無題 ①

Jun 14th, 2020
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  1. wanky wit is not moist motive;
  2. hoisted hankering damp feelings
  3. dark denotations foils fleshened
  4. salient smothers, sil'ette slackened
  6. wielded wit ain't fame - fostered fleas
  7. la-de-da lurch humming pored pleas
  8. meagre magnanimity strained
  9. vying voluptuous veils, torn traits
  11. wedged wit ain't manipulation:
  12. pruning pored chances, gaunt punctures
  13. sassy stances trailing tactic track
  14. jiggery-pokery plumes packs
  16. wisdom ain't taking advantage
  17. it's a game of patience and rage.
  19. Note: of wet wisdom
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