SCP:SL Server Rules

Sep 26th, 2019
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  1. # The Gaming Fourcast's SCP: Secret Laboratory Community Server
  2. Inspired by the foundation set by Pixel's SCPSL community, we thrive to provide a similar experience for our SCP fans that follow us on Twitch. Please feel free to join our discord at
  4. Rule 1: Teaming is allowed ONLY across classes with respective win conditions. Either side may choose to attack at any time.
  6. Rule 2: Camping in any room/area for a long period of time is not allowed, especially when it keeps the game from ending. Expect to be warned.
  7. - Hiding in the Pocket Dimension as SCP-106 will result in a warning first, followed by kicks for further offenses.
  9. Rule 3: Harassing and being toxic towards other players will not be tolerated. Racism, racial slurs, and homophobic slurs will result in an immediate 3-7 day ban. This includes music and applies regardless of the player’s own ethnicity.
  10. - As SCP-079 and SCP-096, under no circumstances are you allowed to open SCP-106's containment doors UNLESS an SCP or target is trapped within. Open and close the door promptly and if it's not closed afterwards you will be slayed as SCP. This does not apply if there is no 106. You also cannot kill your fellow SCPs with tesla gates.
  12. Rule 4: Staff manipulation of the game must be approved by an O-5. Violators risk suspension and/or demotion.
  14. Rule 5: Hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban, followed by a global ban issued by official SCP:SL staff.
  15. - Holding shift to keep other players from disarming you will result in a warning first, and a temporary ban for further offenses. However, this only applies when the player is standing still or moving back and forth, not running.
  16. - Using an in-game glitch will result in a warning first, and a temporary ban for further offenses.
  18. Rule 6: Mic spam is only tolerated for a limited amount of time. Expect to be warned if players in the server get annoyed by you. It will not be tolerated over the intercom or in spectator chat.
  20. Rule 7: Although D-Class are considered resources, all NTF and Facility Guards must DISARM them, bring them to the escape area, and submit them for questioning, as such a low ranking class shouldn't be able to survive a containment breach of this magnitude. Scientists cannot kill disarmed D-Class if they are being escorted by a facility guard or NTF. The only exceptions, listed below, apply only when said events are witnessed alive:
  21. - The D-Class is resisting being disarmed in any way
  22. - The D-Class disobeys your command
  23. - The D-class is being escorted by SCPs
  24. - Chaos Insurgency has entered the facility
  25. - D-Class personnel have a firearm equipped. In the case of one armed D-Class personnel, all D-Class in the area can be terminated.
  27. Rule 8: Ghosting (using a different program to communicate with other players who you should not be able to talk to in-game) is NOT allowed in any form.
  29. Rule 9: Attempted reprimand evasion will result in a temporary ban.
  31. Rule 10: Killing yourself or leaving mid-game/in the middle of being revived as 049-2 is not allowed. The first offense will result in a warning and forced respawn as 049-2. Any other offense will be escalated.
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