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Aug 14th, 2016
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  1. This way you can add all your skins inside an unique archive, without modifying the game original files.
  3. - Install OpenIV, be sure you have the OpenIV.asi plugin in your GTA V root folder
  4. - Create a "mods" folder inside the GTA V root folder, then an "update" folder inside the "mods" one, then put a copy of the update.rpf (from the "update" folder) into Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update
  5. - With OpenIV, open your update.rpf inside the "mods\update" folder
  6. - Extract the "content.xml" file somewhere and edit it as described below:
  7. a) At the end of the <dataFiles> section (right before </dataFiles>), add the following:
  9.         <Item>
  10.             <filename>update:/%PLATFORM%/patch/data/cdimages/weapons.rpf</filename>
  11.             <fileType>RPF_FILE</fileType>
  12.             <locked value="true"/>
  13.             <disabled value="true"/>
  14.             <persistent value="true"/>
  15.             <overlay value="true"/>
  16.         </Item>
  18. b) In the <contentChangeSets> section, find "CCS_TITLE_UPDATE_STREAMING" and add the following line right before </filesToEnable>:
  20.                 <Item>update:/%PLATFORM%/patch/data/cdimages/weapons.rpf</Item>
  22. - The changes should present themselves like this:
  23. - Copy the modified "content.xml" file into the update.rpf file (simply drag the file onto the OpenIV window)
  24. - Create the "weapons.rpf" archive at the path (Right click > New > RPF Archive) : update.rpf/x64/patch/data/cdimages
  25. You might need to create the "patch", "data" and "cdimages" folders.
  26. - Put ".ytd" & ".ydr" files of weapons inside the weapons.rpf file
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