants; find no one (guesthouse servant room is empty)
  452. - Morning shift begins at 6 according to the chart in the servants' room
  453. - Nap room is also empty according to Kyrie but a futon had been taken out (not warm)
  454. - Kyrie "Although it would be nice if an envelope with the crest, like the one handed to Maria-chan, were to appear"
  455. - Rosa "That's right. Maybe Nii-san and the rest have found that in the mansion."
  456. - Hideyoshi suggests going back to the mansion, to which Nanjo agrees
  457. - Rosa says that she will stay with the children
  458. - Kyrie says that she will also stay and watch over the children
  459. - Rudolf was right in saying that there might be more magic circles because more had been found
  460. - Rudolf, Krauss and Natsuhi all meet up again and confirm that Krauss can't sense Kinzo and that Natsuhi can't find any servants
  461. - Eva is also there (and kind of hysterical)
  462. - Magic circles on the boiler room, parlor, two on the second floor and one on the third floor (5 in total)
  463. - All the same magic circle and all the rooms are locked
  464. - They (Rudolf, Natsuhi, Krauss and Eva) decide to check the boiler room first since they think it might pose a threat
  465. - Natsuhi says that the key should be in the keybox in the servants' room
  466. - Krauss "...It's so packed with keys."
  467. Eva "It isn't here. No matter how much we look, we won't find the key to the boiler room."
  468. - Rudolf "Look, Aneki. ...Only the keys to the rooms with those magic circles drawn on them, aren't here at all."
  469. Natsuhi "...It's true. ...How troublesome..."
  470. - Eva "It's as though someone didn't want us to go in the rooms with the magic circles. ...No, they went to all the trouble of making those magic circles obvious, so they wanted us to enter...?"
  471. - As they are talking about the keys in the servants' room, Hideyoshi and Nanjo return to the mansion
  472. - Krauss greets them
  473. - Hideyoshi "What is it? Did you find a letter or somethin'? I was sure you would have found somethin' like that by now..."
  474. - Eva agrees that there should be some letter like the one that Maria got
  475. - They decide to smash a window to get into the parlor
  476. - Curtains were down so they can't peak into the window
  477. - Rudolf finds a rock bigger than a fist with which to break the window
  478. - Eva tells him to smash it just enough so that he can open the window
  479. - Rudolf does so
  480. - They don't see anything in the parlor right away
  481. - Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, and Nanjo enter the parlor as a group
  482. - Nanjo remarks that nothing seems to have changed
  483. - Krauss, Natsuhi and Eva see Shannon
  484. - Shannon was 'in the shadow of the sofa' which is why they hadn't noticed her until then
  485. - Battler is kind of freaking out
  486. - Battler can't think of a way to explain the magic that he saw
  487. - White haired Beatrice comes to talk to Battler
  488. - Battler is angry at Predecessor Beatrice
  489. - P. Beatrice talks about a rain dance, phlogiston and caloric as examples of things that used to be an explanation of phenomenon that is not accepted anymore thanks to modern science
  490. - P. Beatrice "In the past, humans called the limits of their knowledge,, ignorance itself, magic."
  491. - P. Beatrice "If they obtain a result without knowing the principles, isn't that magic to them?"
  492. - Braun tube: science or gremlins?
  493. - P. Beatrice "A 'Devil's Proof' is a form of underhanded sophistry formed by claiming that it is impossible to prove a negative fact. However, it is different from what I am talking about with Braun tubes."
  494. - The scientific and magical theory can be tested by looking inside of a Braun tube
  495. - Two truths existing at the same time until verified
  496. - Narrator (P. Beatrice) "Strictly speaking, it (Rokkenjima) has been moved from that world of science to the gap between that world and the world of magic"
  497. - P. Beatrice tells Battler to think of it as a trial where Beatrice and him are making opposing claims
  498. - P. Beatrice "If you listen to that child's claim, you may hear it as though it were the truth. See it as though it were the truth. (dotted) You truly were shown that."
  499. - Battler "So, 'no matter what kind of magic Beato shows me, in this world, that cannot become proof that magic exists'."
  500. - Battler asks why they don't just look at the Braun tube to decide it
  501. - That's the game part
  502. - P. Beatrice takes the name Virgilia
  503. - She says that is means the one who is a guide to Beatrice
  504. - Virgilia "I will guide you to that child who waits at the summit of the Mount Purgatory"
  505. - Yeeeeh boiiiiiii Battler is back
  506. - 6:25am to 7:00 am
  507. - Battler wakes up to Jessica and George crying over Kanon and Shannon's deaths
  508. - Everyone who is alive is in the lobby of the guest house (1st floor)
  509. - There are 12 of them
  510. - Maria had gone back to sleep in the sofa that Rosa was sitting in
  511. - There were 4 guns altogether in Kinzo's collection
  512. - Each of the four siblings has one of the guns
  513. - There are boxes of bullets that the siblings are loading the guns from
  514. - Eva thinks that it might be someone else's body substituted for Kinzo's to trick them
  515. - Again, there are 6 toes on Kinzo's feet
  516. - Total of 6 corpses had been found
  517. - 'Kinzo' had been found in the boiler room 'completely burnt'.
  518. - Nanjo says that the servants could have been stabbed by something like a spear or shot by a gun
  519. - George wants to see Shannon's corpse
  520. - They do not feel comfortable in the mansion so they move to the guest house since it is smaller
  521. - Guest house is smaller than the mansion and only two stories and about 10 rooms
  522. - Letter found in the boiler room (see Tips)
  523. - The opinion that they should search the mansion for the culprit was brought up but that was shot down
  524. - Battler (inner) "while they might have been able to kill more than six people, they had (dotted) stopped at 6"
  525. - Battler "Now, all I could do was be taught how to use a gun, to prepare for the off-chance that something would happen which (dotted) led to an excess of guns..."
  526. - Battler "That's alright. Just obediently stay there, (dotted) me and the rest of you."
  527. - Virgilia thinks that Beatrice is doing this to take the pieces that Battler most suspects
  528. - Battler "Beato already proclaimed in red that there are no more than 18 people on this island. ...Like, ...(dotted)she's saying 'Give up'."
  529. - Virgilia "That chile will probably come at you by stealing the pieces for the 18, and descending as a 19th person who shouldn't exist, thereby making you accept that she is a witch."
  530. - Beato "The term closed room refers to a room where the inside and the outside of the room are completely separated. Obviously, for any form of intrusion or escape, no intervention is possible. That comprehensively includes a denial of hidden doors, as well as all margin for intervention from the outside."
  531. - The above is 'Beatrice's closed room definition'
  532. - Margin for intervention from the outside = all types of direct intervention from the outside, such as using a fishing line or a long, thin rod.
  533. - Basically, once the room is closed there is no way for someone from the outside to interact with the inside
  534. - Beatrice "I add to this definition that it is impossible for radio waves and related methods of remote control to interfere."
  535. - Beatrice also includes the phones
  536. - Beatrice "All direct and indirect methods of interfering from the outside of the room to the inside of the closed room are impossible"
  537. - Beatrice "...Even though it is a closed room, it probably isn't impossible for someone to knock or call out. Whether the room allows for a mutual understanding with the outside or not, it does not go against the definition of a closed room."
  538. - Shannon had one master key on her corpse
  539. - The relatives who discovered her collected this key
  540. - Along with the key there was also a western envelope with the family crest
  541. - Instead of a letter there was a key to the guest room on the second floor (Where Kumasawa was found)
  542. - This key is the only one, other than the master keys that can open the guest room on the second floor
  543. - Beatrice confirms that there is only one of this kind of key (though not in red)
  544. - The adults then move to the second floor
  545. - They unlock the door with the key that they found on Shannon's body (how did they know which door the key unlocked?)
  546. - They find the body of Kumasawa
  547. - The room is a closed room
  548. - Kumasawa has a master key on her corpse
  549. - The adults collect it
  550. - There is an envelope with Kumasawa
  551. - Inside is the key to the third floor waiting room (Gohda's body)
  552. - They discover Gohda's body (no mention of what key is used to open this door
  553. - This room is also a closed room based on Beatrice's definition
  554. - Gohda also has a master key and an envelope with a key to the second floor VIP room (the same one that Beatrice was in last episode and now contains Genji's body)
  555. - They move to the second floor's VIP room
  556. - Beatrice says that Genji's room is a closed room
  557. - Genji's corpse is discovered in the VIP room
  558. - Genji has a master key and envelope as well
  559. - The key goes to the boiler room (Kinzo's body)
  560. - The boiler room is not called a closed room
  561. - Kinzo's body is discovered and a key to the chapel is discovered (no envelope?)
  562. - They move to the chapel
  563. - Kanon's corpse was discovered in the chapel
  564. - The chapel is not called a closed room
  565. - A master key and the key to the parlor are discovered (again, envelope?)
  566. - Along with the key to the chapel there was also a letter with Kinzo's body
  567. - Virgilia says that Nanjo checked to see if all of them are dead
  568. - It is impossible to deny the possibility of a wrong diagnosis
  569. - Beatrice doesn't like Battler not talking to her
  570. - There is a limited ability to prove things on the humans' side
  571. - Battler "repeat it!! 'The six victims are all dead'"
  572. - Battler "Then repeat this! No one is hiding in any of the six rooms!"
  573. - Battler "Repeat this too. 'The six deaths were instant deaths'!"
  574. - Beatrice "By instant death, I mean that as soon as they were attacked, they became incapable of action."
  575. - Virgilia "Beatrice, it is a 'Devil's Proof'. The fact that he cannot explain the form of the trap, does not in itself deny that there was a trap!"
  576. - Battler asks for a definition of traps
  577. - Beatrice "Something invoked when a victim gets caught in it by their own actions."
  578. - Beatrice "Aaah..., that's not all! Things invoked by remote control or by a timer, ...everything like that is also included!"
  579. - Battler "That's right, it's not about how to kill from the outside. It's about how they died inside the room and created a closed room!"
  580. - Battler is sugesting suicide as a way to close the rooms
  581. - Battler "Repeat it!! 'The six were all killed by other people'!!"
  582. - Beato seems hesitant to admit this
  583. - She refuses to repeat it
  584. - She doesn't repeat exactly what Battler says
  585. - One of the deaths was an accident?
  586. - Battler "After culprit X, who was hiding among the 6, committed murder, they constructed a closed room. ...Then they planned to escape from or hide in that room by some method.
  587. However, (dotted) there was an accident!!"
  588. - Beatrice "I'll slice up that foolish checkmate with my red treasured sword over and over again!! An accidental death among the six people was,"
  589. - Ronove shuts Beatrice up before she can finish and asks for some time to strategize
  590. - Beatrice resigns after cooling her head
  591. - 9:00 (am?)
  592. - Maria got bored and wanted to watch TV so 'we' (probably the cousins?) decide to go to the cousin's room
  593. - The adults tell the kids to go to the second floor cousin's room
  594. - Nanjo noticed that the siblings seem to want to talk about something 'sinister'
  595. - Nanjo returns to his room on the second floor
  596. - Change of narrator?
  597. - Krauss suggests sleeping in shifts since they are all so tired
  598. - Eva says that the murderer might be expecting that they will do that and hope that they will reduce the number of 'guards' so to speak
  599. - The adults seem hesitant to sleep since there is an unknown killer
  600. - Eva has the epitaph written down and they decide to challenge it
  601. - Natsuhi goes to get some paper from the servant's room
  602. - She brings back a piece of B4 paper
  603. - Narrator "Kyrie was disturbed at being praised for something so strange"
  604. - Kyrie wonders what the 'beloved hometown' means
  605. - Kyrie wonders if it is Kinzo's and since he calls it 'beloved' it was somewhere he cared about
  606. - Eva doesn't think that Odawara was the hometown that Kinzo loved
  607. - The siblings say that Kinzo really didn't want to become the head of the Ushiromiya family
  608. - The place that the siblings are thinking of has gone through a lot of development and so there may or may not have been a river with sweetfish in it
  609. - Krauss says that 'there is no single river' and that each of the siblings investigated thoroughly
  610. - Krauss says that Eva even went to investigate the place in person, which she says was just a vacation
  611. - Kyrie says that 'something seems to be presented by the first two lines' and that the next three lines continue based on that something
  612. - Kyrie thinks that the image of a sweetfish river seems to be a metaphor
  613. - Hideyoshi says that sweetfish are born in a freshwater river and move to the ocean and then return to the river after they have gotten bigger to lay eggs
  614. - Rosa says that it reminds her of herself
  615. - Eva says that she suspected that it refers to Rosa and Maria
  616. - Krauss says that if you go down the 'river' (family tree) you will find a village which has a the same character as in Maria's name
  617. - Kinzo has told Rosa to give Maria a completely different name
  618. - Rosa made the decision to change the name to Maria on her own and Kinzo was very mad about that
  619. - Rosa thinks it is unlikely that he would reference Maria's name in the epitaph
  620. - Because Kinzo is reluctant to be the head of the family he would not call his family 'beloved' necessarily
  621. - Eva "If you don't have both a micro and a macro perspective, your field of vision grows narrow. ...Holding an abstract image of a river where fish swim, or something flowing, ...up or down. It might be better if you don't think too deeply and be flexible."
  622. - Kyrie suggests splitting it up into 4 parts instead
  623. - They think that perhaps the riddle is playing with letters
  624. - Perhaps the 'kill' part of the riddle refers to removing some of the letters in the riddle
  625. - While everywhere else is written as 'Golden Land', at the tenth twilight it talks about the 'village of gold' instead
  626. - Beatrice is annoyed at something and says that it is 'boring'
  627. - Virgilia says that Beatrice saying in red that there are no more than 18 people on this island she had cornered herself
  628. - Virgilia says that this game will be a difficult one for Beatrice
  629. - Beatrice asks Virgilia for a hint on how to beat Battler (she wants a good move)
  630. - Virgilia's hint: Aesop's 'The North Wind and the Sun'
  631. - Virgilia says that there Beatrice is misunderstanding the game and her own victory conditions
  632. - Virgilia seems to be suggesting that there is more to it than making Battler surrender
  633. - Virgilia says that the true victory condition is to make Battler accept Beatrice's existence
  634. - Young Eva comes in to scold Eva
  635. - Young Eva seems to be helping Eva with the solution to the riddle
  636. - Eva appears to be on to something
  637. - The lobby is partitioned off by a door and so when you go into the corridor the people in the lobby can no longer see you
  638. - The archive is next to the servant's room
  639. - Eva locks the archive from the inside
  640. - Eva thinks that she's found the answer to the key
  641. - 9:37 to 10:00
  642. - Eva seems to be going down a hidden staircase
  643. - Eva 'recognizes the deep-red characters'
  644. - Beatrice finds the gold (?)
  645. - Young Eva congratulates herself and Eva for the finding of the gold
  646. - Eva says that she is the real Beatrice
  647. - Eva meets Rosa at the top of the stair case
  648. - Rosa says that she shouldn't have given Eva that hint
  649. - It seems like Rosa has also worked out the riddle
  650. - Rosa says that she worried too much about the sweetfish part
  651. - Eva says that it didn't have to be sweetfish but that she was able to figure it out when she heard that sweetfish are fish that go out into the sea
  652. - Eva lowers her gun and then Rosa does too
  653. - Eva says that she trusts Rosa of all the siblings
  654. - Eva and Rosa go back to the Golden Room
  655. - The Golden Room's entrance seems to not be in the guest house (not really surprising)
  656. - Eva and Rosa are returning to the guest house through the rose garden and have to be secretive about it
  657. - Eva tells Rosa to wait before telling everyone about the discovery of the gold
  658. - Rosa says that it is 'against the rules' to withhold that information
  659. - Rosa wants to make sure that Eva does not keep all of the gold for herself
  660. - Rosa says that the murder case is probably just a farce by the servants
  661. - Rosa thinks that Nanjo is in on the plot and that it is all a ruse designed by Kinzo
  662. - Rosa is trying to get Eva to proclaim herself as the victor
  663. - Eva is trying to convince Rosa to wait until she can work out logistics
  664. - Rosa "...I will support your position (dotted) as much as possible"
  665. - The Young Eva is saying that all of the gold is hers
  666. - Beatrice appears to talk to Young Eva in the Golden Room
  667. - Beatrice says that Young Eva is the rightful head of the Ushiromiya family
  668. - Young Beatrice gets the Head Ring
  669. - Beatrice says that she is now giving her title to Young Eva as Virgilia did to her once
  670. - There is a succession ceremony
  671. - Young Eva gets a makeover
  672. - Portraits change
  673. - Virgilia comes to congratulate New Beatrice
  674. - Ronove comes to congratulate her as well
  675. - Lambdadelta comes to tell New Beatrice to thank her for her recommendation
  676. - Bern also comes along to say that New Beatrice's promotion is more of a coincidence then a miracle so she isn't so interested
  677. - Battler thinks that it is a fact that Eva solved the riddle
  678. - Ronove suggest viewing it as a visualization of a different being inside of Eva
  679. - Narrator again using 'I' which puts themselves at the 'coronation'
  680. - Seems like the narrator is Battler
  681. - Battler and Beato applaud Eva
  682. - 10:30
  683. - Rosa returns to the lobby of the guest house
  684. - Rosa says that she won't go to sleep yet
  685. - Natsuhi suggests that Rudolf and Kyrie go to sleep and they refuse too
  686. - Natsuhi "You two truly are close" (Thanks Natsuhi, thanks)
  687. - Eva thinks that Rosa will talk about the gold behind her back
  688. - Rosa "...What is it? Nee-san, you've been acting strange for a while? Shouldn't you get a little rest now?"
  689. Eva "...You're right. Just thinking about (dotted) raising money by March (end dots) makes my headache hurt even worse."
  690. - Just as Rosa is talking about Maria they hear a sound that sounds like someone stamping their feet as well as Maria's uuu
  691. - The children and Nanjo come downstairs thanks to Maria's tantrum
  692. - Maria is crying about her rose again
  693. - George says that she suddenly woke up and started asking about it
  694. - Maria says that it was her and Beatrice's rose and that if she doesn't take care of it then Beatrice will get mad
  695. - Rosa has child sedatives
  696. - The bottle is empty
  697. - Maria keeps crying louder
  698. - Eva seems to have a fever and is lying in bed while Maria is pitching a fit downstairs
  699. - Hideyoshi says that only people who believe can see magic
  700. - Eva "Somehow... I feel like I'm becoming something that isn't myself, ...and I've been scared for a while now."
  701. - Eva "I get the feeling that the witch inside of me, was provoked by Beatrice, and is growing stronger and stronger. ...Somehow it feels like she's going to swallow me up."
  702. - Hideyoshi says that they had gone to 'a dangerous country' and the bus got robbed and he 'repelled 'em'
  703. - Eva says that he just handed over his gold watch and begged them to go away
  704. - Eva falls asleep
  705. - Sound of a door being opened violently at that time (coming from the lobby?)
  706. - It sounds like Maria
  707. - HIdeyoshi goes to tell them to keep it down since it seems to make Eva worse
  708. - Hideyoshi removes the chain from the door and sticks his head out
  709. - Rosa and Maria are there (Maria is as annoying as ever)
  710. - Rosa slaps Maria and covers her mouth while dragging her away
  711. - Hideyoshi says that their George is almost too good to be true
  712. - Eva goes to sleep properly this time
  713. - Rosa had told the children to go back upstairs and is now trying to calm Maria down
  714. - Maria is still worried about the rose and wants to check on it
  715. - Rosa tries to tell Maria to worry about it tomorrow
  716. - Maria starts to cry again
  717. - Rosa covers her mouth again
  718. - Maria suddenly stops crying
  719. - Creepy Maria is back (yay?)
  720. - Maria "...If Maria can see her rose, Maria will be quiet until tomorrow."
  721. - Maria "...If we go to the rose garden and see Maria's rose, Maria will be obedient."
  722. - The adults are ignoring the situation with Rosa and Maria
  723. - The kids are upstairs on the second floor watching TV and talking about something else
  724. - Battler seems slightly upset that Rosa and Maria seem like they will die
  725. - Maria finds the rose with the golden lace
  726. - Butterflies again
  727. - Eva seems to be getting worse
  728. - Eva starts breathing heavily
  729. - Eva appears in the rose garden
  730. - Maria seems to realize that it is not Eva
  731. - New Beatrice raises Rosa and herself into the sky
  732. - New Beatrice "You said it. You said that you flew through the sky in your dream. And you also said that you hadn't wanted to wake up. You were even mad at me since I had woken you up right?"
  733. - Rosa falls into a rose bush and dies instantly
  734. - Rosa is then brought back to life
  735. - New Beatrice keeps killing Rosa and bringing her back to life
  736. - Eva-Beatrice throws cake down on Rosa
  737. - Rosa was crushed to death by cake
  738. - Rosa turns into a butterfly
  739. - Eaten by spider
  740. - Eva-Beatrice says that she and Rosa would play around by throwing butterflies into a spider web and seeing how the spider would attack
  741. - Eva-Beatrice says that it happened before Rosa got into grade school
  742. - Beatrice says that she understands that kind of play and that she wants to see what Battler would do with magic
  743. - Beatrice wants to teach Battler about the joy of magic
  744. - Battler gets mad at Beatrice and slaps her
  745. - Man, Battler is pissed at her
  746. - Beatrice seems confused as to why Battler is so mad.
  747. - Beatrice says that humans are ok with anything as long as the end result is ok
  748. - Virgilia disappears after snubbing Beatrice
  749. - Awww poor Beatrice
  750. - Beatrice wants to know if she is really cruel. She doesn't think of it as cruel
  751. - Eva-Beatrice thinks that Beato was much crueler than her and that she has to work harder to obtain that level
  752. - Maria says that Beatrice had promised her to take her to the Golden Land
  753. - Maria dies (the mark is a red hand)
  754. - Rosa floats up near the garden fence with the spear shaped prongs
  755. - Spear of the fence pierced the brain killing her instantly
  756. - Beato tells a disappointed Eva-Beatrice that you should be more elegant with magic
  757. - Ronove says that he and the seven stakes will try and perform their tasks in the quickest manner possible
  758. - Eva-Beatrice thinks that that sounds boring and that Beato is boring for suggesting that
  759. - 10:45 to 11:00
  760. - Eva is finally asleep in her room with Hideyoshi
  761. - Rudolf comes to knock on the door and ask about Rosa
  762. - Hideyoshi opens the door without unlocking the chain
  763. - Rudolf says they can't find Rosa or Maria
  764. - Natsuhi points out that the chain hasn't been set
  765. - Rudolf asks about the rose
  766. - Jessica says that she was pretty sure it was in the flower bed right in the middle of the garden
  767. - Eva says that they mustn't go out to the rose garden
  768. - Eva says that there is a witch out in the rose garden waiting for a sacrifice
  769. - Eva seems to have dreamed something happening to Rosa
  770. - Hideyoshi reassures Eva that they are safe
  771. - Virgilia "In the center of the rose garden, Rudolf confirmed the corpses of Rosa and Maria
  772. - After he finds them he goes back to the guest house and asked for help and carried both of them back to the guest house
  773. - Nanjo says that the cause of death for Rosa is a stab to the medulla oblongata with the point of the fence
  774. - Maria's death (according to Nanjo) is strangling with bare hands
  775. - Beatrice speaks in red
  776. - Dang Battler, ice cold
  777. - Beatrice says that, because the game involves murder it is impossible to not be a little cruel
  778. - Battler asks what the point of all the cruelty is
  779. - Battler is the most dissapointed that Beatrice enjoys cruelty since he thought there might be some understanding between the opponents
  780. - Battler says that he will continue the game but he rejects Beato as his opponent because of her 'tastelessness'
  781. - Ronove says that Beatrice has never had anything like a friend or been spoken to that strongly
  782. - Virgilia thanks Battler for not backing down from the game
  783. - Rudolf takes the two corpses and places them in a guest room and seals it for the police later
  784. - George and Jessica had been hoping that Shannon and Kanon were not really dead
  785. - The adults check that all the rooms are safe and locked
  786. - They also make sure that the shutters on all of the windows were locked
  787. - Rosa's gun had been left with her body
  788. - The gun that Rosa had was able to fire without incident (ie. not a trap)
  789. - Hideyoshi gets the gun
  790. - Rosa had never fired her gun
  791. - Nanjo says that he would never mistake if someone was alive or not
  792. - Narrator "Beato had already proclaimed the deaths of the six,, this time the deaths of all victims so far, in red.
  793. - Rudolf thinks that there were more than 18 people on the island
  794. - Kyrie thinks that it is someone whom Rosa knows but shouldn't be on the island and also knows the mansion/island pretty well
  795. - Natsuhi suggests a servant who wasn't on for the couple of days of the family conference
  796. - Perhaps they wanted to avoid the sound of the gun when killing Maria
  797. - Rudolf wants to know why they didn't take the gun that Rosa had
  798. - Battler "It's like a message from the witch saying that she isn't even scared of guns."
  799. - Rudolf, Kyrie, Krauss and Natsuhi were in the parlor
  800. - Hideyoshi and Eva were in their guest room
  801. - The children were all up in their room on the second floor
  802. - Nanjo was by himself in his second floor room
  803. - Kyrie suggests that they all just wait for the police and hunker down
  804. - Hideyoshi asks Eva what the matter is
  805. - Eva-Beatrice appears in Eva's head and says that she killed the other two
  806. - Eva-Beatrice says that she intends on finishing the epitaph murders and that her power won't be complete unless she does
  807. - Eva-Beatrice says that Eva can't become a witch because she became and adult
  808. - Eva-Beatrice says that she'll kill Rudolf, Kyrie, Krauss, Natsuhi and Nanjo so that she won't target Eva's family
  809. - Eva says that she's 'taking medicine'
  810. - Beato tells Eva-Beatrice that as the game goes on it becomes harder to pull off the murders since people tend to stop moving and hole up
  811. - Beato explains that people have gotten toxic and anti-magical and the more people there are the more that effect happens
  812. - Eva-Beatrice says that they could reduce the effect by creating a scene
  813. - Eva-Beatrice points out that the way that Rosa and Maria are killed does not make one think of a witch
  814. - Eva-Beatrice says that having the humans split up should do it
  815. - Eva-Beatrice says that she has already made her move and that if 'that person' (Battler?) is smart then it definitely will work
  816. - Ronove says that he was forced to resign when Battler said that Eva was the culprit
  817. - Beatrice asks why he didn't say that Hideyoshi was in the guest room at the time of the murder
  818. - Ronove says that saying that would have meant that some important pieces might have been taken a few moves later
  819. - Beatrice really wants to go back to the logic battle with Battler
  820. - Kyrie calls Rudolf out into the corridor
  821. - Kyrie says that she wants to go outside
  822. - 1:00
  823. - Rudolf and Kyrie plan on going to get food?
  824. - Rudolf says that he, Kyrie and Hideyoshi will go and get food
  825. - There is a folding cart in the servant's room
  826. - Hideyoshi said that Eva is finally asleep
  827. - Eva has a high fever
  828. - Krauss "Being a man, I depise this title of oldest brother that prevents me from lending a hand in an emergency like this."
  829. - The three people leave
  830. - The three move quickly through the rain
  831. - Kyrie "Returning to the mansion with a pair of SP's makes me feel just like an executive."
  832. - Kyrie was given a master key to go around the mansion
  833. - Freaking butterflies
  834. - Eva-Beatrice appears again
  835. - Eva-Beatrice locks the mansion behind them with magic
  836. - Ronove "That talent (to use magic) surprises me. It is almost as though you were born a witch."
  837. - Ronove "They are holding guns. Weapons with a high anti-magic power, such as guns, are the natural enemies of witches and demons."
  838. - Leviathan (Envy) and Belphagor (Sloth) both appear
  839. - They are told to kill Rudolf and Kyrie but not Hideyoshi
  840. - Hideyoshi and Kyrie switch places, Hideyoshi with the cart and Kyrie with the gun as a guard
  841. - Kyrie says that she felt someone waiting to ambush them
  842. - Kyrie "Just now someone, (dotted) set up an ambush for us"
  843. - Rudolf tries the back door but it is stuck
  844. - They go out into the hall again
  845. - Rudolf notices a shadow in front of them
  846. - They fire their guns at the sisters
  847. - Leviathan hides behind the pillars of the staircase
  848. - Belphegor is on the chandelier
  849. - Leviathan says that she will kill Kyrie
  850. - Rudolf goes all badass out of nowhere
  851. - Kyrie "He's never failed to come and save me when I'm in trouble. ...Not even when Asumu-san was around, you see?"
  852. - Kyrie is beating up Leviathan
  853. - Rudolf "You're going to say you're the Golden Witch, Beatrice, right?"
  854. Eva-Beatrice "*laughing* How did you know?"
  855. Rudolf "...Since the time Rosa was killed, I had a general idea. ...Rosa, forgive me. Forgive me for sending the sister you hated down to your hell...!!"
  856. - Rudolf is lightly cut
  857. - Rudolf is getting hurt and beaten up
  858. - Leviathan "I've always been bullied by my sisters. I've always wanted just one of them to become my ally. ...So since you have that single ally who is completely trustworthy, I feel the strongest envy."
  859. - Kyrie "...I was the one who had been going out with Rudolf-san from the very beginning. ...Asumu-san blatantly cut in between us, ...and shrewdly got pregnant."
  860. - I seems that Battler's mother seduced Rudolf and got pregnant and then forced Rudolf to marry her
  861. - Kyrie "Asumu-san had been carrying Battler-kun. And at the same time, I was also carrying a boy. ...As fate would have it, our delivery dates were on the same day. Then, Asumu-san gave birth to Battler-kun. ...But I had a miscarriage. ...There's something I've thought about. What if Asumu-san had been the one to have a miscarriage, and I had been the one to give birth?"
  862. - Kyrie "So until Asumu-san died, and until I got pregnant with Ange, I cursed Asumu-san, and was jealous of her."
  863. - Kyrie thinks about Asumu everytime she sees Battler
  864. - Oh dang Kyrie just got serious
  865. - Kyrie "...How could you understand the madness of a woman whose man was stolen from her, and who burned with envy for 18 years...!!"
  866. - Kyrie beats Leviathan?
  867. - Rudolf gets Belphegor to duel him
  868. - He lines himself up so that, if Belphegor dodges the bullet will hit Eva-Beatrice
  869. - Eva-Beatrice gets cornered and summons her own furniture
  870. - Someone had fired a round during the blizzard of gold
  871. - Eva-Beatrice summoned a bullet-proof barrier
  872. - Two bunny-girls appear in marching band gear
  873. - Ronove calls them the 'Siesta Sisters Corps'
  874. - Rudolf is shot by the gold arrow from the Siesta Sisters
  875. - Rudolf is shot through the heart (but who is to blame... I'll see myself out)
  876. - Kyrie is also shot through the heart
  877. - They die at the same time?
  878. - Battler can't interact with Eva-Beatrice? Why can't she go into the Meta?
  879. - Beatrice "For example, perhaps you could say these worlds are like very close parallel lines."
  880. - Eva-Beatrice is a bitch to Beato (she must die!)
  881. - Eva-Beatrice says that she can use magic without anyone's approval so why is Beato playing this game?
  882. - Eva-Beatrice says that she and Beato are different because she doesn't need approval
  883. - Narrator "It was an action much like taking out a gun and cocking it."
  884. - Battler is denying a brutal witch. He is doing this out of SPITE
  885. - Beatrice is really keen on Battler accepting her (why is that, I wonder)
  886. - Eva-Beatrice talks about cutting up a stuffed animal
  887. - Hideyoshi confronts Eva-Beatrice
  888. - He says that she went mad after seeing the gold
  889. - Hideyoshi "...Right now, you really are a child! ...A personality that Eva should have graduated from! That isn't Eva. It's a different human!!"
  890. - Hideyoshi slaps Eva-Beatrice
  891. - Hideyoshi "You fool!! Don't act like you're cruel, not when you're really a coward and a weakling! I'll have to correct it again, that evil nature of yours!! You fool! Fool!!"
  892. - Gun shot from the gun near Rudolf that suddenly floated up into the air
  893. - The gun was behind Hideyoshi but the bullet pierces his chest
  894. - Eva-Beatrice tells Ronove to make it like Beato wants it
  895. - She tells Lucifer to gouge the corpses
  896. - Eva wakes up from her nightmare
  897. - 1:17 to 1:30
  898. - Krauss and Natsuhi are by the front door waiting for the outside group
  899. - Eva can be heard from her room calling out for Hideyoshi
  900. - Eva says that they have to go and get them
  901. - Eva is seriously not ok
  902. - Everyone is out in the corridor (children and Nanjo too)
  903. - Eva, George, Battler and Nanjo go to the mansion
  904. - They find the corpses of Rudolf Kyrie and Hideyoshi
  905. - The demon stakes are in the forehead of Rudolf
  906. - The chest of Hideyoshi
  907. - The stomach of Kyrie
  908. - Virgilia "The clothing on all three was disordered and because of this, it is thought that they had been fighting or running away."
  909. - Battler "Please declare it in red. Repeat it. 'Rudolf, Kyrie, and Hideyoshi are dead'."
  910. - Ronove declines to answer this
  911. - Ronove says that he won't say it because he is just Beato's agent
  912. - He wants to get Beato back into the game
  913. - Battler will allow Beato to come and apologize
  914. - Beato is back (yay!)
  915. - The people on the gameboard just found the bodies and had started crying
  916. - Nanjo says that they probably died instantly
  917. - Battler "No, that's wrong!! It's got to be toughest for you, George-aniki...I understand, Aniki...In this group, are the saddest, and the one who has it the toughest!!"
  918. - Battler says that he can understand why Beato murders but that any action beyond just murder is meaningless brutality
  919. - Battler is saying that Beato is forgetting the sanctity of life and so that is why he can't accept her as his opponent
  920. - Virgilia "Endless Witches sometimes start playing by jumping over the gap between life and death like it's a game. ...That is a very, very frightening thing. So as an Endless Witch, and out of my own desire, (dotted) I never reached your level."
  921. - Virgilia says that magic is meant to bring joy to humans and that witches were meant to bring that joy by being bridges between the human and the non-human
  922. - Battler "This isn't a game to make me surrender. ...Couldn't it be a test for you to be accepted as an Endless Witch, (dotted) in its true meaning?"
  923. - Beatrice says that letting her emotions show on her face is part of her personality, she says that she cannot deceive
  924. - The survivors return to the guesthouse
  925. - The two guns and master key are gone
  926. - The guesthouse's shutters wouldn't be opened with the master key and the doors are chained
  927. - The doors are also blocked by sofas and tables
  928. - The first floor is where they are making their final defense
  929. - Eva rejected the idea that George be allowed to stand and fight with them (along with Battler)
  930. - All those not downstairs were in the cousin's room
  931. - Nanjo leaves to go to his own room
  932. - George is who he is now because of Shannon
  933. - Jessica and Battler talk about what makes sudden death so sad
  934. - Jessica mentions that this might be the reason that Kinzo is into the occult
  935. - Narration has switched to George as he thinks about magic and reviving Shannon
  936. - George visits Nanjo's room and asks if he wants more coffee and he says that he doesn't
  937. - Shannon thought that Eva's coffee was a little strong
  938. - George had, indeed, proposed to Shannon that night and didn't know if Shannon had accepted
  939. - She had accepted initially but doesn't know if she kept the ring on
  940. - George (thinking) "I don't want, burn Shannon's body. If she is burned, she'll turn to ash, ...and never again (dotted) will it be possible for her to revive."
  941. - George thinks that Kinzo liked western things because they believe in resurrection
  942. - Beatrice wonders if she granted George's wish of bringing Shannon back whether she would be allowed back
  943. - Beato does not have enough power to do her usual magic
  944. - Beato thinks of a magic that would require the aid of others (she doesn't like it but she doesn't really have any other choice)
  945. - Beato speaks to George
  946. - George says that he can hear George
  947. - George asks if Beato can bring Shannon back to life or let him speak to Shannon for a while
  948. - Beato says that she will grant his wish and will not require compensation
  949. - Beato says that she will chant the spell that will open a door to Shannon's soul but George must bring her through himself
  950. - Beato appears in the real world (?)
  951. - Beato melts the lock on one of the shutters upstairs
  952. - She and George start to fly out of that window
  953. - They fly above the rose garden and head towards the mansion
  954. - Eva-Beatrice decides to kill Natsuhi and Krauss to finish the ritual
  955. - Eva-Beatrice tells the Siesta Sisters to start firing preparations
  956. - Eva-Beatrice says that she feels some kind of presence
  957. - 5:44
  958. - Eva is getting slowly worse and worse
  959. - Narrator (Eva?) "From the start, the new witch had been the same being as Eva."
  960. - Eva says that Eva-Beatrice was born because of the mountain of gold and her greed
  961. - Eva hates the evil part of her that became Eva-Beatrice
  962. - Eva starts coughing
  963. - Eva says that she will go and wash her face and make some coffee
  964. - Krauss says that he never really acted like an older brother to his siblings and just bullied them arrogantly
  965. - Eva-Beatrice says that she won't accept Krauss' apology and tells the Siesta Sisters to fire
  966. - Narrator "When it (the shot) flew into the key hole, Krauss and Natsuhi were already..."
  967. - Krauss thinks that he sees a gold sparkle at the keyhole
  968. - The shot wraps around Krauss' neck
  969. - The shot also goes around Natsuhi's neck
  970. - They strangle to death
  971. - The gold snake (shot) drags them out
  972. - Eva comes out of the washroom
  973. - Eva feels the warmth on the sofa
  974. - Cut back to Beato and George in the parlor
  975. - George is kneeling near Shannon's body
  976. - Beatrice is remembering how difficult resurrection is
  977. - George, according to Beatrice, has a lot of magical power
  978. - To an Endless Witch life is like an Othello piece but to humans it is something to stake one's life and soul on
  979. - Narrator "This time, the witch acknowledged it. He was able to hold a magical power that could not reside in witches who didn't understand the value of life."
  980. - George's power turns to magic (?)
  981. - Back to the vase from the beginning
  982. - Vase smashes
  983. - Curiosity causes something that can't be undone
  984. - The loss of the vase causes 'Grandfather' to cry as well as all those who value 'Grandfather'
  985. - The dead look for Shannon's lost soul in Hades
  986. - Shannon's soul is taken out of Hades
  987. - Shannon's back (?)
  988. - Engagement ring on her fingers
  989. - George had performed magic, according to Beato
  990. - Siesta Sisters again?
  991. - Both George and Shannon get shot in the heart (for Shannon it is the same place as before)
  992. - Virgilia "Beato, escape while you can!! (dotted) No one can escape (end dots) from the Siestas' golden bow!!"
  993. - The golden shot hits Virgilia
  994. - Virgilia dies and her form is erased
  995. - Beato is seriously pissed at Eva-Beatrice for killing George and Shannon after Beato had revived them
  996. - Eva-Beatrice wishes she could play with Beato's corpse
  997. - The people back in the guest house have realized that George is missing
  998. - Eva wants to know when he went down, Jessica says it was around 4:00 or 5:00
  999. - Jessica also says it was more than an hour ago
  1000. - Battler confirms that it was about one or two hours ago
  1001. - Nanjo remembers it similarly (being asked if he wanted coffee)
  1002. - The doors and windows had all been checked and were locked from the inside (when looking for Natsuhi and Krauss)
  1003. - Narrator "All of the doors and windows possessed locks which had been designed so that they couldn't be set from the outside."
  1004. - Eva said that no one had been in the lobby
  1005. - Narrator "Three humans had evaporated from this barricaded guesthouse, which had become a perfect closed room..."
  1006. - Eva goes a bit crazy when she realizes that George isn't there
  1007. - All the doors are locked from the inside (?)
  1008. - Battler shows that the window does not let water in and also does not make a sound
  1009. - Battler says that the closed room can be closed from the inside after a person has left already, thus making it only look like a closed room
  1010. - Nanjo suggests that it might be the work of the witch
  1011. - Nanjo gets freaked out
  1012. - The four people left decide to exit the guest house
  1013. - First Eva goes out, the Jessica and then Battler and Nanjo
  1014. - Battler really hasn't been a witness to anything that's been happening
  1015. - 6:02
  1016. - Jessica goes to look in the arbor and sees her dead parents
  1017. - Nanjo says that it seems to be from strangulation
  1018. - Something thin seems to have been used to strangle them
  1019. - The stakes were driven into Krauss' thigh and Natsuhi's calf
  1020. - Jessica immediately pulled the stakes out of her parents' bodies
  1021. - Eva tells Jessica, Battler and Nanjo to stay in the arbor
  1022. - They all follow her anyway
  1023. - The smell of the mansion has gotten more powerful
  1024. - There are also numbers written on the door to the parlor which Nanjo does not remember
  1025. - There were 8 digits written in the upper part of the magic circle
  1026. - 07151129
  1027. - The numbers were drawn recently
  1028. - Jessica thinks that it has some magical meaning and that it's pointless to think about it too much
  1029. - Nanjo "It, ...could be a magic (dotted) square (end dots). ...The idea that a talisman can reside in a certain form of number play."
  1030. - Eva writes down the number on an old receipt
  1031. - Battler says that his birthday is July 15
  1032. - Battler says that November the 29th isn't a birthday from his family
  1033. - Nanjo says that it isn't Genji or Kinzo's
  1034. - Eva says that it isn't from her family
  1035. - Jessica says that it isn't from her family or Shannon or Kanon's
  1036. - The door to the parlor is locked
  1037. - George's eyes are still open
  1038. - Nanjo confirms that George is dead
  1039. - Battler remembers the discussion about the black tea that Rosa had brought
  1040. - Battler remembers Shannon bringing them some cookies that Kumasawa had baked
  1041. - Battler wonders why Kyrie and Rudolf even went outside
  1042. - Jessica and Eva have started fighting each other
  1043. - Battler (in his head) "...No, maybe I should say that Jessica was grabbing at Eva oba-san."
  1044. - Battler "Yes, ...I finally understand why three people evaporated from the guesthouse, when all of the doors and windows had been (dotted) locked from the inside"
  1045. - Battler "The doors and windows to the guest house had been constructed so that you couldn't lock them from the outside no matter how hard you tried. So that master key shouldn't have meant anything for the guesthouse closed room..."
  1046. - The gun discharges
  1047. - Jessica seems to have been hurt by it somehow in her eyes
  1048. - Nanjo says that he will tend to her in the servants room
  1049. - Eva runs out of the parlor and into the corridor
  1050. - Battler chases Eva
  1051. - Nanjo takes Jessica in the direction of the servant's room
  1052. - It seems like the barrel of the gun might have been near Jessica's eyes and so, when it went off, it may have damaged her corneas (according to Nanjo)
  1053. - Nanjo covers her eyes with gauze and a bandage
  1054. - Nanjo goes into the hallway to see what is happening out there (checking if Eva is ok)
  1055. - He sees Eva-Beatrice
  1056. - Jessica hears Nanjo say something in an uneasy tone
  1057. - Nanjo "S, ...stop, please...! Please don't kill me...!! I have a sick grandchild...! I can't die here...! Please, spare me...!! Eeeek!!!"
  1058. - A loud sound (gun?)
  1059. - Eva-Beatrice tells Jessica that she's going to play with Nanjo's corpse before killing Jessica
  1060. - Beato is watching what is going on and wants to save Jessica
  1061. - Beato understands what being a witch is
  1062. - Beato "If there is a life that only I can save, I will save it. And I will be accepted as a witch."
  1063. - Beato is going to try and revive Kanon?
  1064. - Jessica thinks she hears Kanon's voice
  1065. - 'Kanon' says that he will help her
  1066. - 'Kanon' says that he is just a spirit and cannot touch her
  1067. - 'Kanon' says that he has erected a barrier for privacy
  1068. - 'Kanon' says that he will guide Jessica to a safe room
  1069. - Jessica does not want to go since it will mean leaving Kanon
  1070. - 'Kanon' tells her that the human world is too painful for the dead like him
  1071. - 'Kanon' directs her out of the room
  1072. - Ronove sees Kanon and Jessica escaping and sends a gold butterfly of privacy (I can't make this junk up)
  1073. - Beato appears to them and says that she has only just now discovered what witches are meant to be
  1074. - Kanon calls Beato a good witch
  1075. - Beato seals the door shut
  1076. - The Siesta Sisters say that it is impossible to snipe into the parlor
  1077. - Their shot pierces Beato's chest
  1078. - Eva-Beatrice wants to know why Beato didn't escape with her life before and why she is doing all these nice things
  1079. - Eva-Beatrice orders the gold snake to 'sew'
  1080. - Eva-Beatrice says that the Endless Magic is the power of God
  1081. - The gold thread kills Beato through the heart
  1082. - Beato ain't going down that easy
  1083. - Beato's heart ain't stopping for this
  1084. - Beato's chest explodes and the heart keeps going
  1085. - Ronove "I am afraid to say, that your power cannot leave a single wound on (dotted) Beatrice-sama's (end dots) endless nature"
  1086. - Beatrice now has 'true' endless power according to Ronove
  1087. - Beatrice "...I'll meet you soon anyway. In a new nightmare."
  1088. Kanon "...In the nightmare of a new night, I will once again be your companion, Beatrice-sama..."
  1089. - Beatrice smiles in her death
  1090. - Beatrice "I will not surrender... Just like you never surrendered to my torture..."
  1091. - Eva-Beatrice moves to the Meta
  1092. - She has the Siesta Sisters attack Battler
  1093. - Battler has some serious magic resistance
  1094. - HOLY ... THIS IS AMAZING
  1095. - Second twilight time
  1096. - Eva-Beatrice brings back Hideyoshi for testimony
  1097. - Hideyoshi "...I was taking care of Eva in the room the whole time. Of course, Eva didn't leave the room."
  1098. - Battler says that there is no alibi for Eva since she won't repeat in red that Eva was in the room the whole time
  1099. - On to the fourth through sixth twilights
  1100. - Eva-Beatrice says that Battler has to explain how Eva could have done it
  1101. - Battler likes Eva-Beatrice about as much as I do...I like this scene a lot
  1102. - Battler's side keeps with the Eva theory for the next two twilights since Eva again has no alibi
  1103. - No red for these twilights either
  1104. - Eva-Beatrice "Since going without food for about a day wouldn't kill them,(see red)"
  1105. - Eva-Beatrice "And yet, she herself (see red)"
  1106. - Battler has to provide a reasonable reason why Kyrie was contradictory
  1107. - Eva-Beatrice is overusing the red (I think)
  1108. - Battler is confused about how to counter this
  1109. - Beatrice "If the proposition that 'not going to get food=not going to the mansion' cannot be explained by itself, ...I will explain it with the contrapositive."
  1110. - Beatrice is searching the corpses of the fourth through sixth twilights for some kind of clue
  1111. - Kyrie's pockets contained: a handkerchief, tissue, a key to her house, the stub fo a boat ticket, a lighter, a cigarette butt, and a single hundred yen coin
  1112. - Kyrie doesn't smoke
  1113. - The brand of cigarette is different than the one that Rudolf smokes
  1114. - Battler says that only Rudolf and Hideyoshi smoke
  1115. - Kyrie has the same brand of cigarette in her pocket as the kind Hideyoshi smokes
  1116. - Oh... OH... OOOOOOHHHHHH THIS MUSIC!!!
  1117. - After the second twilight there was an investigation of the house and Kyrie found something in a place that it should not be
  1118. - There is no way that there would be a cigarette butt in the ashtray by a sick Eva because Eva hated smoking
  1119. - Eva-Beatrice refuses to repeat that Eva did not step out of the room
  1120. - Back to the game-board
  1121. - Eva and Battler both return to the parlor and look for Jessica since they saw Nanjo's corpse and no Jessica
  1122. - Eva-Beatrice "In other words, no matter how much you try and struggle and interpret it, (see red)"
  1123. - Beatrice is using the red to deny witches?
  1124. - Beatrice "If you were to say that I am a witch now, ...I would be nothing more than a false witch addicted to power, like you are. ...Rather than existing in that shabby form, I shall erase this form of mine along with you, without any regrets...!"
  1125. - Battler doesn't want to lose Beatrice with this move
  1126. - Beato asks Battler to cover his ears so that she still will be a witch to him
  1127. - He does so and Beatrice speaks in red and denys the witch
  1128. - Eva kills Battler on the gameboard (?)
  1129. - Battler "I'll accept it. ...'You are definitely, ...the Golden Witch'."
  1130. - Battler revives Beato with his belief?
  1131. - They all end up in the Golden Land
  1132. - Kinzo says that last time the Golden Land was opened Battler refused to accept it or 'sign' as it were and so the land was sealed in darkness
  1133. - Kinzo "Battler, I will read it out loud. Listen carefully. ...'The 18 of us accept Beatrice as the Golden Witch, and welcome her to the Golden Land'."
  1134. - Gosh dang it, things got creepy again
  1135. - Strange girl appears
  1136. - The girl appears to be about the same age as Jessica is standing in the center of the hall
  1137. - Beatrice was trying to appear sympathetic to win Battler over?
  1138. - Is... is that Ange?
  1139. **************************************************************************
  1140. Tea Party:
  1141. - Bern and Beato make fun of Lambda
  1142. - Lambdadelta "Remember, in this game, there was a girl who found the gold and became the new witch, right?"
  1143. Beato "Hmm. Just what kind of secret could that person have?"
  1144. Lambdadelta "Ehheheheh! I noticed who that girl actually is. Does anyone know? *giggle*giggle*!"
  1145. - Lambdadelta "There was a hint in the way she talked. Remember, that girl said it a lot, right? 'Why don't you somethi~ng?', right?!" (I guess she's refering to the give up and die line that Eva-Beatrice uses over and over)
  1146. - *facepalm* Lambda pls
  1147. - Lol Higurashi reference
  1148. - Lambda goes serious all of a sudden
  1149. - Lambda says that she is letting Beato be a witch because she can win against Bern
  1150. - Lambda says that if she stopped supporting Beato she would go back to being human
  1151. - Beato is called a temporary witch
  1152. - Beato has a 'debt' to Lambda
  1153. - Lambda thinks that Beato is not so much toying with an opponent as not caring whether she wins or loses
  1154. - Beato says that her only goal is winning
  1155. - Lambda says that Beato was miserable to begin with
  1156. **************************************************************************
  1157. ????
  1158. - 12 years later
  1159. - October 4 1998
  1160. - University Hospital
  1161. - Narrator "Neither her doctors nor the person herself had any doubts that this room, which an ordinary person wouldn't be able to afford just to spend the night, would be the last room she stayed in..."
  1162. - Is it Eva?
  1163. - Ange arrives
  1164. - Eva has guards now apparently
  1165. - Eva is called Chairman
  1166. - Eva and Ange are the only surviving Ushiromiyas
  1167. - Eva hated Ange
  1168. - Eva had an incurable illness
  1169. - Eva had gotten into cult religions looking for peace
  1170. - Eva decides that the best revenge on Ange would be to leave her as much money as possible
  1171. - Eva gets dragged through the media's mud
  1172. - Ange is called a witch and thinks of herself that way
  1173. - Ange wishes that her family did not go to the family conference or that she had gone with them
  1174. - Bern appears before Ange before she can kill herself
  1175. - Bern says that Ange's assistance is needed
  1176. - Pay attention to all caps words since it means that they are written in katakana as opposed to Kanji (we will have to figure out why later)
  1177. - Bern is giving Ange a chance at revenge
  1178. - Ange leaves by jumping off the building
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