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Feb 17th, 2014
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  1. all kinds of capes: this is
  2. all kinds of capes: fantastic
  3. all kinds of capes: I love you grey knight
  4. grey knight: i love you too
  5. grey knight: wanna lickilicky my diglet tomorrow night
  6. BAIKA: only if you were black knight
  8. Qwilfish, come back!
  9. Go! Walrein!
  10. The opposing ARMINIUS used Psychic!
  11. Walrein lost 26.0% of its health!
  12. The hail crashes down.
  13. The opposing ARMINIUS is buffeted by the hail!
  14. Walrein's Ice Body heals it!
  15. The opposing ARMINIUS restored HP using its Leftovers!
  16. Walrein restored HP using its Leftovers!
  17. Walrein was hurt by poison!
  18. Turn 28
  20. BAIKA: i would have loved you too
  21. BAIKA: you would have been perfect
  22. all kinds of capes: nah this is
  23. all kinds of capes: platonic love
  24. grey knight: oh
  25. grey knight: how sweet
  26. grey knight: but
  27. grey knight: i am not into guys ,that guy plato is included
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