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  1. Update v20180416:
  2. Fix for rounding tractor (reported on sprinkler watering)
  3. Resources in animals and production building don't have expiry date any more. It's strat counting only in warehouse
  4. HUD scaler improvements
  5. Fix for disabled autotrade right after upgrading to 3lvl of owners house
  6. Fix for birds minitask
  7. Fix for driver walking in machines
  8. Fix for unavailable staff after canceling harvesting with autosell option
  9. Few more fixes for collisions and paths
  10. Now food for animals can be moved by more than one worker at once
  11. Larger capacity of staff hand tools (moving food and resources)
  12. Fix for payed loan
  13. Changed amount of taken animals to slaughterhouse
  14. Fix for broken machines being blockers for another vehicles on the road
  15. Fix for unvisible haypiles
  16. More fixes for stuck staff
  17. Fix for some cases of stuck staff in building doors
  18. Fix for allowing assigning staff during work after harvesting with chest trailer
  19. Fix for staff climbing on collide with building mesh
  20. Moving food for animals by all assigned employees instead of only one
  21. Bigger capacity of staff box for moving resources
  22. Fix for few glitches in production building waiting for resource to start production
  23. Removing expired produced resource from factories and animals building
  24. Showing broken machine by red outline, auto opening broken machine modal on click
  25. Icon indicator for broken machine in garage
  26. Spawning machine in its own parking if it was saved in different parking lot
  27. Few fixes for counting loans
  28. Lower beef price (based on many requests)
  29. Lower volume of production buildings and demolish sound
  33. Update v20180413 v2:
  34. Fix for manure spreader on 100x100 fields
  35. More frequent moving food for animals
  36. Crash on production without proper warehouse
  37. More fixes for lading and saving
  38. Fixed few reasons for huge savegame files hard to load
  39. More fixes for loading and saving game
  40. Fix for checking amount on harvested resources on campaign goals
  41. More fixes for pathfinding
  42. Info in machine windows about waiting for mechanic
  43. And many more small issues...
  45. Update v20180413:
  46. - Less sensitive pathfinding so there should be much less exclamation marks
  47. - Improvements and fixing for workers in animals and production building - moving staff, producing etc
  48. - date format changed in few windows to same format as on topbar
  49. - many fixes in problems while loading or saving
  50. - smaller size of savegames in most cases
  51. - enabling 100x100 field on 3rd level sometimes didn't work
  52. - saving contract date for seasonal workers
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