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Sep 8th, 2020
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  1. Whilst every care and attention was taken to create these strings If you happen to find any issues, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this pastebin and I will immediately look into the issue. Also remember, you must have TSM4.10 installed and these strings do not have any operations, this is to prevent any potential issues.
  3. Please also follow this advice below before starting!
  5. 1) ​Back up your current TSM Profile, in case of any potential issues, then you have your old Profile to revert back to.
  7. ​2) When importing a TSM Profile, import one string at a time and use the chat command /reloadui to force TSM to save your import. Importing too many strings at any one time can cause your data not to save correctly.
  9. 3) ​If you encounter a lockup whilst importing a string, please be patient! Do not use the End Task feature within the Task Manager to close the program. Wait for the game to respond, this is just the game importing the data (The larger the string, the longer the delay). If you do get disconnected, don't fear, your data should have imported successfully.
  11. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. TSM Strings available:
  14. 01. Items No Longer Obtainable -
  15. 02. Professions -
  16. 03. Raw Materials -
  17. 04. Battle Pets -
  18. 05. Companion Pets -
  19. 06. Mounts -
  20. 07. Toy Box -
  21. 08. Recipes -
  22. 09. Transmog -
  23. 10. BoEs -
  24. 11. Mail Convenience -
  25. 12. BoA Items -
  26. 13. Items of Interest -
  27. 14. World Events -
  28. 15. Vendor Restock -
  30. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  32. All new TSM strings have [TSM4.10] tag any updates will have a later version release! Only use these strings as they're updated for TSM4.10 or later! If you don't have TSM4.10 yet, check or Curseforger/twitch for the addon.
  34. Update:
  36. Battle Pets & Professions import strings:
  37. With the new release of TSM4.10 it's never been easier to import and export to TSM. After my tests this morning, I can confirm that I can successfully import the whole Battle Pet group and the complete Professions group (without the need to separate into smaller groups) without any errors or lag. This means as of today (08.09.2020) I will be adding the complete Battle Pet and Professions string as a whole.
  39. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  41. If you intend to import every string, then start by importing these 5 larger Import Strings first, due to their size. I suggest importing these first whilst the TSM data is minimal and import the rest after. Make sure you've read the advice at the top of this page, before starting. If you plan to have separate profiles for each category, you don't have to follow this advice and may not experience any import delays.
  43. 02. Professions -
  44. 04. Battle Pets -
  45. 08. Recipes -
  46. 09. Transmog -
  47. 10. BoEs -
  49. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  52. These TSM Import strings will continuously be updated, notifications will be made via my blog ( so please sign up for updates. There will be a number of updates in the future, once Shadowlands has released. I will be unable to add my Shadowlands strings, as it's not worthwhile sharing, this is to minimise potential errors as the data isn't in-game as of yet. As soon as Shadowlands has released, I will update the groups.
  54. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  57. Reserved
  59. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  61. Contact Me:
  63. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding any issue you find. Thank you!
  65. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  67. Where you can find me!
  68. My Blog:
  69. My Facebook Page:
  70. My Twitter:
  71. My Instagram:
  73. Donations!
  74. If you'd like to donate:
  76. ** There are currently no added benefits for donating, but this may change at a later date. If you appreciate my work, then please donate. All donations are non-refundable. Please only donate if you can afford to. All donations help towards the upkeep of my website, domain and possibly the upgrade to business plan**
  78. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  80. Credits:
  81. Sheyrah - Created the original Profile - https://www.pastebin/u/sheyrah -
  82. BilisOnyxia - Sharing newly released Battle Pet ID's for 8.2 and 8.3 -
  83. Wowhead - For use of their database -
  84. Tradeskillmaster (TSM) - Using their Group Creator and addon to create my strings -
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